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Most Romantic Places in the World

Here’s Top 10 Story of most romantic places you should visit with your couple in the world. There are many wonderful places in the world that we can visits with our partner as the honeymoon.

A honeymoon is the traditional holiday taken by newlyweds or even between two people who is an early harmonious period in a relationship. Are you one of the newlyweds or in a relationship with your partner?

In order to make your relations more very close, so, you have to consider about the romantic places that are in the world below.



Who don’t know the romance of Paris? city for the lovers with good food, wine and feel the fun. Romantic dinner with a beautiful candle near the Eiffel Tower, walk along the Champs Elysees, or picnic in the park. Paris provides the romance and beauty for couples who fall in love over the centuries.


It turned out that Hawaii is the honeymoon destination city in the world, especially among Americans. Whether you are on Maui, or other major islands in Hawaii, this place always offers the best choice in the morning mate. Beaches and rain forests, luxury hotel rooms, sports, and many interesting things in the wild.

St. Thomas

The city of St. Thomas is located in the Virgin Islands, and is a famous beach town by the shore line of beautiful and interesting shopping. The city is filled with lodging that can accommodate couples or even families. In this city also created a limit to the number of parties and participants of the party, so you’ll have no trouble if you’d like making out with your partner.

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Travel with the gondola in the canals of this city has become a symbol of romanticism of the city. The trip by sitting close to the couple and with admiration to see the beautiful city. Romantic dinner at an Italian restaurant with many interesting twists and turns that sometimes will bring you to the beautiful church romantic. Venice is a place that will make you fall in love and fall in love again.


Quiet strip is located in the South Pacific, with a beautiful beach bungalows, which lets you swim in the morning calm. Relax on white sand with beautiful palm trees with the hotel employees who are ready to help you whatever and whenever. Magnificent scenery at sunset you will also not be forgotten easily.


Belize is a wonderful place for couples. Island located in the center of this reef will make everyone forget couples because many beaches so ‘private property’ of water filled with colorful reef fish will accompany you. You are afraid to swim? no problem, beautiful beaches and swaying palm trees are waiting for you.


23 islands is located in the middle of the Indonesian Ocean This is one of the heavenly world. Coral islands which there is very little above sea level, and clusters of coral surrounding the island is full of life. Small country is beautiful and romantic it is most fitting place for a romantic life


Ocean archipelago in Indian Ocean is actually located in offshore Africa and is the most relaxing places in the world. Exotic life and feel the calm will always be waiting for you and your spouse. Golf course, spa, fishing trips and fresh tropical drinks will make a pair of honeymooners will not want to return to their home country again.

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An ancient city with a medieval setting in Brussels this is the best way to escape from all the bustle of the city. This quiet little town to maintain the condition of the city remained like this condition in the medieval city. The roads are paved, with small cafes in the open air will make you seemed to return to the medieval era, complete with romantic and beautiful things, minus the trouble and fuss.


The areas of Tuscany is filled with vineyards, villas, and small towns of Italy, will make you feel like being in a romantic journey. You can stay in historic villa, with the best food and you can ride around the vineyard in which you select the best wine and drink as well. If you are in this place, surely you’ll understand why some people did not want to come back soon as we get in this place. In short, nothing is more beautiful and romantic in Italy than Tuscany.


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