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Most Ridiculous Sports

Since human history, there were sports. People competing with each other to be the best in what they do.

Here is the top 10 of most ridiculous sports in the world:

Ferret Legging

Ferret legging deserves the first place for sure!

The Rules: Close the legs of your pants, so tight that there won´t even come air inside. Take 2 ferrets, give both of them a kiss. In this way you will activate their natural fight or flight instinct. Next, put them in your pants and let´s see how long you can stand the torture of the animals wandering around in your pants, on their search for a way out. The scary thing, is that they are very close to your balls. Note: The contestants are not allowed to wear underwear!

The world record holder is English man Reg Mellor, who was able to keep the ferrets in his pants for 5 hours and 26 minutes.

Origin: The origin of this ´sport ´it not known. What is known, is that it was very popular in the early 1900´s.

Extreme Ironing

Another very ridiculous sport is extreme ironing. This is called as the latest dangerous outdoor sport, combined with the thrill of ironing clothes.

The Rules: The rules are very simple: Just go the a remote place with your ironing board, like the top of a mountain. Take some clothes that needs some ironing and do your thing on top of there. The first place goes to the person who is on the most extreme place.

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Origin: Nobody really knows, and maybe nobody wants to know. But people say that it all started with a music band called Monster Magnetic who had a video clip where they were ironing on top of an astroid.

Cheese Rolling

The 3d place for most ridiculous sports goes to cheese rolling.

The Rules: Every participant gets a big wheel of fresh cheese. They are standing on top of a very steep mountain hill, and let the cheese wheel roll down. 1 second later, the participant has to start running in order to catch the cheese. The one who catches the cheese and crosses the finish line as first, wins the competition and the cheese. Keeping in mind that the wheel of cheese can reach speeds up to 112 km/h, it doesn´t happen a lot that a cheese wheel can be catched. In 1997 a spectator got a wheel of cheese in his face, breaking his nose.

Origin: The sport is popular for over 200 years now. Every year the competition is held in England, because it is a local tradition in the village called Cloucester. Although it is a traditional sport, it attracts people from all over the world.

World Championship Sauna Sitting

The name speaks for itself. It is not only a stupid sport, it is very dangerous too!

The Rules: Stay in the sauna as long as you can. Piece by piece, people are getting too much of it and leave the sauna. The one who stays in the longest, wins.

Origin: The first world championship sauna sitting was organised by a group of drunk Finish people in their local swimming hall. That was in the year 1999. The event holds place every year and attracts people from over 20 countries. In 2010, a Russian man died in a sauna that reached a temperature of over 110 degrees Celcius.

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Dwarf Tossing

The Rules: The fifth place in the top 10 most ridiculous sports goes to dwarf tossing. A little human fellow dresses in a velcro suit, and the regular size people have to trow it as far as possible on a special designed matrass. The one who can trow the dwarf the most far, wins.

Origin: The origin of this ridiculous sport is unknown. What is known, is that it is forbidden by law because of human rights. In Austria and France, the sport is still alive.

Swamp Snorkeling

The Rules: Contestants have to wear flip flops, diving glasses and a snorkel. They have to cross the swamp as fast as possible without us

ing normal swimming techniques. The one with the fastest time wins.

Origin: This ridiculous sport is invented by a few drunk people in 1967. The competition started between a barman and some drunken booze lovers. Since then, the competition takes place in England, every single year.

Shin Kicking

The Rules: Also here, the name speaks for itself. 2 participants grab each others shoulders, and start kicking each others shins. The one who falls on the ground first, loses the game.

Origin: The roots of Shin kicking are going back to the early 1600´s and is active ever since. It is invented in England, and the competitions are also in there.

Chess Boxing

This really does deserves its place in the top 10 most ridiculous sports.

The Rules: Chess boxing is a mix between chess and boxing. For every 4 minutes of playing chess, there is a boxing round of 2 minutes. The player who loses the chess game, or gets knocked out, loses.

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Origin: The first competition of chess boxing was in 1993.

Rock Paper Scissors World Championship

Everybody knows the game. But to make a world championship of it? That is really ridiculous!

The Rules: I don´t have to explain the rules, everyone knows then!

Origin: The first rock paper scissors world championship was in 2002. In this way, grown up men could win some cash.

Toe Wrestling

Believe it or not, there are really championships in this sport! Maybe you have some advantage if you have smelling feet!

The Rules: Take off your shoes and socks, and sit face to face with your rival. Hook in to each other toes, and start wrestling. The one who gives up first, loses.

Origin: It is no surprise that there was alcohol involved while creating this sport. It is invented in England in 1976. The people who invented it even wanted to go to the Olympic Games, but it is not a surprise that this was not a success.

This was the top 10 of most ridiculous sports in the world. I hope you enjoyed, and maybe got inspired to become a fan of one of these sports!



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