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Most Richest Women Of The World

most-richest-women-of-the-worldThough conservatism tried its level best to vanquish the flame or the desire to stand up neck and neck with men, but women today in the modern world have given everything to be recognized as much as men in the society and what better than wealth can be the judge of their struggle.

History has given some outstanding examples of valiant women over the decades like madam curie and others and today’s women have successfully carried their legacy and have fashioned their lives in a way most men can’t.

Anne Cox

The surviving daughter of James M.Cox and heir to the immense wealth has been a popular lady and has earned enough to inspire anyone. She has a net worth of about 12 billion dollars and though is 93 years old but her enthusiasm is as big as ever. Her source of wealth is Media and businesses associated with it.

Miuccia Prada

Prada is a name that needs no introduction having the most expensive bags and accessories on the market. The lady is responsible for these great accomplishments. Originally she belongs to Italy and is married to Patrizio Bertelli who is the CEO and is responsible for the business side of the company. The company has expanded its reach to the Arab countries and is looking for parteners to enter the subcontinent. She has a net worth of 12.4 billion dollars.

Abigail Johnson

One of the most powerful women in finance and is the proud daughter of Edward Johnson the CEO of Fidelity Financial Services. She has a net worth of 12.7 billion dollars and has made this astounding amount by money management. The lady is a citizen of United States of America.

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Susanne Klatten

The proud lady having a net worth of 14.3 billion dollars is a national of Germany and is the richest lady there. She is the owner over 12.6% shares of the automaker BMW which were handed down to her by her late father Herbert Quandt. She along with her mother and brother own 50%of the shares of BMW and is a family having a lot of wealth.

Jacqueline Mars

A U.S national lady having a net worth of 17 billion dollars and has a very wonderful business at hand. She along with her brothers is the wealthy owners of Mars Candy, the largest candy company in the world. She and her brothers inherited the company from the father in 1999. Her company makes a net 33 billion dollars which is indeed makes it a company worth being the best.

Georgina Rinehart

The richest lady in the pacific region having a net wealth over 17 million dollars has made a future worth talking about. She has made all this money from her successful mining adventures and even though the declining prices of iron ore has made its mark on her wealth but her adventures has made her a pretty powerful lady on the face of the earth.

Iris Fontbona

She is the second lady having mining as her source of wealth on the list and is a citizen of Chile. The lady has made nearly 17.4 billion dollars in the mining business. She was happily married to the billionaire Andronico Luksic who passed away in 2005 and left her business to her wife. She has 3 sons and is the controlling power of many copper mines.

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Alice Walton

The proud lady having a net worth of 26.3 billion dollars is a national of the United States having one of the most awed stores in the state that is Wal-Mart. She has been a very big philanthropist donating millions for the poor and needy and her open heart is what made her a successful business lady in States.

Christy Walton

The co-owner of the Wal-Mart and an heiress of United States have a net worth of 28.2 billion dollars. Her wealth sky rocketed in 2012 when the share price went high and her wealth increased many folds. She is the richest woman in the United States of America and she got her immense when her husband passed away in a plane crash.

Liliane Bettencourt

The proud owner of L’Oreal having a net worth of 30 billion dollars and is definitely the richest women out there. The lady is 90 years old and she entered the Forbes list of the wealthiest people in the year 1999. She is the proud owner of 30% of L’Oreal, a company founded by her father.


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