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Most Populated Countries In the World

top-10-most-populated-countries-in-the-worldNow the world has become densely populated and the population in countries is increasing day by day. The population of the world has crossed over seven billion which is very high.

The major reason of this is that many countries failed to control their population growth due to which many major problems also arose in the whole world.

Major countries which are in the race of becoming highly populated countries have been discussed  below:


In Japan population became less in 2013 is predictable to be 212,000 a new top score while the recorded number of births is tumbled by 18,000 to 1,033,000. It has been expected that this situation will continue in the next century. This will create a challenging scenario for Japanese government.


The population of Russia is 146,709,971. Moscow is the major city in Russia which has  a population of 11.5 million people, this  makes it the sixth largest city in the world. Saint Peters burg is the largest city of Russia, with 4.8 million people this makes it the 40 Th largest city in the world.


The population of Bangladesh is nearly 150 million and it is one of the most highly populated countries in the world. Due to largest population Bangladesh is facing various challenging cases also and further exclusion is expected in population of Bangladesh.


According to UN Nigeria can become the third most populated country in the world in next century. The population of Nigeria is increasing 2.6 percent per year. It means that Nigeria will become at the highest number with it’s population.


Population in Pakistan is about 102.77 million and it is further increasing day by day. Hasty increase in population is resulting in dangerous conditions for Pakistan. Government of Pakistan need to make plans for control of population because it is expected to increase more in future.


The population of Brazil is 193,946,886. The largest city of Brazil,  Sao Paolo has a population of 11,316,149 and,it is also Brazil’s principal city, it is the largest city in  Southern Hemisphere and the seventh main city in the world.


You may wonder after knowing this that Indonesia is world fourth largest populated country. It’s population is  over 237,424,363 and it is expected to have more expansion in future years.

United States

US Census Bureau’s population clock says that the US population of US is 315,183,801 which makes it the third largest country in the world because of it’s population. A massive increase in it’s population is estimated in future. It’s most populated states are California and Texas with 37.7 million and 25.7 million. New York is also the most populated city and is being counted in one of the major cities of US.


The last Indian registration which was carried out in 2011, exposed India with the second largest country in the world  with it’s population. India aroused with 1,210,193,422 population which is very high in number But the rate of population growth is decreased in India in recent years.


China is keeping 19 percent of the complete population of the Earth in it. Which has made China the largest country in the world. The current population of China is very remarkable i.e.  1,354,040,000. With so much population China has managed the come up as a  powerful country in the world.


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