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Most Popular Things To Do In Your Spare Time

things-to-be-done-in-spare-timeFor long, a busy person longs for some spare time but quiet often we come across some spare time in which we have absolutely nothing to do and keeping this in mind we wonder that what was my life long dream to do when i become free, but at that time, nothing seems to be good enough for us to do and this is perhaps the reason why one would look for an article of this sort.

We have compiled a quiet simple yet befitting list for you to do, that are pretty casual but seem would do the job.

Cook A Meal

Cooking stuff is quiet fun sometimes, a personal favorite after sleeping. Cooking takes your mind off of a lot of things and at the end you get a nice treat to eat, depending what kind of a cook you are but rest assured it is an excellent way to kill time and you would not be disappointed with it.

Visit A Friend

Visiting friends is always fun and a great way to kill time. Visiting old or current friends is equally entertaining and going out on an incursion with them is also very fun as it removes the certain boredom that is associated with not doing anything so in short if you want to kill time in a good way, go and have a blast with your friends and enjoy your life. Friends are the zing in one’s life and to go out on little excursions always paves way for a good time.

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Surf The Internet

Surfing internet though mindbogglingly tedious some times but is a lot fun when you find some thing good to watch or play online and this is the very reason why people find surfing great fun because every new innovation comes online and these innovations always attract people.


The greatest source of entertainment ever produced on the planet. though created years back but is still as much popular as other things. There are a great number of channels ranging from informative like CNN and BBC to absolute rubbish but in one way or the other they are a source of entertainment providing the viewers with a vast array of choices to kill time. This is indeed one of man’s greatest inventions.


The ancient art of paper folding having many pros, it teaches the doer the significance of patience and peace. The japanese monks who initially practised it were great at it making little doves and swans out of paper. Now for teenagers it is more of a hobby than something spiritual and there are people out there who show maximum devotion to the art and hence are great at it making huge pieces that are positively inspiring.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are a great way to kill time. Making little things for the house like a homemade key chain or a dust bin or a basket out of paper are all good ideas and all can be done with a little paper and glue. Apart from these, there are a million of other things like making a card for a loved one and things of such sort.

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Clean your house

Though it may sound really tachy and boring but for many of us, it is quiet pleasing to clean up messes and organize files, clothes and other things. making small amends around the house is an exceptional way to kill time and at the end it not only gives you the satisfaction that time was well spent but also it pleases you that my place is cleaner all because i got some free time.


Exercise is a great way to kill time and it makes you more fit and healthy. It aids in making you more agile and more makes your mind fresh and ready for more activities. The activity is not only for killing time but also making your muscles and having a great time.


Reading books is a wonderful activity. It increases your vocabulary and puts you on a high horse of literary prowess. Reading a good history is like a having a trip down memory lane and enjoying the many events that happened and the efforts that people made in the annals of time. Reading cannot be restricted to one type, reading a novel is also an exceptional way to kill time.

Rest and Relax

A personal favorite, lying down, letting go of all the worries and just chilling out. Other than this, a good massage kills time and soothes you in ways you would never forget and it will be a time well spent. The immense burdensome life of humans demands so much and gives so little and consequently man has to give his best in every possible way to excel in life. So its nice to spend some time once in a while to relax yourself and calm your nerves.

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