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Most Popular Movies About Drugs

Do you like movies about criminal activities and drugs?

Here is my top 10 of movies about drugs.


Fear and loathing in Las Vegas

Journalist Raoul Duke and lawyer Dr. Gonzo make a road trip from LA to Las Vegas with a suitcase full of psychedelic drugs. They have the adventure of their life, visit casino´s and see the most crazy things you can imagine. The movie is released in 1998 and is still alive and kicking. A classic!


A movie released in 2001, it is the story about a drug smuggler who started out with weed and ended up as one of the biggest cocaine dealers in America. It begins with a 10-year-old kid who grew up in a normal family, and his parents told him that money is not important. When he became an adult he started to  think about ways to earn some extra money. Together with his friend ´Tuna`he was introduced to a bug drug dealer, and from that point on they started to make a lot of money! When their business in expanding they are going to look for their drugs abroad: Mexico. Soon they start dealing in cocaine and they are working together with the famous Pablo Escobar. This movie is based on a true story (which makes it even better).


This is quite a shocking movie. It tells the story about heroin addicts who are constantly looking for a rush. It is a group of several friends who are completely messed up. The main personage Mark wants to change his life but it is quite difficult when surrounded by the wrong people. He is telling his story through out the movie. Be prepared for some shocking footage and crazy situations! It is released in 1966.

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Taking Woodstock

This is a movie, dedicated to the famous festival Woodstock in 1969. The movie tells the story about a young guy who is in the need for money and decides to organize a festival. There came many more people than he thought there would come, the result is the famous Woodstock festival. No need to explain more about it! The movie was released in 2009.

Requiem for a dream

This movie tells the story about four people who are trapped by their drug addiction. Harry and Tyrone are heroin addicts who live in New York, Harry´s girlfriend is also an addict and wants to break her relationship with her rich father. Harry dreams about opening a clothes boutique together with Marion, but they don´t have the money for it so they are looking for a big score to finance their plans. Their drug addictions are soon getting out of control! The movie is released in 2000.


Tony Montana is a big Cuban criminal who works for one of the biggest Miami drug lords: Robert Loggia. Step by step, Tony is climbing to the top of the crime scene in Florida, and meets Loggia´s addicted girlfriend in the process. A die-hard drugs/mafia movie! The movie was released in 2003.

Dazed and confused

Before MTV, before safe sex, and way before Beavis and Butthead. The movie goes back to the year 1976 and is showing the life of last year students. They are celebrating their last day in school with a wild party night. Their wild night goes along with sex, drugs and rocking Rock&Roll! It was the best year of their life, if only they could remember! This awesome comedy movie is released in 1998, a MUST SEE on your movie list.

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Half Baked

A very good comedy movie! Here is the story: 3 good friends are being pushed to start selling marijuana which is stolen from a lab. The reason why they do this is because they want to bail out their friend which is in jail because it has been feeding junk food to a diabetic police horse. The fee to bail their friend out is 1 Million dollar! Their business is becoming immense popular and is even attracting very important and famous people. Their lives will soon be in danger when a local drug lord is noticing that their business is having negative effects on his business. In exchange for their live, they have to pay Mr. Samson – the drug lord – 20.000 dollar every week.  The movie is released in 1998.

Harold and Kumar go to White Castle

2 friends, Harold and Kumar, who did not reach a lot in their lives and love to smoke weed, decide to spend their regular Friday night with some hamburgers from the fast food chain White Castle. What they did not expect is that finding the White Castle would be such a difficult task! They end up in an epic road trip with a bunch of weed, driving around as stoned as hell. What would you do for some fast food hamburgers? You will be amused with this hilarious comedy movie.

Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay

This movie is following the story of the first movie of Harold and Kumar, the 2 stoner friends. This time they are planning to go to Amsterdam. Just like their trip to White Castle, it is not going as smooth as they hoped it would be. They end up in jail in Guantanamo Bay after being accused for terrorism. They soon find a way to escape, but what comes next is a big journey full of surprises and hilarious adventures!

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