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Most Popular Extreme Sports

Are you ready for the top 10 extreme sports? Here it comes:

Wingsuit flying

Wingsuit flying or wingsuiting is an upcoming sport since the last 5 years. People wear a suit which increases the surface of the body. This will increase lift and makes the body able to fly. The extra surface is created by pieces of fabric that are added between the arms and legs. The first wingsuit was developed already in 1930 by a 19-year-old American guy. Since 1990 the wingsuits are improving a lot. Most wing suit flights en with opening a parachute, so basically it is safe to fly it, as long as you are on a high altitude.

Base jumping

Base  jumping is an extreme sport where people jump from high buildings, cliffs or other high objects. By jumping of a high platform, they make a short free fall and pull a parachute to land safe on the ground. The word ´base´in base jumping has a specific meaning. B stands for building, A stands for antenna, S stands for span and E stands for earth ( referring to high cliffs ). The first official BASE jump was recorded in 1912, when a person jumped from the first deck of the Eifel tower in Paris.


Everyone knows what skydiving is. People jump out of an airplane or a helicopter at an altitude between 1000 and 4000 meters. When jumping from a low altitude, the parachute will mostly deploy immediately. When falling from a higher altitude, there can be a free fall of approximately 1 minute. While doing a skydive, you can reach speeds up to 320 Km/h! Once you have reached the right altitude to deploy the parachute, you have to pull a handle on your ´backpack´where the parachute will come out. The parachutes are steerable to make sure that people can land on the spot they want. The first official skydive is recorded in 1919.

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Paramotor Acrobatics

Paramotoring is a sport where people use a special parachute like paragliding. While paragliding, people launch from the side of a mountain or get towed up with a winch. With paramotoring you have an engine on your back like a backpack. On that engine is a propeller that will push you up in the sky. The sporting is becoming more and more popular in the last 10 years because it is the cheapest way to fly. Now, within paramotoring there are some really good pilots who started to do acrobatics in the sky.


The fifth place on the top 10 most extreme sports goes to downhilling or down hill mountain biking. People ride their special bikes in the search for adrenalin by driving down very steep mountain sides with a very high-speed. The tracks often feature big rocks, high jumps and other dangerous obstacles. The bikes are special made for this sport and they are really heavy and strong. Most of them also have very good suspension systems in the front and rear wheels to make the rides more comfortable. There is a big chance for crashing and that´s why these people wear very good protection.

Wild Water Kayaking

Everyone loves kayaking, right? Now, what would you think about floating in a kayak on the wildest rivers on the planet? Seems scary enough to me! The special kayaks are very long but narrow to give optimal maneuverability in the water. The most extreme category in wild water kayaking is the freestyle category. The people in their kayaks float of big waterfalls and perform stunts. The highest risks in this sport is slamming into rocks or get trapped in a wild stream.

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Tow-in Surfing

Have you ever tried surfing? It is quite cool though! But some people take it to the extremes! They look for the highest waves and let them drop on top of the wave by a helicopter. The waves are as big as 15 storage buildings and have an enormous force. That can create some dangerous situations! Surfers can be slammed into rocks and reefs in the ocean or they can drown in case the wave pulls them down. However, they always have the assistance from a boat or a jet ski, but as you may realize, it still is a very dangerous sport!

Cave Diving

On the 8th place in the top 10 most extreme sports in cave diving. Humans are pushing their limits and want to discover places where no person has ever been before and do that in several ways. One of those ways is diving. People go with their diving equipment to caves which are completely under water to discover the under water world in those caves. It is quite dangerous because once you are in a cave, there is no way to just go back to the surface is case something goes wrong with your equipment. It also asks a lot of technical skills to safely complete the mission and get out there alive. Most of the equipment is very expensive because it is modified scuba diving equipment. Many cave divers also use diver propulsion vehicles that help them on their way. The most fascinating thing about cave diving is the unexplored nature and the unique fauna that you can´t find anywhere else.

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Highlining is a variant of slacklining. This is a sport where you balance yourself on a robe that is fixed between two points. Highlining is the same, but on a very high altitude. High liners fix the robe between 2 cliffs and balance themselves in the middle of it. Of course, most of the people use safety features, but some of them don´t. The risk of falling down and die is very hard, but I guess that is where they get their kick!

Bungy Jumping

The 10th place in the top 10 most extreme sports goes to bungy jumping. People jump off a platform next to a cliff or any other high place. They strap a specially designed elastic bungy robe around your legs, you stand on the edge of the platform and jump off it with your head first. Like you dive into the water. Once the bungy robe is on its longest point, it lifts you back up. It is a safe sport if all the equipment is certified and tested.


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