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Most Popular Comics

top-10-most-popular-comicsFor all those comic book freaks here I am with the10 best comic books of 2011. Comic books have now become the most famous entertainment among the kids and teenagers and everybody want to see their favorite superhero to save the day.

But among the popularity of superheroes like Batman, Spider-Man and others there are many other comic books who have also become popular among the readers.

For more than 50 years comic book has been one of the main source of entertainment and now that many comic characters are being portrayed in live action films, their popularity has been dramatically increased in the whole world.

So here I am with reader’s most favorite comic books.

10. Fantastic Four # 587 & 588

Fantastic Four was met with overwhelmingly positive reaction when the 587 and 588 issues were released. The story focuses on the plot where Johnny Storm (Human Torch) dies fighting a horde of aliens. The series is ending with the issue of 588 and Marvel plans to relaunch this series with Spider-Man taking the place Johnny as requested in Johnny’s will. The story is written by Jonathan Hickman and published by Marvel Comics.

9. New Mutants # 21

Zeb Welles has penned one of the most interesting comics of 2011 published by Marvel Comics. With the issue #21 the story of New Mutants reveals that General Ulyssys has unleashed the Elder Gods of Limbo on Earth and Sam along with the rest of the team returns to the earth and witnesses the curse that has been brought by General Ulyssys and also fighting their own inside problems.

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8. Knight and Squire # 5 & 6

The Knight and Squire was a surprise hit of 2011 published by DC comics. Knight and Squire may be called the comedy of errors as it features many gimmickry villains from Batman world such as Jarvis Poker and British Joker who align themselves with the Knight in the fight against crime in the Great Britain. This story is written by Paul Cornell.

7. The Invisible Iron Man # 29-33

The Eisen Award winner comic book series the Invisible Iron Man is another legendary comic book series by Marvel comics and is written by Matt Fraction. The issue of 29-33 reveals the new plans of Tony Stark as he plans for a new armor suit and also founded the new company Stark Resilient. In the process he wish to fix his relationship with Virginia Pepper Potts as the incident in world’s most wanted, his most of the memory is lost and he only remembers some of the things from his past. But he continues his quest in the fight against crime with the help of his old friend Rhodey.

6. The Walking Dead # 80 & 81

This comic book series is written by Robert Kirkman and published by Image Comics. The Walking Dead has so far become one of the popular comic book series of 2011 as it unfolds the new adventure centering around Rick Grimes. The issue of 80 and 81 met with great acclaim among the readers and has thus become the famous comic book behind the legendary Batman and Spider-Man.

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5. Deadpool Max #4

Written by David Lapham and published by Marvel comics Deadpool Max Follows the story of Bob and Deadpool who are in a pursuit of a child smuggler Bob’s struggle in reconciling his relationship with Colleen and their other crazy and adventurous quests.

4. The Amazing Spider-Man

Spider-Man was another most read comic of 2011. The legendary Superhero from Marvel comics continues to entertain the audience. The 2011 issue unfolds the story in which Spider-Man has to deal with the greater challenges as his powers are slowly losing away and has to face the dangerous enemies like Doctor Octopus who plans to attack the New York City with his new Sinister Six ( himself, Mysterio, Sandman, Rhino, Electro, Chameleon). Apart from this he also has to face other major hurdles as his fight against the evil continues.

3. The Batman Incorporated

The most popular comic book series of all time without any doubt. Batman who has become a media icon and the most popular superhero of all time, returned with the issue of Batman Inc. The story penned by renowned writer Grant Morrison follows the events of Final Crisis, Batman and Robin and The Return of Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne who returned to the present time after his battle through time prepares to form an army of superheroes that will fight against the crime globally. However he allows Dick Grayson to retain the role of Batman.

2. Thor: The Mighty Avenger # 8

Thor the mighty superhero returns in Thor: The Mighty Avenger issue #8 following the events from issue #7, Thor finds himself captive and seeks for help from Jane Foster who is his only hope. Tony Stark aka Iron Man is also featured in this story. It is written by Roger Langridge.

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1. American Vampire # 12

American Vampire has become one of the famous comic books and also the most liked comic book of 2011. It is written by Scott Snyder and follows the Skinner Sweet story, taking place at Idaho 1919. Skinner who has not change and has the same physical appearance since 1860 witnesses the change in the world and realizes the he is way different from the present world and also finds that his old friends and enemies have all aged up and are not same as they were in the past.



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