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Most Polluted Cities of the World

Top 10 Most Polluted CitiesIncreased industrialization and urbanization has resulted in a horrendous harm to the nature and eco-system. The nature reserves have gone in severe imbalance due to the uninterrupted slashing of trees and other non environmentalist practices.

Another factor that has contributed widely to the imbalance of eco-system is the increased population in cities around the world. The pollution levels in the cities have grown disproportionately when compared to their population growth.Some of the elements that exist in the air these days and make it toxic are:

  • Sulfur dioxide
  • Nitrogen dioxide
  • Particulates

The Pollution levels are high in the cities that possess big population. Here is the list of cities that are announced as the most polluted cities in the world:

 Top 10 Most Polluted Cities of the World

Beijing, China

Beijing is one of the most industrialized cities in the world. In our list, Beijing ranks the first in terms of most densely polluted cities. The air in this city makes it so difficult to breathe. In order to avoid breathing this polluted air, people are seen wearing masks on their nasal passage. The levels of sulphur dioxide have reached on the alarming high and the government is forced to take steps to avoid this state. With the increased number of migrants and growing population, the situation does not seem to be improving any sooner.

New Delhi, India

Known for its crowded streets and restless traffic, Delhi is undoubtedly the most populated cities around the world. It possesses a population that is above the break even points. Harvard University recently conducted a research in which it was found out that one out of every five Delhi residents suffer from breathing diseases and problems. Delhi is the capital of India and therefore, there are many people who migrate into the city for jobs or other purposes. In this way, the population of the city has mounted high in the last few years which has made the situation even worse.

Santiago, Chile

Santiago is a small city in Chile. It is not a very popular place and does not often make it into the world news. However, the factor that keeps this city afloat in the world news is its pollution levels. World Health Organization has conducted a research recently in which they found out that Santiago possesses airborne particulate matter in the air which exceeds the minimum level of 200 micrograms. Hence, the authorities have already been alarmed by such research and are making the right steps in order to cure this problem.

Mexico City, Mexico

The city that serves amazing Tacos is full of pollution these days. The air of this city contains sulphur dioxide, nitroogen oxides and carbon monoxide. According to many spectators, they see a cloud of smoke every day in the skies of Mexico City.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar is popular for its alarming pollution levels. It contains a high level of particulate matter in the air. According to WHO, these particulate matter levels in the air of Ulaanbaatar is fourteen times their standard. Resting at the fifth place in our list, Ulaanbaatar is one of the most populated cities in the world.

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is a major touristic spot these days and along with it, the pollution levels of this city are also rising to the alarming mark. The major reason for this pollution level is the large number of smokers in the city. Sometimes, people are seen claiming that Cairo is the city with black clouds. The burning of farm produce is also another reason for Cairo’s rising pollution levels.

Chongqing, China

One of the rapidly developing cities of China, Chongqing is suffering big time from the problem of air pollution. Coal burning seems to be the major cause of air pollution in this city. Asthma and other diseases are very prominent in this area and the city.

Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou is known for its beautiful landscapes and touristic inflow. However, the present population of the city makes things difficult for the environment. There are currently 12 million people living in the city. Hazardous level of sulphur dioxide in the city also makes the situation worse.

Hong Kong

Hongkong is one of the most developed economies in the world. It is marked by skycrapers, beautiful yachts, populated markets. However, the population of the city is growing rapidly because of a high number of immigrants. Urbanization and industrialization seem to be the major causes for the rising level of pollution in the city. Hongkong has considerable amount of nitrogen dioxide, ozone and sulphur dioxide in the air that makes it difficult for the people to breathe.

Kabul, Afghanistan

Kabul is taken in synonymy with Taliban. It is popular for AK-47’s, Mujahedeen, bloodshed and Al Qaeda. However, the new reason why its getting popular on the world platform is its pollution levels. The burning stoves and gas generators are a common phenomenon in the city and it contributes to the toxicity of air.

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