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Most Poisonous Spiders In The World And Venomous To Humans

Some of the most poisonous spiders are known to kill other insects and animals by injecting poison into their bodies.

Although their venom is not as dangerous as other dangerous animals or snakes, nonetheless they can cause quite a lot of harm to human beings.

Depending on the spider species, the reaction to their bites can vary from mild pain, swelling, itching, nausea to or even failure of the nervous system. Although unlikely, a person who is exposed to high amounts of spider venom could end up dead.

This is why we feel that it’s important to know the top 10 most poisonous spiders in the world and avoid them.

Black Widow Spider

This spider belongs to one of the most poisonous species ever found in North America. The Black Widow has a shiny black color and a red marking on the abdomen with an hour-glass shape. Many bitten individuals display extreme local allergic reactions on their skins when struck by this species of spider.

Yellow Sac Spider

The Yellow Sac is also called the Black Foot Spider. Some people find it fun to keep this spider as pets, but it’s considered as one of the most poisonous spiders for a very good reason. The Yellow Sac can be found in many countries and are well-known for causing painful lesions.

Sydney Funnel-web Spider

This spider is just one of the many Australian funnel-web spiders from the Hexathelidae family. For the most part, the Sydney funnel-web resembles the tarantula species and is dark black or brown in color with a glossy covering. The spider fangs are strong and large enough to penetrate fingernails and inject with the venom. Funnel-webs usually have an aggressive nature and will bite repeatedly.

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Brown Recluse Spider

Apart of the Sicariidae family, this spider is also called the fiddle-back, violin or brown fiddler. This spider is found predominantly in the United States and the Gulf of Mexico. The brown recluse has three pairs of eyes, unlike others with four pairs. A brown recluse spider bites usually turns out to be one of the ugliest wounds on human flesh.

Chilean Recluse Spider

Renowned for its toxicity, the Chilean Recluse is definitely the most venomous of all the recluses. Although it’s a Chile native, this spider can be found throughout South America and distant places such as North America, Finland and Australia. The Chilean Recluse bite can result in dermonecrotic lesions, renal failure and even death.

Redback Spider

This spider is one more species from the widow family that is known for having the most venomous bites among spiders. The Redback is regarded as the most dangerous spider species in Australia. The picture above shows how this redback spider has managed to kill a lizard much bigger than his size.

Six-Eyed Sand Spider

An extremely poisonous spider, the six-eyed sand lives in isolated areas in the South African desert. This spider generally buries itself in the ground to ambush and attack its victim. It releases highly toxic levels of poison that can cause blood loss and destroy tissue in a short time; definitely amongst the most poisonous spiders to humans.

Mouse Spider

Mouse Spider is another dangerous spiders from Australia that is easily able to kill an infant or a smaller child and potentially harm an adult human significantly. Poisonous bites from this spider can result in symptoms which are similar to the ones given by the Sydney Funnel Web.

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Brazilian Wandering Spider

In 2010, the Guinness World Records named one special Brazilian Wandering as the most venomous spider. Riching lengths of nearly 5 inches (12 to 13 centimeter) this spider is from the Ctenidae family. Studies show that these species causes most of the human deaths from spider bites across the American continents. A Brazilian Wandering spider’s venom is so strong that it can cause dizziness, loss of muscle control, paralysis and even suffocation.

Fringed Ornamental Tarantula

Say hello to this most deadly spider; a Sri Lanka native, this tarantula is very poisonous but it’s usually kept as a pet. The tarantula venom can cause severe pain and induce coma. This spider is unfriendly and will attack without warning, which makes it extremely dangerous to have as a pet.


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