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Most Mysterious Deaths of All Time

Top 10 Most Mysterious DeathsPeople envy the famous celebs, they often think of having such a life. However, it is sometimes not very safe to be a celebrity. It is quite a dangerous business since every eye is on you and you cannot lead an easy going life. With money comes also a lot of responsibilities and attention. If this attention is not handled well by a celeb, it could rot their life in a very bad way.

In the past, many celebs have died mysteriously and some of them even committed a suicide. Now it seems very strange for you to read and contemplate over it. Why would a celeb commit suicide when they have all the comfort in their life? Most of the celebs have also been murdered and their cases are still open.

The most recent case in this prospect is of Brittany Murphy. She died in 2009 and her father claimed it was not a suicide and that she had been poisoned. More celebs have been killed in a similar way.

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain was one of the best guitarists of all time and his death shocked millions. He was found deceased in 1994 with a shotgun that faced his chin. In the beginning, Police speculated it to be a suicide but due to excessive pressure from the fans and family of Kurt Cobain, the case was reopened. People still believe that he was murdered but things are not clear yet. It is one of the most mysterious deaths of all time.

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Marilyn Monroe

This actress needs no introduction. She brought a lot of glamour into the film industry and was one of the most respected actresses of her time. At the age of 36, she was found dead and the reason was cited to be overdose of sedatives. However, there were rumors that she was dating the US President and her death could be related to such facts.

Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman

Out of celebrity deaths, this one was confirmed as a murder. This celebrity couple was stabbed to death in the year 1994. In this case, the ex husband of Nicole Brown Simpson was charged with murder. However, he denied killing his ex wife and the mystery still remains.

Elizabeth Short

She was an aspiring actress and was found dead in a vacant plot in LA. She was stabbed very badly and almost all the blood was drained out of her body. Her condition was worse and her face had been slashed from all sides. The lower half of her body was severed and taken away from the upper half of her body. This murder is still unsolved and remains to be the most mysterious deaths of all time.

Bob Crane

He was found dead in his apartment in the year 1978. His friend John Henry Carpenter was tried with murder but was released in the year 1994. The case is still unsolved and the mystery remains.

Michael Jackson

He needs no introduction. The King of Pop, Michael Jackson was found dead in 2009 after getting a cardiac arrest in LA. The reason for his death was cited to be cardiac failure but people speculate it to be a murder. It is one of the most mysterious deaths of all time.

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Jimi Hendrix

He was found dead in London in the year 1970. He choked on his own vomit and at the same time, he was loaded with sedatives in his body. The speculations pointed out on a conspiracy but nothing had been confirmed at the time. The case has concluded without any results.

Bob Woolmer

He was one of the most successful cricket coaches of all time. When he was found dead in his hotel room, he was placed as the coach of Pakistan Cricket team. After Pakistan lost to Ireland, he was found dead in his hotel room the very next day. The fingers pointed towards Pakistani bookies but nothing could be materialized.

Jim Morrison

He was a great musician and a member of the band, “The Doors”. He was found dead in a bathtub. When reports came, it was said that he died due to heart attack, but people did not believe it.

Brittany Murphy

This is one of the most recent mysterious deaths in our list. She was found dead in LA in 2009 aged 32. In the beginning, her death was attributed to drug intoxication but her father forced the authorities to reopen the case and know the real cause. The case is still open but no real reason has been found out of her death. It remains to be one of the most mysterious deaths of all time.

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