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Most Interesting Bastille Day Facts

top-10-interesting-bastille-day-factsDemocracy is being allowed to vote for the candidate you dislike the least (Robert Byrne). For many decades, different parts of the world were being ruled by kings and queens but this is not the fair system because people’s will is not included in it. Democracy is the best policy to rule a piece of land pragmatically.

Under a democratic system, people tend to follow the rules and regulations of the country in its true letter and spirit because the leaders are their chosen ones. The history and significance of Bastille Day is somewhat related to the concept I have divulged to you people above.

Bastille Day is the National Holiday in France and marks the establishment of a new government under the umbrella of democracy and abolishing the rule of kings and queens. Most of the people were not contended with the way of rule of kings and queens and therefore, started a revolt. They stormed the Bastille, a prison in France that the kings and queens used to lock up the people who did not agree with their decisions.

This day was actually the beginning of the French Revolution and consequently the end of the rule of kings and queens. It is celebrated on 14th of July each year. The storming of the Bastille took place on 14th July 1789.
Here are 10 facts about the Bastille Day which you must be searching for in order to know more about the history of France

10. Bastille was actually a prison where kings used to lock up the inmates. By the storming of Bastille, you all might be getting a hint that the crowd wanted to free the prisoners but readers this was not their intention at all. Afterwards, however, this thought struck their mind and they set free the prisoners.

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9. Not only strength and vigor can enable one to accomplish heroic deeds, rather it all depends on the level of spirit you possess to do something. Yes, the people who stormed the Bastille were not more than five feet high from the ground. They had a high level of aggression and spirit that made them accomplish such a historic chapter.

8. Great achievements don’t come that easily guys as in the storming of Bastille many people lost their lives. There were about 100 deaths, 98 from the mob and 2 from the king’s army.

7. Prima facie it seems like that Bastille prison would be a huge one holding hundreds of thousands of prisoners but it was contrary to it. It could hold only 50 prisoners at a time and at the time of the storming there were about seven criminals in the prison.

6. Bastille was not an ordinary prison and it wasn’t the worst prison in France either. A famous personality Madam de Staal was a prisoner at Bastille and she had a love affair also. Let us look at a quotation of Madam de Staal, “Before I met my husband, I had never fallen in love, I’d stepped in it a few times”.

5. Does anyone of you know who was the first one to foment the crowd outside to start a rebellion against the king? I guess not !. His name was Marquis de Sade and he shouted from his cell that “They are killing the prisoners”. This event was the cause of a mini-riot which later on transformed into a big revolt against the king.

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4. July 14th was made the National holiday of France on 1880, when the Parliament passed an Act.

3. The title “Bastille Day” is not common in France and they give this another title which is “la Fête Nationale”. Bastille Day is commonly known in English language.

2. Coincidently, the Bastille Day falls during the famous Tour de France and so this adds to the enthusiasm and strength of the French riders and they are motivated to achieve top position. They exert even more force and capability in the name of liberty and equality.

1. All of my readers must be, by now, eager to learn about the last governor of the Bastille because Bastille, after storming by the angry mob, holds a historic significance. The last governor of Bastille was Bernard René Jourdan, Marquis de Launay (1740-89) and he was a son of a governor. Although, he surrendered to the mob but was killed by the angry protestors.


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