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Most Disliked Videos on YouTube

Top 10 Most Disliked Videos on YouTubeIf you have seen videos that have been liked in YouTube, maybe because it’s funny, entertaining, or interesting, then definitely there are some disliked clips of different videos.

It may be the usual amateur videos, but it can be surprising that some of the most hated are those created with famous artists. Thanks to the unlike option, which is not available in Facebook, you get to see the videos that claimed fame, the wrong way.

Below are the top 10 most disliked videos on YouTube

 Evolution of Dance – Judson Laipply

From “Hound Dog” by Elvis down to Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean”, and even “Bye, bye, bye” by N’ Sync, Judson Laipply had executed most of the dance steps with the fun, entertainment, and a hilarious trip back to memory lane. However, some say he sucks because there are steps that he did not execute, where most of the 67,619 dislikes are coming from.

Chocolate Rain – Tay Zonday

Even if you are not familiar with the person or the video, you can find out the reason why it garnered 78,748 dislikes ever since it was posted April 2007. The mix of electronic music, along with a very deep voice, with lyrics beyond understanding, and a child that sings such parody is truly miserable.

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Charlie Bit My Finger – Again!

Two kids with a nice British accent, and a baby biting his brother’s finger has gained 107,722 dislikes all because of mixed feelings with envy, jealousy, and even disbelief of how this “trip” video gained so much views.

Never Let You Go – Justin Bieber

This is the lowest count for the most dislikes intended for Justin Bieber. The 104,355 dislikes have nothing much to do with the video, but are personal attacks for the said rising artist. They hate his voice, they hate how he looks, and they even hate how he became so lucky with all that he has.

One Less Lonely Girl – Justin Bieber

The music can make any girl fall in love, but guys really hate Justin in this video because he looks like a girl, which is why that 117,624 dislikes is growing over and over.

Bad Romance – Lady Gaga

Bad Romance is not a bad video, nor Lady Gaga is making issues about it. The 112,112 dislikes are actually coming from other videos that may seem to steal the attention.

Somebody to Love – Justin Bieber

If it is Justin, the 144,797 is no longer a surprise to the Bieber Fever fans, as they know that most of them are just rants, nothing really serious.

Never Say Never – Justin Bieber

The Bieber Fever never say never because he has fans that are loyal to him. Even if there are 207,984 dislikes of the said video with Jayden Smith, it is never enough to pull him down.

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Baby – Justin Bieber

This may be one of the worst disliked videos ever, even numbering over 2 million, or 2,048,631 to be exact. It’s the way in which Bieber haters are getting head to head against the Bieber Fever.

Friday – Rebecca Black

3.1 million dislikes have been made before the real music video was removed… After all, posting the video on September 16 only means the denial of the truth.

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