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Most Corrupt Police Forces in The World

top-10-most-corrupt-police-forces-in-the-worldPolice forces are considered the primary help for common citizens. But what if such primary help involve in corruption? There is a saying that when common people do something wrong, it negatively influences the system. But if such system does something wrong, then it destroys the nation.

In under-developed countries (and in a few developed countries) wages of the police force are inappropriate and this pressurizes them to earn through anti-social mediums.

Bribery, case influencing, threatening, extortion, etc. are some of their main mediums to earn significant extra income. The fact that they are underpaid does not justify corruption. Out of many corrupted police forces, here is a list of the top 10 most corrupt police forces in the world.

In these countries, it is really difficult to get away from police without giving any bribe.

Russian Police Force

Like Russian government, their police force is no alien to corruption. Russia has a history with communal powers and their police force totally signify that. They are not only involved in minor bribing,moreover,they also arrest people and ask them for heavy amount in order to release the charges. In the last few years, corruption in Russian police has surprised the whole nation.

Sudan Police Force

It is obvious in a country like Sudan, which is among top corrupt countries, to have corruption in the police force. Their police force is so corrupt that they don’t even bother filing common complaints or even if they file complaints they don’t react to them without heavy bribe. Quite honestly, the country needs some special treatment to deal with the disease of corruption.

Somalia Police Force

There are the reasons behind the destruction of Somalia. A few years back, they did not even bother reacting on public violence. They were involved in harassment, bribing, extortion and even robbery to boost their finances. In the year 2009, the country was surprised when about one thousand police officers left the police force and according to a report they have joined the terrorist group, Al-Shabaab.

Pakistan Police Force

Pakistan is known as a non-democratic country that works under the pressure of the army. Besides its army, even police forces have not left a single spot to destroy the country from within. According to a research by a reliable source, Pakistani citizens have claimed that they are involved in extortion, bribing and works against the weaker section of the nation. Reports against police officers are always in the limelight in Pakistani media. It is one of the police forces around the world that are famous for taking bribery from people. It is believed in Pakistan that all the policemen are corrupt because even a low rank policeman enjoys luxurious life by exercising unlawful powers.

Afghanistan Police Force

This nation has been corrupt since the very beginning. However, after the US attack on Afghanistan (for Osama bin Laden), it became worse. The corruption has entered into the core of police force. Besides bribing, they are even harass people for money and for those who raise a voice against them, they put them in prison with high charges. However, in the last few years, this has improved, but still they have gained 6th spot in the list.

Kenya Police Force

It is actually wrong to call them police forces since their activities are similar to criminal gangs. According to a study by an international group, about 90% people have agreed that their police force is corrupt and do not perform any duty without bribe. The surprising fact is that about 40% people have claimed that they have bribed them for favorable activities. Besides, they have a strong interrelation with the mafia.

Iraq Police Force

Iraq’s government is one of the most serious governments who want to dismiss the corruption in the police force and they have even taken some steps to train police forces against the corruption. However, all the steps are a mere waste and the police has continued bribing, extortion and their other means of finance.

Haiti Police Force

Police forces are considered the backbone of the country’s safety. Conversely, Haiti police have destroyed the country to its core. Their immoral activities have affected the refined and well-educated system of Haiti. Besides performing their own brutal activities like extortion and drug dealing, they even demand bribe from domestic gangs and in return, permit them for anti-social activities.

Burma Police Force

This Asian country lacks democracy and this is the greatest reason for corruption in police force. Due to military’s rule in Burma, common people don’t raise their voice against the dictators and those who raise voice have to deal with the corrupted police. They take bribes from the rich section of the society and deal with weaker section with brutality. In the ranking of police forces, it stands at 2nd position among most corrupt police forces which is a shame for this country.

Mexico Police Force

They are made for the safety of common people, but their activities are totally against them. Every year, the crime ratio is increasing high in Mexico, due to corruption in police force. In Mexico, police forces are underpaid and the domestic gangs are paying them high for the unfavorable activities. Hence, police have chosen wealthy gangs instead of their duty towards society. Extorting money from tourists is one of their main means of earning. In Mexico, police forces use common people as their shield and they put them in prison to hide their immoral operations.


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