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Most Corrupt Countries Of The World

top-10-corrupt-countries-of-the-worldCorruption has been a popular topic to be discussed in every country especially in third world countries. Man’s corrupt nature comes into play here, though governments try to suppress it but its human nature, how can a mere government suppress something that is an innate desire.

To become a rich man is every one’s deepest desire and this sin falls under the category of lust of money.

Though it is hard to resist the intimidating lust of cash but when a superior is corrupt then the inferiors are bound to be two steps ahead.

There are a number of countries fighting with the evil of corruption but a few have succeeded in the struggle.

10. Venezuela

A country struggling for quite some time now under the rule of a few elite leaders who would put down any one  who steps up to challenge their name. Though it was considered at first that the discovery of oil in the state would likely broaden the horizons for the country but these so called revolutionary leaders pushed the state in a realm of corruption.

9. Cambodia

Corruption is an infection that has evaded in every walk in the Cambodian country. Though a number of laws pertaining to corruption have been tried to be introduced but the people are hesitant in enforcing them as after years of self inflicted civil war the country’s people found efficiency in bribing for getting everything, from escaping a traffic issue to getting medical attention, bribery has been a very popular mean in the country.

8. North Korea

A country producing very hard working people but the poverty and consequently corruption has been a popular infectious agent among the masses. Embezzlement and bribing is an associated problem and the country is a one way directed state as if the entire country is serving one country. Even the country’s border guards are so corrupt that if one wants to escape the country a mere bribe is all it takes to flee the country.

7. Guinea

The country has a very poverty stricken life and though with the passage of time the country has tried its level best to improve itself but the recent scandals have proven very bad for the country leaving them with a debt of billions of pounds and further pushing the country towards poverty.

6. Equatorial Guinea

Bribery has been a very striking issue in the country, the people live on 1 dollar a day and they have to spend most of it on bribes just to get the basic necessities of life and to live a mere life with no more than having two meals a day. The country is very rich in natural resources and God has bestowed a lot of bounties to the land but the bad luck of the nation has made it servile to many.

5. Zimbabwe

The land of the black, a country having countless bounties but pushed into the realm of poverty by the rulers and has been very troubled over the last years. The government is very conscious of the foreign aid such that no one interferes in their affairs.

4. Sudan

A country burnt for ages in the flames of civil wars and political turmoil, the country of sudan has been a country having numerous problems like nepotism, bribery and an utter disregard of laws by the government itself hence making the country a sum total of wreck filled with corruption and improper governance.

3. Myanmar

After years of Junta rules, the country just observed free elections after 4 decades and the country though still struggling but has been trying its level best to make some serious amends so that the state can come out of the poverty. Struggling for success but the corruption has been rooted so much in the state that it is very difficult to push it out of the system.

2. Somalia

A country ravaged by war and political turmoil, the country is indeed suffering of many national sins. The country has been plagued by corruption, bribery and nepotism. The country has corruption in every walk of life, from telecommunication to customs, you name it corruption has been in the roots of people for a long time.

1.Democratic Republic Of Congo

Considering the past years, the country has been doing quite well for past years. The country has been fighting for good governance for ages but still is unable to provide a worthwhile for good governance in the land. A number of departments have been known for their corruption like forestry, tax, customs etc.


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