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Most Beautiful Travel Destinations of the World

Top 10 Most Beautiful Travel DestinationsTravelling can be made easier and more fun when you already know the potential places to be visited. With the fast paced industrialization and globalization, people have gone way too busy in their schedule and are not able to devote time for travelling.

Life is too short and if a person does not travel and explore many places before he dies, his life is worthless. However, there were some movies like “Into the Wild” and others that spread an awakening among the people to start travelling the world.

There are so many beautiful places in the world that it’s hard to shortlist some of them. After a thorough research, we have brought to you the top 10 most beautiful Travel Destinations of the world. Here they go:

Venice, Italy

Venice is usually called the city of lakes and canals. The whole city is settled on water and there are some incredible restaurants to compliment the Italian romance that flows in its air. Venice is highly commercial these days and too many travelers visit this place. Even though it’s commercial, the place always has some beautiful atmosphere for everyone who goes there. The paintings, good food, churches, romantic music played by local musicians, portentous resorts and great people are some of the highlights of Venice. There are some nice art galleries in the city as well, along with classical theatres.

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Prague, Czech Republic

The capital of Czech Republic, Prague is one of the most popular travel destinations all around the world. It is usually known as the bohemian town and you would be able to spot many people sporting dreadlocks. The culture of Prague is very warm and welcoming. People of Prague are extremely friendly and apart from the cosmopolitan feel, there is a bohemia feel in its atmosphere too. Prague is known for conducting some great music festivals and many people attend them. The nightlife of Prague is better than any other city in the world.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin has an edge over many other travel destinations because it has historical reins in its land. The Berlin Wall is one tourist spot that is extremely popular all around the world. The restaurants surrounding the city sport the old looks and at the same time, they’re very classy. Berlin is close to Poland, Czech and lots other European nations; therefore there are an ample of European travelers also coming to Berlin for visit frequently.

Varkala, India

India is known for its diverse land and beautiful scenic destinations. One of the very best travel destinations in India is Varkala. It is a concept village that has beautiful sea side to compliment the beauty of the place. There is a path that runs for 2 km and consists of pubs, bars, night clubs, meeting spots, restaurants. This path resides on a cliff, and when the person looks down the cliff he can spot the beautiful beach waiting for him. Varkala is non commercial but a fun spot to travel to.

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Bangkok, Thailand

Thai destinations became extremely popular after the success of the movie, “the beach”. Thailand is a place where millions of tourists go every year. It is very peaceful and serves great food. Bangkok has a very international atmosphere and people are friendly to the tourists. Hence, Bangkok makes one of the most beautiful travel destinations around the world.

Ibiza, Spain

As the old number from Venga Boys says, “We are going to Ibiza, we’re gonna have party”. Ibiza is one of the liveliest places in the world. It is a great place to party and have fun at.  Ibiza is home to many popular shacks and restaurants. Many big celebrities are regular at this beach for vacations. Top DJ’s come to perform at Ibiza and make it worth partying at. The parties in Ibiza start in the afternoon and run until the next day afternoon. People barely sleep in the night in Ibiza and they keep partying.

Kathmandu, Nepal

The capital of Nepal, Kathmandu has a great inflow of tourists every year. It is known to be a great hiking/trekking spot. Kathmandu has some really nice mountains and people fancy doing Yoga and go for trekking there.

Hong kong, China

Hongkong is a very beautiful town with tall skyscrapers all over. The most striking part about this place is the diversity in its land. We can find beautiful buildings with commercial offices, but at the same time we can also find serene beaches without any big crowds.

Queretaro, Mexico

Queretaro is one of the most beautiful towns of Mexico. It is known for the beautiful old architecture and great food. The beaches and people in this city are warm and welcoming too.

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Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo is hot and probably the hottest destination to travel in all world. Cinnamon spice is exported from Colombo to everywhere in the world. For its reasonable hotels and resorts, Colombo has become one of the favored travel destinations in the world.

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