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Most Beautiful Miss Universe Of The World

top-10-most-beautiful-miss-universe-of-the-worldHowever dated, Bikinis of the Miss Universe in swimwear pageant always demand attention.

However from all around the world, Moscow, Russia, the bikinis are at the chilly temperature.

The contestants were judged in three categories: swimwear, evening gown and personal interview.

Here is the top ten Miss Universe of the world.

Olga Storozhenko

She was born and grown up in a small town called Trostyanets in Ukraine. Olga Storozhenko is studying to be a teacher at Vinnitsa state Pedagogical University. She is also a director of the local charitable beauty contest and hopes to become an actress on the television.

Erin Brady

She is a financial graduate from the central Connecticut state university. She works as a financial accountant for prudential retirement when she isn’t modeling. She was set to get married bud she didn’t because she wanted to complete her final round of pageant held in Moscow.

Yaritza Reyes

She is studying to graduate in social communication at the Universidad Autonoma de santo. She is a teenager. In her spare time she also works as model and counts, acting, dancing, and singing among her hobbies.

Manasi Moghe

She was born in Indore. She is only 21 years old when she was crowned as Miss Indian Diva 2013 a few months ago. She is doing engineering in electronics and telecommunication from Nagpur.

Amy Willerton

Two years ago, Miss Great Britain won the reality T.V show signed by Katie price beating some 10000 of the aspiring young models. When she won the show, she was promised a contract and mentoring from price besides a photograph on the cover of the ok! Magazine.

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Jakelyne Oliveira

She was born in Brazil. She was a quite different from the other competitors such a Philippines Ariella Arida. She enough though, the matter was resolved when Oliveira pointed out the account wasn’t’t hers to take the first place.

Ariella Arida

She was born in Philippine. She is the only contestant among five who responded to the question posed to her English. She is graduate in chemistry from the University of Philippine Los Banos.

Constanza Baez

She works as an economist and loves to play soccer. Baez finished third at the Miss Universe pageant. The farthest any Ecuadorian has reached at the Miss Universe pageant.

Patricia Rodriguez

She was elected Miss Spain in 2008 but couldn’t make it Miss Universe. Instead she completed at Miss World 2008 in Johannesburg. On winning Miss Spain 2013 she earned the right to represent her country and finished second held at Moscow.

Gabriela Isler

She was crowned as miss universe 2013 after beating 85 contestants across the globe. She is 25 years old and was really excited to be declared as winner. This event eventually by her was been watched nearly by billion around the world.


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