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Most Beautiful Insects in the World

In this post, you will be informed about the most beautiful insect.

Some people will view that insect is so ugly and messy, but you will find it different after seeing the following pictures provided about the most beautiful insect.

Let’s see the list now.


     Mariposa copper

Mariposa copper is situated on the tenth position of the most beautiful insect. The male and female mariposa copper has different colors. If you find its species with the color of yellow and orange, you may think that it is female. The male species has the combination of black and purple color.

Assassin bug

Assassin bug is set of the ninth position of the most beautiful insect. This animal is totally dangerous. It can bite your and deliver its lethal toxin on your body. You need to be careful since it has great speed and agility.

Trichogramma wasp

Trichogramma wasp takes the eighth place of the most beautiful insect. This animal is also well known with its term of Stingless wasps. Even though this insect is so tiny and small counted in 1 mm long, you may find it is so beautiful to view.

Praying mantis – Tendera

Praying mantis called as Tenodera sinesis or Chinese mantis is originated from China but now it is spread widely in North America. The color of this animal is provided in brown shades. The height measured for this mantis is around 4 inches.

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Praying mantis – Archimantis

The sixth most beautiful insect is taken by the other Praying mantis species called as Archimatis. This type of animal can be found easily in Australia. The length of this species can be found around 150-180 mm.

Glow worm

Glow worm fills the fifth position of the most beautiful insect. If you scrutinize the look, you will probably think that it is a worm. The species of this insect can glow some light that make it look beautiful.


Scarab takes the fourth position of the most beautiful insect. The size is various depending on the type of this animal. If you look at the Hercules beetle, you will see that the height can reach 17 centimeter, while the tiny scarab is only 0.2 centimeter long.

Green lacewing

On the third place of the most beautiful insect, you may get the Green lacewing . this species is included in the family of Chrysopidae. Most of the mber of such family can be found to have lived in some parts of European and American Continent.

Mylitta crescent

Mylitta crescent is located n the second place of the most beautiful insect. This animal is included in the Nymphalidae family. This butterfly species has the wing with the length ranging at 27 up to 32 millimeter.


Butterfly takes the first position of the most beautiful insect in the world.  There are many color combination that the people can enjoy while seeing this animal on their garden. Some striking colors like red, dusky pink along with purple are common.

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