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Most Beautiful Hotels In The World

top-10-most-beautiful-hotels-in-the-worldHere is a brief informative excerpt about the top 10 most beautiful hotels in the world.

This amazing selection was based on hotels from round the world, frequently visited by tourists, they are perfect, some are expensive, strategically located and the best service one can find in a hotel.

These are generally outstanding world class hotels.

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

Emirates costed an estimate 3 billion US dollars to complete. It has a total of 394 suites and rooms, a white sand beach, 40 conference and meeting rooms, a sumptuous spa, a myriad of pools, more than 1,000 chandeliers and 13 imported marble.

Emirates definitely resembles a small fortress it in the Middle East. Royalties and many other luxury loving people come from all corners of the world to see for themselves this hotel. Tycoons are amongst the frequently spotted visitors to the hotel.

Mardan Palace, Turkey

Telman Ismailov, a Russian Billionaire built this hotel in 2009, spending close to 1.65 billion US dollars. Murdan is the largest and most elite luxury hotels in entire Europe. The hotel has a huge swimming pool that comfortably accommodates 1000 guests at ago. The Murdan boasts of gold leaf interiors, Italian crystal and marble, 17 bars, 10 dining places, sunken aquarium, and a lavish spa. The hotel imported close to 10,000 tons of beach white sand from Egypt.

Museumotel, France

A unique and creative piece of art designed in the 1960s by Pascal Hauserman. This hotel bubble has a different theme and meaning.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Burj has been tagged as the most photographed hotels in the world. The architect design emulated billowing sail. All the hotel rooms have been given unique and incredible views. Everything here is state of the art and modern facilities. The catering at the hotel is extremely VIP, including royalty treatment. In addition to the designs, one finds hovering tennis courts and attached heliport.

The Plaza, New York

New York has other beautiful options like the Big Apple but the Plaza takes the lead due to its positioning that offers spectacular views of Manhattan. Magnificent three bedroom suites, old world charm opulent design, a library, a grand piano, a formal dining room, a gymnasium and many other modern facilities. The hotel is a 1907 National Historic Landmark, iconic structure.

Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas

Atlantis I the place to visit while traveling Bahamas. The hotel stands on over 14 acre waterscape. The hotel’s 23rd floor suite, the Royal Tower Bridge is what pulls out the swanky tops. Has 12 ft. Ceilings, ten splash span rooms, and full length windows equipped with formal dining room, grand piano, whirlpool tub, 22 carat chandelier gold, and many more. Guests are also awarded 7 permanent staff.

Palms, Las Vegas

Rich bachelors hungry to spend for luxury don’t mind passing time in this top class hotel in Las Vegas, definitely the best way to spend in a sin city. Some of the unique things here include rotating beds, private glass elevator, media room, full bar, gym, sauna, and many more.

The Boulders, Arizona

The Boulders is the place to visit while seeking privacy and anonymity. The hotel is synonymous with the celebrity because the staff can only talk about the guests when the said guest is long dead. It is a prestigious spa resort and a golf course. The boulders make the place look naturally beautiful and expensive. The hotel is tucked in a 1,300 acre Sonoran Desert. They have a private gated villa retreat for anonymity.

CuisinArt Golf Spa and Resort, Anguilla

The resort was initially meant to be a playground for the. It is strategically built along side the beach, making a spectacular view. The hotel recently acquired a 50 US dollar Greg Norman golf course architecture. It is located away from the limelight and suitable for celebrities who love barefoot luxury.

Secrets Marquis, Los Cabos

This structure is built in the land of the rich, next to personal dipping pools and private villas. The hotel is a neighbour to George Clooney beach personal villa. The rooms are built to allow guest to view the migrating whales. The Cabos is where the G20 summit dignitaries spend time when having an appointment.

These are the top 10 most beautiful hotel popularly known across the globe.



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