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Most Beautiful Fishes in the World

The Coral Sea

Having the most beautiful fishes in the aquarium of the house will carry amazing atmosphere for the home owner.

The beauty of a particular fish can be seen on its physical appearance. Usually it contains some striking colors which can attract the human eyes to perceive its beauty.

If you want to have great fish, you may need to see the top 10 most beautiful fishes that you may need to get as collection.

Here they are.

Mandarin fish

Mandarin fish fills the first position of the most beautiful fishes. This fish is included in the dragonet family. You may see that it has some bright colors on its body. If you get this, you need to know that it needs to live in saltwater aquarium.

Juvenile Emporer Angel Fish

Juvenile Emporer Angel Fish is located on the second position of the most beautiful fishes. People will have some problem when they want to distinguish the adult and also the young type of this animal. The length of the fish can reach up to 40 centimeter. Most of them have a combination of blue and white color.

Lion Fish

Lion Fish takes the third position of the most beautiful fishes. You need to be careful when you meet this fish on the sea. It can bite you and deliver venom as a defense mechanism. Some of the effect of the venom may include vomiting and also headache.

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Clown Trigger Fish

Clown Trigger Fish offers the bright color with its unique spot ad pattern. This fish is included in the Balistidae family. Most of them can be found both in subtropical and tropical sea particularly at Indo-Pacific.


Nudibranch is better known with its term of sea slugs. The body features some colors that might attract your eyes. That’s why this species is considered as the fifth most beautiful fishes.


On the sixth position, you will be served with Symphysodon. There are some colors that you find on its body. Those are brown, red, green and also blue. The length of this most beautiful fishes can reach around 8 up to 10 inches.

Mantis Shrimp

If you pick Mantis Shrimp as your collection in the aquarium, you will be served with some combination of neon shades as well as brown color. If you own Manti Shrimp in large size, it is better for you to have a sturdy aquarium glass. It can prevent the fishes break the glass into pieces.

Moorish Idol

Moorish Idol can be your idol too in term of most beautiful fishes. This can be a very great decoration for the people who want to add color in their aquarium since the body of this fish contains white, black and yellow.


Clownfish is also notorious with the term Anemone fish. When you look at its body and color, you will remember about the movie Finding Nemo. It contains stripes with the colors of orange and also white.

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Rainbow Parrot Fish

Rainbow Parrot Fish takes the tenth place of the most beautiful fishes in the world. The color of the fish will be different depending on the phase of this animal. If you get it in terminal phase, you will enjoy having pink, blue and also green color. The initial phase will serve you with brown, green and red hues.


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