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Man-eating Animals in the World

Predators will attack and eat humans when he was starving.

He can do it on purpose or just to protect themselves from attack humans, here are top 10 man-eating animals in the world:



Lions are carnivorous animals that live in Africa, including carnivores and he is very savage. Lion attack and eat their prey, including humans, when he was hungry or disturbed. In 1932 in Tanzania, lion population was massacred and brutally assaulted. Many people were killed and the meat eaten by the lion.

Brown Bear

A kind of bears live in Japan, he is the most dangerous animals in Japan because the average killed 40 people in a year. Brown Bear several times attacked the people when he threatened; he is attacked and takes its prey when she did not find any other food. He included a very ferocious animal, when hungry he attacked the settlements.


Shark is a fish that has a quiet nature; he will attack humans when He was hungry. He often appeared on the surface of the sea when it feels threatened. Sharks often bite and eat swimmers and surfers who are active in the beach. He is the most feared animals because of the bite can destroy bone and flesh.

Bear Mysore

Major food animals are termites and fruit in the forest. But when he hunted down and hurt and angry he can attack humans, usually he tore the body and ate his flesh. He will revenge when hurt by humans. When attacking prey, he tore the face with claws and sharp teeth.

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The Beast of Gevaudan

This animal is one of the man-eating animals that discussion is famous, he was attacking and eating preys with brutal. Animals are terrorizing the population in the province Gevauden, France in 1764-1767. It has larger body with reddish brown fur. He has done 210 times attacks with 113 victims died, 98 of which are eaten by animals.


Do you know that python does not have the poison? These animals can grow to 20 meters long. When hungry he explained animals including humans for the disabled and eaten. When full, this snake is very gentle and calm. Python adult human body can take a whole without chewing.


These giant lizards only live on the island of Comodo, Indonesia. He could smell the blood of a wounded prey in a place very far away. He can smell prey up to a distance of 15 km. When hungry, he attacked and ate goat, cattle and humans for food,


Crocodiles are often found in the river amid the tropical rain forest. Freshwater crocodiles prey on animals that were drinking on the banks of the river, but many events that mention these animals also eat humans, usually the victim is an adventurer or researchers who conduct research in the forest.


Tigers are wild animals living in Southeast Asia and Africa, they eat other smaller animals. But when annoyed and hungry, he also ate larger animals such as cow, bull and man. Several times it has been reported that tigers prey on humans because he was starving

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Small fish are very predatory carnivorous fish that live in the river Amazon in South America. This fish is very fierce, he ate anything. Some time-consuming human piranha his boat fell off, as a group they spend the human body within 30 minutes.

Don’t you want to challenge these top 10 man-eating animals?


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