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Longest Snakes in the World

People will always sacred when they look at the longest snake. The poisonous snake is one of the deadliest animals in the world.

It can kill people with its venom within seconds. Not all of the snakes that you can find are poisonous.

One of the deadliest snakes includes King Cobra where you can find it widely on India. In this post I will show you the ten longest snakes in the world.


Reticulated Python

Reticulated Python is ranked as the first longest snake in the world. The length is measured at 35 inches or 10.7 meter. The origin of this animal comes from Southeast Asia. Thankfully, this is not a poisonous animal, but you still have to be careful when you meet it.

Green Anaconda

Green Anaconda is located on the second position of the longest snake. You can find this animal in its native place at South America. The length of this animal is counted at 28 inches or 8.5 meter. It is considered as the world’s largest snake.

Indian python

Indian python fills the third place of the longest snake. This animal is also called under the name of or Black Tails Python. You can find it living in Southeast Asia and South Asia. The length of this snake is measuring at 25 inches or 7.6 inches.

Diamond Python

Diamond Python is set on the fourth longest snake. It is 21 meter or 6.4 inches. Some people love to call this animal as Diamonds Boa Python. You can find it living in South Australia as the native habitat.

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King Cobra

King Cobra is also well known as Ophiophagus Hannah. As I have stated earlier, this animal has deadly venom. If you are bitten by king cobra, you will be paralyzed within minutes. This animal is considered as cannibal for it eats other snakes as the delicious food.

Boa Constrictor

The sixth longest snake is Boa Constrictor. The length of this animal is 16 inches or 4.9 meters. This animal is bulky and heavy. The origin of this animal comes from North America, South America and also Central America. The color for Boa is various. It can be in dark or light accent.


Bushmaster is the seventh longest snake. If you want to meet this snake, you can go to South or Central America. The island of Trinidad can be the perfect place to make research about this animal. You should be careful for it is venomous.

Giant Brown Snake

Giant Brown Snake is located on the eighth position of the longest snake. It is 11-inch long. This venomous snake has the brown color. Even though the venom is not as deadly as Bushmaster, you should be careful when you meet it. This animal is native to North American and Australia.

Diamondback Rattlesnake

Diamondback Rattlesnake gains the ninth position of the longest snake. It is measured at 9 inches of 2.7 meters. This animal has 32 species spreading in Florida and other areas.

Indigo Snake

Indigo Snake is on the last position of the longest snake. You can identify this snake through the color. This non venomous snake usually has reddish or combination of blue and black color. The life of this snake seems so sad since it is usually functioned as the prey for other snakes in the ecosystem.

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