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Longest Running TV Shows

I believe that you will remember when someone asks you about your favorite longest running TV Show.

Mine will be “Friends”.  This sitcom is great to watch since it makes your days cheerful with some funny stories.

In this post, I will show you the top 10 longest running TV shows. Let’s check them out.


“Everybody Loves Raymond” (9 Seasons, 210 Episodes)

On the tenth place of the longest running TV show, you will be served with “Everybody Loves Raymond”. This comedy shows last for 9 seasons with up to 120 episodes. The story of this TV series is created based on the experience of the actors, writers and producer.

“Friends” (10 Seasons, 236 Episodes)

“Friends” is one of the greatest TV shows that you should watch. It was a hit. The actors who play in this series now are becoming great and famous actors like Jenifer Aniston. This series runs for 10 seasons with 236 episodes.

“The Jeffersons” (11 Seasons, 253 Episodes)

“The Jeffersons” is on the eighth place of the longest running TV show. This sitcom was on screen from 1975 up to 1985. Most of the players here are the African-American actors. The episodes run for 253 within 11 seasons.

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“Married With Children” (11 Seasons, 262 Episodes)

“Married with Children” is the other longest running TV show which has a funny story to entertain the audience at home. The main theme focused here is about the relationship and the life of a crazy family living in Chicago. The series was on screen from 1987 up to 1997.

“Frasier” (11 Seasons, 264 Episodes)

“Frasier” is located as the sixth longest running TV show with its 264 episodes. This American TV show was played from 1993 up to 2004 within 11 seasons. This story is based on the remake of “Cheers”.

“Cheers” (11 Seasons, 270 Episodes)

“Cheers” with its 11 seasons takes the fifth place of the longest running TV show. It features 270 episodes played in the television from 1982 up to 1993. The main setting in this season takes place in a bar located in Boston.

“My Three Sons” (12 Seasons, 380 Episodes)

The American sitcom entitled “My Three Sons” takes the fourth place of the longest running TV show. The main story of this show is centered on a widower with his three sons. This show ran for 12 years with 380 episodes from 1960 up to 1972.

“South Park” (14 Seasons, 202 Episodes)

On the third place, you will get the animated comedy entitled “South Park”. The story of this longest running TV show is centered on four friends who get involved in a funny situation when they lived in Colorado.

“The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet” (14 Seasons, 435 Episodes)

“The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet” is the other animated TV show which can gain the second place in this list. It runs for 14 seasons with 435 episodes. The main story of this show tells the audience about the life of Nelson family.

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”The Simpsons” (21 Seasons, 464 Episodes)

On the top position you will see “The Simpsons”. This is the best longest running TV show ever. I really love the story since it is simple and easy to grab. The portrait about the American life style filled with humor absolutely will bring fresh air for the audience at home.


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