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Lesser Known Fruits and Vegetables

Lesser Known Fruits and VegetablesOne of the golden tips that would really keep an individual’s health intact is by keeping fruits and vegetables at home. Eradicating unnatural and unsafe food selections found in most of the grocery stores would actually deteriorate the body’s normal defense against sicknesses and even short life span.

Nonetheless, there are other unknown or less recognized fruits and vegetables that would give the same health benefits to everyone. You may not have heard these 10 lesser known fruits and vegetables from your parents, but it’s one way of widening your knowledge wherein you could share them to the next generation.

 10. Guava

This is actually found growing in tropical countries. It tastes sweet, and it is subtly acidic. It is healthy because it contains lycopene, which is a known antioxidant that fights cancer. We normally find lycopene in tomatoes and watermelons. Of course, it is a fruit, it’s edible, and it contains high levels of Vitamin C, potassium, and it’s high in fiber.

 9. Durian

This is a kind of fruit, which is commonly found in Southeast Asia. Its outer appearance can be compared to jackfruit and just a quarter of it are edible. Its smell can be compared to wild garlic but it tastes like heaven. It is also rich in fiber, energy, vitamins, and minerals. It is a good source of antioxidant.

 8. Okra

It originates in West Africa and it is also called for its other name, Gumbo. This is a kind of vegetable that contains high levels of folate, vitamin C, copper, magnesium, and vitamin E.

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 7. Chokos

This is a native vegetable of Central America. It is also known as chayote or mango squash. It contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E, folate, and other micronutrients.

 6. Nasturtiums

It is actually a member of the cabbage family. Others consider it as a flower plant but it is mostly mixed in vegetable salads. They don’t just serve as garnish but it is a good source of Vitamin C. In fact, it is 10 times more used than lettuce that it is commonly found in most of the salad mixes.

 5. Annona Cherimola

It is also known as chirimoya or custard apple. It is considered to be the best-tasting fruit in the world. It has a sweet fruity flavor, creamy pulp, and it is best served for desserts. The pulp of this fruit is rich in antioxidant and has dietary fiber.

 4. African Eggplant

It is both fruit and a vegetable. Technically speaking, it is considered as a fruit but it could be eaten just like any other vegetable that can be cooked and mixed with other vegetable meals. It could be part of stew, or it can be consumed as an ordinary fruit. It contains 92 percent of water where you could find Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Beta Carotene, potassium, calcium, and iron.

 3. Celosia

Like nasturtiums, it is considered as ornamental plant but it is actually part of the 10 lesser known fruits and vegetables since it is being served as part of the side dish. Yes, it is edible. It is good for its medicinal purposes, specifically as a cure for anti-inflammatory bleeding since it contains medical compositions such as pinitol, fatty oil, and amaranthin.

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 2. Spider Plant

It is also known as African cabbage or spider wisp. Its leaves are cooked and it could be eaten like spinach. This is the recommended vegetable if you want to lose weight. In fact, you could eat a lot of this without getting any single calorie. It contains vitamins and micronutrients.

 1. Guar

It is like legume because of its roots. It contains high level of protein, which makes it edible and being considered as vegetable. It’s typically being mixed in creating ice cream and salad dressings.

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