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Interesting Facts about Mayan Civilization

Maya is a Mesoamerican civilization, which existed on North America for thousands of years until a few hundred years ago. They are recognized as a developed culture that advanced in many innovations during their time, some of which were quite accurate for their time.

The Mayan civilization were years ahead of their own time and even to this day we have little knowledge on how they were able to become so significantly advanced; specifically in astronomy.

They were also rich in arts, study of nature and possessed a very good knowledge in mathematics. Some of the Interesting facts about the Mayan civilization have mesmerized us for a good number of years.


Below there is a list of the top 10 interesting facts about the Mayan civilization including their believes and practices.

Excellent Medical Practices

By the outstanding outcome of their medical practices, the Mayas can be considered as excellent Doctors and care givers. Because of this reason, all Mayans society lived in a generally physically healthy lifestyle and prospered from it. So what happened to them? Well there are many theories, while many have suggested that their twisted and abnormal religious believes initiated their demise. They used some advanced treatments and surgeries for illnesses and they were able to give successful medical results but on the other hand, as you will see below, they were an extremely superstitious culture.

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Mayas Enhanced the Beauty of Their Children

The Mayans added some unnatural physical characteristics for their children. For example, the children had to wear age board on their foreheads in order to make it look flat and small babies had to cross their eyes. More interestingly their children were named according to the date that they are born. Distinguishing their children from each other was easy because the Mayas used more than days, months and solar years, they also accounted for Galactic years.

Part of Mayan Culture is Still There

From various historical researches it has been identified that there are 7 million people living in the old Mayan and Aztec areas in today’s Mexico and Central America who are related to the ancient Maya and follow part of their culture. They still continue some of the rituals that they possessed years ago; however they have also adapted to some of the modern cultures. With the big difference being that the advanced knowledge of the stars, revolutionary science and innovation has departed them.

Mayan Practice of Blood Sacrifice

Mayan civilization and its people practiced and promoted blood sacrificed to their gods; especially of little children. Their sacrifices usually would take place on the first appearance of the Planet Venus or simply to appease the Sun. Unfortunately the sacrifice of little children existed in almost all ancient culture as they believe that offering the pure sole of the children to the ‘gods’ can somehow bring them prosperity and avoid adversity. More specifically the Mayas sacrificed human beings for medical and religious reasons. This practice cannot be seen among the present Mayans descendants; however, they still use cattle and chicken blood instead of human blood.

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Mayan Pain Killers

As mentioned above, the Mayas were quite developed in medical practices and took advantage of hallucinogenic drugs in their day-to-day life for their ‘spiritual’ and medical needs. In doing so they found that these drugs reduce the intensity of pain. Although they used pain killers routinely, all of their drugs were planet based and natural.

Mayan Group Games

The Mayas had a great civilization and every great civilization, like the Persians, the Roman, the Chinese and the Greek will eventually need entertainment. This ancient community developed courts to play ballgames, which had actually evolved to be quite popular amongst them. Their favorite sport had different versions and their ball courts were used for their cultural and general entertainment throughout the year.

Original Mayan State Existed Until 1697

The island city of Tayasal is considered as the last independent Mayan Kingdom and it existed until 1696. Finally it was submitted to the Spanish rule, after which the existence of all original ancient Mayas were mysteriously eradicated and no one knows exactly why. Many theories have been put to the table, one of which is that the Spanish carried a virus that Mayas never faced before and it basically irradiated them.

Mayan Saunas

Ancient Mayans used sweat bath methods in order to purify their bodies. This practice is still available in the present world and they constructed special places for these sweat baths, which today we’ call saunas. They were constructed with stone walls and ceiling along with a small opening on the top of the ceiling. This was as much of a ritual practice as it was medical and was very popular among the Mayan Kings and oligarchy who visited their sweat baths regularly.

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The Mayan Calendar

The Mayan calendar is a hot topic in the present world because people believe that it somehow predicts the date for the end of the world. As the Mayas were rich in mathematics and astronomy, they used all advanced techniques for the establishment of a very advanced and accurate Mayan Calendar. The Mayan Calendar precisely predicts the rotation of the earth around the sun and astonishingly the rotation of the sun around its galactic center (the Milky Way). This calendar enters into its new galactic year on December 21, 2012. However irrational, for this reason many believe that this date denotes the end of the world, simply because the Mayan Calendar completes one long cycle and enters into its new year.

Fall of the nation: Interesting Facts about Mayan Civilization

Nobody knows the reason for the fall of Mayas and the original Mayan culture. The Mayan culture went into decline in the 9th century and it was abandoned after a few hundred years. However, no strong evidences have been found for the decline of this mysterious nation; an ancient culture and a unique people who have captivated our minds in the 21st century, long after their demise.


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