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Most Important Rules of Drinking Wine

Top 10 Important Rules of Drinking WineWine is one of the most elegant drinks that exist in the world. Drinking wine is not just like drinking a beer. It has to come with a lot of elegance. There are certain rules for drinking wine. It sounds a bit weird but it is very true. Drinking wine is just not about getting drunk and getting wasted. It is in fact a privilege to drink wine and this is the reason why people do not consume wine for getting wasted.

Scotch can also be defeated in the elegant run race with wine. Drinking a wine shall be done in a very gentlemanly way, especially when consuming it during a date. There are some set of rules that need to be followed in order to drink wine in a perfect way. Knowing the important rules of drinking wine can give boost to the confidence of the person too.

Top 10 important rules of drinking wine

 1.     Do not buy a Wine because of its Price tag

The first important rule of drinking wine is to go to the store and select a good brand. In the current days, Tesco and other retail stores sell their own in house brand wines. Sometimes these wines are cheaper than the regular wines and they attract the attention of the people because of being cheaper. However, the person should not buy a wine because of its price tag. The person should have a deep understanding of different wines and their tastes and hence, he should make a decision accordingly rather than going for the cheapest/most expensive one with eyes closed.

2.       Buy Proper Wine Glasses

One of the most important rules of drinking wine is to buy proper wine glasses. Sometimes, after picking up the wine bottle from a departmental store, people just drink the wine in their home glasses. A wine should always be consumed in a wine glass; otherwise the importance of drinking wine goes down by the fair margin.

3.     Drink 2-3 glasses a day

A consumption of 2-3 glasses a day is appropriate for a normal human body. A good wine is always beneficial for health if taken in the adequate quantity. If the person consumes 5-6 glasses of wine or more, he is destined to get wasted and it is not beneficial for body anymore.

4.     Swirl the glass before sipping the wine

One of the most important rules of drinking wine is to swirl the glass before sipping its taste. It is extremely important to swirl the wine glass as the important ingredients of the wine come to the top of the cup. Hence, the person is able to consume the best ingredients of the wine.

5.     Smell the Wine after Swirling

After the point of swirling the wine glass, the next step is to smell the wine. From a long time, this has been the tradition of drinking wine. People judge the quality of the wine by smelling its odor. It is quite important to smell the wine as it gives an idea about how good the wine is. It is therefore one of the most important rules of drinking wine.

6.     Take small sips

While drinking wine, the person should make sure that he consumes small sips of the wine. Wine is not meant to be consumed in bottom shot or something similar. It is an elegant drink and must be treated accordingly.

7.     Hold the Wine Glass properly

This is one of the most important rules of drinking wine. While consuming the wine, person has to know how to hold the wine glass. It reflects on the understanding of person about wines. Especially when he is on a date, the person should hold the glass in the right manner.

8.     Raise the glass before consuming the wine

The Wine glass should be raised for someone before actually sipping it. It could be for the moment, for some person or for the good times. It can elevate the pleasure of drinking wine.

9.     Keep the wine bottle closed while consuming

When the person fills glasses of wine, the bottle should be capped back again. This is one of the most important rules of drinking wine.

10.  Look in the eyes of the partner while consuming the wine

It is very important for the partners to keep a look in eyes while drinking the wine. It makes sure of the elegance while drinking the wine.

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