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How to Shoot a Compound Bow

Interested in archery? Well, compound bows are great for those who are just starting to learn archery, as it is easier to pull and aim. Even kids and women are finding it easier to take up archery with a compound bow. Here are some tips or pointers on how to shoot a compound bow.

Tips on using a Compound Bow

Proper shooting posture

Posture is very important here. You can either stand with your feet together or stand by parting your feet a little. Make sure your balance is good. The bow vibrates when you release the arrow sometimes and therefore, your stance is important to get a good strong aim.

Proper equipment check

Check your equipment especially your bow for any flaws to prevent any accidents and breakage. Make sure you check every parts of your compound bow. In addition, check your arrows for any problems because a damaged arrow can cause misfire and bad aim. It can also cause accidents and you need to be careful. Always take the necessary safety precaution when hunting.

Proper adjustment of draw length

Make sure you have adjusted the draw length correctly. Draw length is the length you use to pull the bow strings before you stop. To measure the draw length, you can measure the span of your widespread arms from tip to tip which is sometimes called the wingspan and then divide the inches by 2.5. However, this is just an approximation.

Proper draw weight of your compound bow

Choose a draw weight that you are comfortable with. A draw weight is the maximum amount of strength it takes to pull the strings. A heavy draw weight gives more speed but it is advised for beginners to use a lighter draw weight. About 10-15 lbs would be good for children while 15-25 lbs can suit adults. This is just for beginners.

WhoWeightDraw Weight
Very Small Child55 – 70 lbs10 – 15 lbs
Small Child70 – 100 lbs15 – 25 lbs
Larger Child100 – 130 lbs25 – 35 lbs
Small Frame Women100 – 130 lbs25 – 35 lbs
Medium Frame Women130 – 160 lbs30 – 40 lbs
Athletic Older Child130 – 150 lbs40 – 50 lbs
Small Frame Men120 – 150 lbs45 – 55 lbs
Large Frame Women160+ lbs45 – 55 lbs
Medium Frame Men150 – 180 lbs55 – 65 lbs
Large Frame Men180+ lbs65 – 75 lbs

Proper placement of arrows

Nock the arrow and make it rest without any tension by aligning the arrow with the center string. It should be firm and steady. Attach the release mechanism to the string and make sure the wrist support is firm and comfortable.

Proper way of pulling the string

Raise the bow and pull back on the string using 2 or 3 fingers. Make sure the arrow nock rests on the top 2 fingers, i.e. the index finger and the middle finger. Keep pulling until your index finger is in line with your jaw or earlobe, whatever you are comfortable with. Make sure it is not too close to your face so you won’t hurt yourself.

Proper aiming of target

Aim toward your target as you pull the string. Do not aim above or below the target, as you will not hit your target and you might accidentally hit someone. Relax and keep calm both mentally and physically.

Proper releasing of arrows

Maintain your stance to keep your aim. Release the arrow using the release mechanism and it can either be a finger or thumb release. However, release slowly and make sure all your fingers are clear from the line of fire.

You can make a surprise release by not squeezing rapidly but squeezing the release mechanism slowly and gently and by doing so, the arrow will release when all the factors come into place and in addition, it will give you time to make sure your aim is good. If you squeeze rapidly and too hard, the bow will jerk and ruin your aim and you can also hurt yourself.

Practice shooting compound bow

These are the basic steps. Once you have released you first arrow, think it through. If there are any mistakes you can try again and do some changes to adjust the steps according to your needs.

As with any sport, practice makes perfect. It is advisable to practice every day if possible and all you need is some patience and the will to learn. Learning to use regular long bows is easy, but it is harder to pull the strings. The compound bow is a complex unit but once you learn how to use it, you will not go back to the recurve or longbows.

Use three fingers for better release and strength and also adjust your sight before nocking the arrow, as it gives you a professional look and saves time. Be sure you follow instructions properly to prevent accidents and injury. Practice until you feel comfortable in using the compound bow.

With practice and if you follow these tips, you will definitely get better at it and able to show off your catch in no time.

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