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How to Get the Perfect Golf Swing

If you are visiting this page you are probably frustrated with hitting the ball into the woods or out of bounds. I completely understand your struggle. It is really embarrassing to do this off of the first tee where everyone in the club house is watching you (Trust me, I have done this). Well I am here to tell you that I will show you how to get the perfect golf swing with practice and dedication to the following some fundamentals.

Let me further assure you that THE AVERAGE GOLFER IS ENTIRELY CAPABLE OF MAKING A BUILDING A REPEATING SWING AND BREAKING 80! Now i’m not saying that this will happen over night of course. You will need to put in the work to make this happen. There are four things to consider when it comes down to the perfect golf swing. They are your grip, stance and posture, the back swing and the down swing and follow through.

The Grip

The first thing you will need to focus on is your grip. I am a right handed player so for the purpose of instruction I will be teaching using the right handed swing. If you are left handed, just reverse everything I am saying.

Left Hand

  1. With the back of your left hand facing the target, place the club in the left hand so that the shaft is placed under the muscle pad of the inside heel of the palm and the shaft also lies directly across the top joint of the forefinger.
  2. Crook the forefinger around the shaft so that you can lift the club with only your forefinger and the muscle pad of the inside heel of the palm.
  3. Now close the rest of your fingers around the shaft. (Important!!- The only pressure on this hand should come from the forefinger and palm. The other fingers are just there for support).
  4. Notice the V that shapes between your thumb and forefinger. This should be pointing toward your right clavicle.
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Right Hand

  1. The only fingers that will be putting pressure on the club on your right hand are the middle and ring fingers.
  2. Place you right hand so that your right little finger overlaps your left forefinger. It will go in the gap between your left forefinger and middle finger.
  3. Wrap your right ring and middle finger around the shaft so that your right thumb and forefinger are not on the club shaft.
  4. Now wrap your right forefinger around the shaft and place your right thumb on top of the shaft aligned with it.
  5. Notice the V that shapes between your right thumb and forefinger. This should be pointing toward your chin.

It is important to note that you do not place a death grip on the club. You should only be placing pressure enough to control the club where I mentioned to place pressure. Pretend that the club is a dove and you do not want to squish the dove. I recommend putting in 30 minutes of practice a day on just the grip until you feel comfortable with it.

Stance And Posture

Proper stance and posture will allow you to be balanced throughout the swing and provide for more accurate swings. We will be going over the positioning of the feet, the lower body, the torso, and the arms and head.

The Feet

  1. Position the feet shoulder width apart perpendicular to your target line.
  2. Slightly can your left foot to the left. This will allow for a easier follow through.
  3. The heel of your left foot should be lined up with the ball. This can be changed based on which club you are using. As you move down in clubs the ball will gradually shift to the center of your stance.
  4. Both feet will remain planted until the follow through.
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The Lower Body

  1. With club in hand, let it touch the ground.
  2. Perform a squat until your left arm and club are on line. (Do not bend over. this will throw off your swing and could hurt your back over time).
  3. Make sure to keep your knees bent and your core tight.

The Torso

  1. Place your torso in a generally straight line, perpendicular with the ground.
  2. Move your shoulders back to avoid slouching.
  3. Again, don’t bend at the waist.

The Arms And Head

  1. Keep your left arm in line with the club. Your left arm is essentially an extension of the club.
  2. Keep your left elbow generally straight. Your right elbow will bend slightly.
  3. Keep your head down looking at the ball THROUGHOUT THE SWING. Do not look up to see where the ball goes before the follow through.

The Back Swing

The back swing is important because it sets up the overall line of the shot. This part is crucial to stay on the line that you want your ball to go. Before I go into the swing, I want you to imagine that you have a pane of glass that starts at your ball and rests on your shoulders. This will be your swing plane. Using Ben Hogan’s Glass Pane example (Shown Right), you can see where you should be keeping your swing. You must try not to break the glass or you will end up slicing or hooking the ball.

  1. Keep your body still and bring the club slowly o the rear until your left arm is parallel with the ground. (This depends on your flexibility. Bring the club back as far as possible until you become more flexible).
  2. Ensure that the left arm is still straight at the top of your back swing.
  3. The order of movement for the back swing is hands, arms, shoulders, hips. This order is reversed on the down swing.
  4. Keep your head in the same position. At the top of the back swing your chin should be toughing your left shoulder.
  5. Ensure that your left arm and the club face is parallel to the swing plane at the top of the back swing.
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The Down Swing And Follow Through

The down swing is where the club face hits the ball. The follow through will usually be a result of the back swing. Some golfers will realize their flaws in the back swing at the top of the swing and try to correct it on the down swing. Let me say that is very difficult to do. As long as you have taken everything before this step seriously, the down swing will not be difficult for you.

  1. From the top of the swing ensure you move in the order hips, shoulders, arms, hands.
  2. Ensure that you do not bend at the waist or lean to the left or right on the down swing. Doing this will cause you to slice most likely if you’re a right handed player, hook if you’re a lefty.
  3. Maintain the proper grip. A loose grip at impact can cause the club head to shift putting spin on the ball or just straight out shanking it.
  4. At impact the club face should be as it was before the back swing. (You can do slow motion practice swings to ensure this).
  5. Again, keep your head down through impact.
  6. After impact your body will move similar to the start of your back swing: hands, arms, shoulders, hips.
  7. When your right arm passes impact it should straighten out and turn your head with it.
  8. When your hips clear impact your right foot should naturally lift and turn to the left to as a result.
  9. When your follow through is finished, your torso should be pointed in the direction of your target line.
  10. You should not be leaning back, but rather slightly toward your target line.
  11. Your right arm should be straight and along the swing plane.

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