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How to Get The Most From a Shopping Cart

If you think a shopping cart is only for bringing your groceries home from the store, think again! These multipurpose carts have so many uses they a likely to become your favorite cart.

A quality shopping cart is fast becoming a multi-purpose utility cart for many people. These small carts are generally foldable, storable, and very easy to take with you. So, a shopping cart is more than just a way to haul your groceries home from the store, it can be used to haul almost anything you want!

There are many reasons why you would want to buy a shopping cart, and most of them have nothing to do with grocery shopping! Sure, they do make a wonderful grocery cart but that should not be their only purpose. Let’s look at all the things you can do with a folding shopping cart.

Use it as a garden cart

A shopping cart is usually deeper than it is wide so that makes it perfect for moving long handled garden tools around the yard. Have you ever tried to pile your shovels and hoes on a wheelbarrow and then move it? It can turn into quite the balancing act! But if you use a shopping cart you can easily move your tools without worrying that they will slide off. Many styles of shopping carts also have a small tray or basket at the top so you can put smaller tools, seed packets, or garden gloves there. Did you ever think you would use a shopping cart as a yard cart? It works!

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How about an office cart?

Many offices have odd size boxes delivered that they need to take to different areas. A shopping carts deep basket that is completely enclosed on the sides is perfect for carrying odd size parcels with ease. It can also be used to move small equipment or files as well. A folding cart like this is also easy to store in the office, it will easily tuck away into a closet until you need it.

Outdoor toys

Wouldn’t it be great to have a place to put your kid’s outdoor toys that keeps them contained but you can easily move it? Going to the playground? Put a cooler with lunch, a couple of fold up camp chairs and a few toys in the cart and off you go with everything perfectly contained!

The perfect sports cart

The basket design is perfect for use as a ball cart for sports teams and the wheels make it easy to move to just the location you need it. For baseball teams, you can store bats in the basket and attach a small drawstring bag to the side for the baseballs. There are so many ways you can use a shopping cart as a sports cart from hauling supplies and equipment to water and snacks for the team.


Of course we can’t overlook the original purpose of the shopping cart – shopping! Don’t you hate struggling with a multitude of bags while you are shopping? With your own portable shopping cart you will be able to contain all the bags in one place. You will never worry about leaving a bag behind or straining you back trying to carry them all!

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Wow! Did you have any idea that a shopping cart could be used for all these things? If you think outside the box you will find that shopping cart is actually one of the most perfect all-purpose utility carts you could have.

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