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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs: Is a frequent term used in our homes. Bed bugs are the most irritating insect found in our modern household. Bed bugs are parasitic insects which feed on blood. They are easily found insects and one should take care of various things that can help in controlling bed bugs. You need to know few things about these blood sucking pests.

  • i) What exactly they are?
  • ii) How they can harm you and your home?
  • iii) How to get rid of them?
  • iv) Various ways to treat bed bugs.

This article will cover all the important things which common people should know like how to get rid of bed bugs and various ways of controlling bed bugs. You will be surprised to know that there are number of types of bed bugs. Aside from the bed bugs which prey on human blood, there are bed bugs which prey on animal blood too. Bed bugs are commonly seen in homes, furniture, carpets, cupboards, kitchen, bed etc. Bed bugs cannot fly but they can easily move from one surface to another without any problem.

Bed Bugs: Different From Mosquitoes

Both mosquito and bed bugs rely on human blood but there is a big difference in them. Bed bugs take more time in feeding themselves as compare to mosquitoes. Bed bugs suck the human blood with the help of their beaks. You need to secure yourself from these insects because they are the reason of various skin annoyances. You should know how to get rid of bed bugs so that you can take care of your family members.

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Essential Things to Know!

i) As already discussed, bed bugs are easily available on beds and they usually bite insights. Do not get surprised if you wake up with a red swollen part over your body. It must be because of the presence of bed bugs in your beds. Use bed bug removal medicines and sprays to get rid of these parasitic insects.

ii) You cannot see them with your bare eye as they are very small in size. Generally, they crawl into your cupboards, refrigerators, beds, furniture etc. You need to contact bed beg specialists to make your home bed bugs free.

iii) Bed bugs are hard to capture because they generally reside in their hidden area at daytime and they come out of them at night time only.Bed bug spray like DDT helps the bed bugs in coming out of their holes in day time. DDT is a pesticide that helps in controlling bed bugs.

iv) Because of the ability to travel long distances on clothes and luggage, bed bugs are also known as hitchhikers.

Symptoms of Bed Bugs

Most of people are unaware of the fact that their house is affected by bed bugs. People cannot detect bed bugs until and unless someone complains excessive itching at any body part. A dark red swelling body part is the symptom of bed bugs.

Bed bug bite is usually oval in shape. It is really important to treat bed bugs because if they stay for more in your home, they will be your permanent guests.

It is always advised to check your household furnishings whenever any family member complaints bed bug bites. Bed bugs do not get affected by normal sprays which we use for mosquitoes at home. You need special bed bug spray to get rid of them.

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Is Your Home Infected?

Many people do not know whether their home in infested by bed bugs or not? A very simple way of letting know this thing is to check the odor of home. If the odor of your home is sweet and musty then your home is surely infested by bed bugs. This odor is generally produced by bed bugs itself with their scent glands. As soon as you come to know that your home is infested, you should know how to get rid of bed bugs.

Note: It is advised to throw your beds and matrices away once pests made their home on them as spray are not 100% safe. Many bed bugs control medicines and sprays are available but they are poisonous: it may kill the owner.

How To Kill bed bugs

It is important to treat bed bugs as soon as possible. I am here to discuss how to get rid of bed bugs effectively. There are few essential tips which you need to follow.

i) Check your Room: Check your entire house including walls, tiny gaps, holes, furniture, cupboards, dressing table, beds, matrices because these are the places where bed bugs can store up.

ii) Clean your house daily especially the place near bed.

iii) Many bed bugs control sprays and powders are readily available. Spray antibiotic, insect powder for at least once in a week. Cover yourself while spraying pesticides at home as they can be poisonous for you. Inhaling the powder or pesticide may lead to various inside injuries or mat head to serious hemorrhages.

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iv) Seek help from bed bug specialists to kill them effectively. They can suggest you better ways to treat bed bugs.

v) Many bed bugs control companies invest a lot of money in bed bug removal equipment, trainings, bed bugs control sprays and powder just to get rid of these bothersome insects.

Important Note: It is important to call bed bug specialists to spray anti-biotic at home because they have better knowledge of how to get rid of bed bugs and know how to use bed bug removal chemicals. Using accurate proportions of chemicals can reduce the health dangers.

Worst, Yet To Know!

The worst thing is yet to tell that they come back. Yes, just like a villain of Hindi movies, they come back to bite you once again. It really does not matter that you have used quality bed bugs control pesticides, sprays or have even called bed bug specialists; they have a very bad habit of coming back. The reason behind is that we are fail to recognize the root of problem. There is a fact that a female bed bug lays 300 eggs at once and it is really hard to find those eggs as they are placed in the hidden areas. You can kill the existing bed bugs but not the once which are in eggs until you find them.

Bed bugs should be kept away from the home. Clean your home properly to get rid of them. They need to be treated as soon as possible. If not, they may hurt you, your children and other family members.

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