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How To ChooseThe Best Furnace Filters

According to the US Environmental Agency, Our houses are five times more polluted than the outside air because of lots of dust coming from pet dander, spores, bacteria, pollen, etc. For a good air quality you should choose the best furnace filters to eliminate microscopic size dust present in our houses the reason most people are not aware because they aren’t visible to naked eye, due to the electrostatic charge and to their small size they are suspended in the air. Some dusts are able to by-pass the body’s system up to 99% and are made up of the tiniest particles and hurt your nose and the windpipe, but you should know that our bodies are designed to filter just particles that have 3 till 5 microns in size and keep our lungs safe.

If you want to keep your house clean from any kinds of dust and pet dander, all you have to do is choosing a good quality furnace filters for you home to avoid several illnesses like asthma and allergy, they increase and improve the indoor air quality and a lot of models are available in the market.

Just by doing your regular activities can add dust in the air of your house like cooking and dusting, because house typical already contains other kind of dusts coming from pet dander, pollen, etc and could result many illnesses in your respiratory system, irritation of eyes, damage to the lungs and sometimes even cancer.

Various kinds of furnace filters are available nowadays on the market in order to keep a good air quality inside your home, you should use a good furnace filters for your furnace. They are made from metal, fiberglass, natural fibers or man-made and these can be refillable, disposable or reusable for these reasons we have introduced to you different kinds of filters that you can found on the market with more details about fiber density, fiber size and particle diameter to be sure that you have right furnace filters for your home.

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Different types of filters for your furnace are:

  • – Washable/Reusable Filters
  • – High Efficiency Pleated Filters
  • – Panel Filter
  • – High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filters
  • – High Efficiency Pleated Filters

You should consider a lot of factors when choosing the best furnace filters for your house especially if you are living in a polluted area and if your family members have allergies, asthma or any kind of illnesses due to dust. For all these reasons, you should take in consideration that the furnace’s dimension is compatible with your filter, pleated filters, HEPA filters or efficiency pleated filters are very common filters used for these kinds of issues and illnesses. But you should know if want to keep a good air quality inside your house, first of all, you should maintain or in some cases change your furnace filters to keep them clean as much as possible because we stay a good time in our homes to prevent any health damage. We will give you a short description of the different types of filters mentioned above.

If you opt for a high efficiency pleated filters, this type of filters are available in refillable furnace filters and have additional component designed to capture various allergens and small particles using electrostatic charge and should be changed also to maintain the indoor air quality up to 99% of their particulate composition.

For a very long life filters, your best choice is Washable/Reusable furnace filters, if you maintain them with a regular maintenance they can take longer then you expect. But they are not effective for trapping small particles because they adds resistance to the airflow which make the process for getting you house completely cleaned impossible but they are meant for extended use.

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Protect your internal fan and minimize dust on the heating coil by using Panel Filters. Because they aren’t effective in removing dust from your house and have only basic functions and consist of one fiberglass filter installed in the ducts to trap only larger particles from the air as its primary function.

For more efficiency at trapping dust particles, Pleated Filters are your best choice, due to new design changes which involved of increasing surface area of folds or pleats in the panel filters, but you should replace your furnace filters regularly to avoid collecting dust particles and resisting airflow on the furnace filters.

High efficiency particulate air filters also known as (HEPA). If you are looking for strength furnace filters that facilitate air passage through the pleats and have the core filters with corrugated separators, but there is always a downside at any furnace filters you can find in the market, they require a separate system including fan and filter to fit your furnace filter because they don’t have a standard design.

Do you own a dog, cat or any domestic animal in your house? This can often result the indoor air pollution due to pet hair, dander, pollen and dust mites. There are many kinds of illness due to indoor dust that can affect your health such as chemicals common household products, formaldehyde or even chlorine, high concentration of organic materials, toluene, bad air circulation and ventilation. All these problems can put your health in danger for several illnesses such as respiratory disorders, allergy symptoms, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, watery eyes and sneezing.

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People sufferers from asthma or allergy have nothing to worry about their health; they will find in the market many inexpensive kinds of allergy furnace filters used to clean and improve the indoor air quality and capture 90% of larger particulates dander and dust. They remove pollutants without using ozone or harmful ionizers and this kind of furnace filters come with a pleated panels form which inserted into the air conditioning. When they are dirty they can be tossed for many models but they can also be reused or washed for others models, they are perfect for people suffering from allergy or asthma.

When choosing your furnace filters, you should be aware of all models available in the market such as Aprilaire and American air filters. Synthetic filtration media and highly specialized models are the best for their efficiency for people suffering from allergy and asthma. They consist of a filter media and a frame. When the air conditioning system and the heating create the pressure, the filter withstands this pressure using the frame. This operation ensure a good level of performance using a combination of mechanical filtration and electrostatic. To not growth microorganisms like mold and bacteria, a gradient layer media has been used to minimize airflow resistance and capture particulates to not absorb moisture.

MERV rating or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, used to measure and rate ability of furnace filters to capture larger particles. It’s another factor you should consider when choosing furnace filters for people suffering from asthma and allergy. If MERV rating is higher, the filter will be more effective for trapping specific particles and in performance from others furnace filters and also very helpful.

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