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How to Choose The Right Kayak Paddle

Once you have purchased a suitable kayak for you, another hard decision to make is to select a proper paddle. A paddle which is compatible with your technique and your boat plays an important role in a paddling trip. Here are some basic things you should be concerned about.


The length of a kayak varies from 210 to 260 centimeters. The suitable size for you depends much on your type of paddling and your types of kayak. For example, if you kayak in whitewater area, you need a shorter paddle. A recretional kayaks is wide so that you need a longer paddle. And the higher you are, the longer paddle is. The style of paddling wil also decide the length of the paddle. If your favorite style is low-angle paddling, a long and skinny paddle is a good choice. With high-angle paddling, you should choose a short and fat one.

Blade meterials

The lighter the paddle is, the easier the paddling becomes. The lightweight is the most important for long trips. The blade of the paddle are often made of fiberglass, carbon fiber, nylon, aluminum or plastic.

  • Fiberglass: these are suitable for touring or recreational purposes. Its advantages are lightweight, duribility, reasonable price.
  • Carbon fiber: it costs much more than fiberglass. It is well-performed with an atrractive appearance.
  • Nylon/aluminum/plastic: these paddle are durable and we don’t have to spend much time caring. They are good for the beginners but it is relative heavy.

Blade shape

Symmetric blade use much more energy so that you can paddle quickly. Whitewater paddlers tend to choose symmetric blade because they like high stroke.A dissymetric blade use less energy and support you to paddle more accurately. Dissymetric blade offer the kayak better control. The paddlers who like low stroke choose a dissymetric blade. The reason is that it creates an even surface area on both side of the shaft line.

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Paddle shaft

The part that player hold is called shaft. A shaft is classified by diameter. Many people think that larger diameter is suitable for large hand. In fact, it creates a favorable grip over the shaft, which enables you to paddle effortlessly. There are two kinds of shaft: bent and straight shaft. The bent-shaft paddles have many chucks so that they reduce the pressure on twist joint. Everyone can paddle smoothly and easily. Two-piece shaft is easy to store; four-piece shaft is small becoming a good choice for a spare paddle. However, the straight-shaft paddles are preferable because of its lightweight and lower cost.

Your paddling experience can not be complete without a proper paddle. You can choose a paddle based on technical features or your personal interest. To ensure your safety, you should pay attention to technical features.

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