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How to Choose the Best Toilet

While a toilet’s aesthetics and pricing are important, how well it flushes and how much water it consumes each time may mean more long-term. Know that a quality one conserves water and comes with more power while a bad choice may be a nuisance for decades. It may be best to choose a high-performance toilet to suit the budget and complement a bathroom.

Toilet makers in the 90s introduced the low-flow models but later on changed a few features to reduce water consumption because most of them required two flushes per use. Part of superb technology, manufacturers were able to introduce an ergonomic design, including a larger trap way for preventing clogging and bigger flush valves for allowing water rush into the bowl. That’s just a short preview on what to expect from a toilet, but anyway, here’s a guide for shopping around and comparing the best toilets to fit a bathroom and budget.

Drip-Free Tank

If the main problem is a leaking or sweating toilet tank, select one with a pressure-assist because it holds water in the inner tank; therefore, homeowners can stay away from an outer tank leak. For a gravity model, look for one with tank insulation.

Flushing System

One of the main features to look for a best toilet is its flushing action because it saves homeowners from hefty water bills.
Toilet manufacturers are now integrating a touch-less flushing innovation. With it, all that a user has to do is to place his hands over a sensor and the flushing will commence immediately. Unlike before, modern toilets are built for lesser water consumption whenever a user flushes. From a staggering 1.6Gpf, it’s now down to a low of 0.6 to 0.8Gpf. Obviously, saving gallons of water using modern toilets are possible.
The flushing action is a key detail to check when looking for a best toilet. Remember that many toilets feature an assisted flushing action. It means that water is moved from the tank towards the bowl through the trap-way with the use of electricity.
Unlike assisted flushing action, traditional toilets feature a gravity flushing action. This type allows the gravity to move the water through the rim. One known gravity flushing action is the siphon-type that uses the flow of the water as well as the shape of the trap-way. This is one common toilet type for many homeowners across the world.

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Back-to-wall model is attached to a supportive wall while the cistern’s connected to the wall that allows hiding waste pipes
Corner fitted toilet works for saving space in a small bathroom because it’s installed into the corner
Closed-couple toilet work with its cistern’s connected straight to the pan of it
Wall-hung is connected straight to the wall for elevating the toilet off the surface
flooring and can be connected to the walls or can be installed using a steel framework.


Admit it or not, people are addicted to savings. Who isn’t? However, don’t expect a quality toilet with a powerful flush at a cheap price of less than $100. Remember that a toilet will be used every single day and for many years to come.
Expect to spend between $200+ and $600+ (pressure-assist model) and $100 and $500 (gravity model). While home centers can offer choices, options online or offline are a vast, so shop around showrooms for a wide range of selection to save money.

Custom Features

Homeowners looking to install a custom toilet, including a tailor-made seat, may cost frustration and money in case it needs replacement after a few years.

One-Piece Versus Two-Piece

One-piece toiletsintegrate the bowl and tank into one seamless design to save space and make cleaning easy.
Two-piece toiletsare traditional in design wherein the bowl and the tank aren’t integrated into one, a type providing a sturdier construction and a leveled connection between the two major components for easier installation as compared to other toilet designs.

Bowl Shape

The shape of the bowl would provide comfort while the rough-in size is what determines the distance between the wall and the outlet pipe. To determine the right one, find the correct measurement before buying a toilet.

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Toilet Seat Height

Another important factor when buying a toilet is the height of the toilet seat. Most modern toilets manufactured are two inches higher than traditional toilets and measure 17 to 19 inches from the floor.

Exposed toilets are hard to clean due to its location right behind a bowl unlike a concealed one that works with a smooth surface located behind the toilet where a trapway is commonly seen.
Now for skirted trapways, they are upgraded for presenting a clean line from the toilet’s front to its back; nevertheless, concealed and skirted trapways offer easy cleaning.

More Tips To Remember

• Rebates- High efficiency toilets offer rebates
• Get a pressure-assisted toilet for clean bowl and less water consumption
Cleaning time– One-piece toilets are easier to clean, but can be harder to install and more expensive than a two-piece model. For easier cleaning and saving space, a wall-mounted toilet may work
Taller throne for comfort – Modern bowls average at a height of 17 to 20 inches versus the standard 15-inch one. Homes with older people can choose a taller one, but it can be harder for kids to use. For its price, it may cost at least $50
Rough-in measurement– Measuring the distance from the hold down bolts to the wall will help so that moving the flange will not be hard
Bigger bowls– There are elongated bowls that work better for many homeowners, but they may help to make measurements before considering upgrading from the standard bowl.

These are the basic considerations when buying and comparing a toilet for a home or office. When shopping around for the best toilet, refer to this guide for information.

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