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How to Choose the Best Baby Stroller in 10 Simple Steps

Young Mothers Walking with Their Babies

Stroller is must have by parents of newborn. It is necessary till your baby is able to walk substantial steps on it’s own. Most of the time the babies take 3-4 years to learn to walk and in some cases it might be up to 5 years. So for parents who are concerned about choosing the best baby stroller for their baby here are some important things mentioned in this article.

First of all the you need to decide upon what kind of stroller is really good according to your budgets. For example you need to define your spending limits on the stroller. Then you should be aware about the various types of strollers that we have discussed in another post. You can read the article regarding various types of baby strollers here. The stroller might be trendy looking or it might be simple one with low price and light weight. Also sometimes the stroller can be needed for more than one child or babies. So all these factors are most important in deciding which stroller is most suitable for your baby.

Most of the time parents will ignore these things as not necessary things but these are equally important things as your budget for buying it. These steps will guide you through entire process of choosing best baby stroller for your baby.

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Step 1. Weight of the stroller

The strollers are available in different ranges. There are lightweight to heavy strollers that also vary with their prices. The lightweight strollers are best as these come with the lightweight metal that can carry your baby. Also the weight plays important when you have to carry the stroller along with you. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to carry your baby on long walks or it’s just up to the few steps to the grocery store.

Step 2. Look for Safety of the stroller

Most important thing which can’t be just overlooked, the safety of your baby comes to foremost importance. You need to check out the stroller frame that it better locks into position. Also the process of locking and unlocking should not be much complicated. Also make sure that it is able to take on the accidents or mishandling of the stroller while carrying the baby. Examine the stroller carefully, look for sharp edges and unnecessary things that might make your baby feel uncomfortable. Look for the metal parts on the stroller, these should be unreachable by baby and it’s any part of body. Some of the strollers have very wide openings for baby legs, but sometimes the baby might slip through such gap. So you should better avoid going for these strollers.

Step 3. Check whether the stroller comes with Seatbelts

Seatbelts is another part of safety of strollers. Babies are born curious and they love to try with all the different kind of experiments on the environment around them. Your baby surely will try to get out of his/ her seat while on a ride. The seatbelts of the stroller should be tight enough to hold the baby well on the stroller and allowing the movement within the range of stroller only. The seatbelts shouldn’t be so much tight that these would cause trouble to your baby. Safest way is to go for five point harness seatbelts. The five point seatbelts are effective as these can wrap around the baby’s waist, between legs and over the shoulders. This maximizes the security of child seating in the stroller.

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Step 4. Brakes of the stroller

Strollers should come with efficient braking systems. If you are buying the stroller directly from the store then you should check the brakes in the store only. Check whether the brakes work well or not. The response of the brakes should be quick enough to stop when you press them. The brakes should be able to lock the wheels of the strollers.

Step 5. Stroller should be maneuvered easily

You are going to carry the stroller on the roads with twists and turns. So look for the stroller which can be maneuvered easily with single hand too. You should be efficiently able to turn the stroller on the turns without any struggle. Check for the wheels of the stroller, if they can swivel or not. Most importantly this factor is for your comfort of carrying the stroller smoothly.

Step 6. Height of pushing handle

The height of handle should not be more than the waist of pusher. If the height is exceeding more than waist of pusher, this will be uncomfortable part for you. Also the height should not be too much small that it will make you bend down all the way while you carry it. Slightly down to the waist of pusher will do good. Often the problem of height may occur as parents of the baby are not with same height. In such case you may consider the stroller with adjustable handles.

Step 7. Adjustable canopy of the stroller

The stroller is meant to be total security for the child. Your baby should be protected from outside sun, rain water and other natural and artificial factors. So the canopy of stroller should be adjustable to make sure of complete protection of your baby.

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Step 8. Available storage space with Stroller

This is must thing which should not be ignored any way. There should be enough storage space available under the seat or behind the seat in pocket so that you will be able to carry your baby’s necessary equipments along. Your baby’s favorite toy and other important things are must to be carried along for your baby.

Step 9. Stroller’s seat should be adjustable

The seat should be adjusted according to comfort of the baby. A newborn baby doesn’t have head control, the baby can’t sit up straight until he or she gains control over head. So the seat should be adjustable so that it can be adjusted according to baby’s comfort.

Step 10. Fabric of the stroller

Your baby surely will mess wherever you carry him/ her. Make sure that the fabric used for seats can be removed or is washable to maintain cleanliness of your baby’s loving ride.

You should use above mentioned points as checklist while you are going to buy a new baby stroller for your baby. If you follow every single guideline then you surely will choose the best baby stroller for your baby.

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