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How to Choose a Room Humidifier

If you have decided to get a room humidifier to make your home more comfortable, especially in winter, there are several things that you need to consider before you purchase one.

Determine the size of the room

Room humidifiers, just like air conditioning units, cooling units and warmers, have different area capacity. Most room humidifiers specify their capacity in square feet, which is why you have to get your room’s floor area using this measurement system. Never take a room humidifier that will have a capacity much bigger than the room. If y0ou have this room humidifier, you might notice that moisture appears on the outer side of your windows and this also provides a good environment for bacterial growth.

What will be the size of the water reservoir?

This is another thing that you have to decide on when choosing a room humidifier. Would you like a room humidifier with a large water capacity to minimize the frequency of refilling, or will it be fine to refill your room humidifier twice a day. Your choice depends on the time you are spending at home and how much time can you spend checking if the unit has to be refilled.

Also regarding refilling, some room humidifier have water tanks which are difficult to detach from the system. If you choose a room humidifier such as this, it would be better if the tank has a large capacity so you wouldn’t have to refill it often.

On the other hand, note that if your room humidifier has a large water tank capacity, it will be heavi8er and more difficult to transport, in case you have to move it to another room when refilling it.

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When choosing room humidifiers, also ask about the maintenance. Ask particularly about the filter changes. How often should the filter be changed? Where can you buy the filter? As much as possible, choose a room humidifier whose components can easily be bought from popular appliance and home stores. It could also save you some time, if you purchase your room humidifier with several spare filters.

Filters are important to room humidifiers because if the mist is unfiltered, when the mist dries out, it could leave the minerals in the water in the form of dust. You could see this as white particles on your furniture.

Lastly, just like in buying any appliance, when getting a room humidifier, ask about the after sales support and the warranty. This will minimize your inconvenience in case problems occur.

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