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How to Choose a Multicooker

In our time , where every minute counts and hostesses try to reduce the time spent in the kitchen – multicooker become an indispensable “magic pot “. It not only saves time , but also in the food leaves more useful trace elements and vitamins. Multicookers entered our lives confident step and firmly occupied one of the places of honor in our kitchen . This miracle machine combines the functions of several kitchen appliances : cookers , steamers , kashevarki , bread maker and microwave. With multicookers can be calm , that soup is not ” run away ” from the pan and the meat to the pan prigorit . But how to choose and what to pay attention , we will try to describe in detail in this article.

Most models allow you to cook several dishes simultaneously , so you can cook like a meat dish and a side dish in one Multicookings . Multicooker allows to prepare almost any dish : burgers, fish, meatballs , vegetables , cakes, bread, soup and many other goodies.

Principle of operation multicookers

Inside Multicookings bowl covered nonstick , it lays the necessary products , and then bowl tightly closed lid with safety valve . During cooking, outside air can not get into the bowl , while the valve regulates the pressure , temperature and the desired quantity of steam . During the cooking process , even during heating products retain nutrients. Thus the principle of action and different from the usual multicooker kastyuli .



Bowl volume is from 1.5 to 7 liters. The first criterion , which you have to decide – is the volume of the bowl. If you are cooking for 1-2 people , you bowl is fine up to 1.5-3 liters , if you have a family of 3 – 3.4 liters , a large family or if you are preparing for the future, then your option – it is 4 -6 liters. Depending on the volume will change the size, weight and price . If you can not decide how much you need a cup , take a little more clearly , you may need to cook for guests or friends who descend on a visit, and while a large Multicookings can even cook small portions for 1 person or a child .

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Power depends on the volume of the cup and cooking modes . In standard Multicookings power is from 400 up to 1.5 kW .

Do function pressure cooker?

In conventional cooking Multicookings in the normal mode , where there are holes in the lid to remove excess steam, but there are Multicookings where the lid is closed tightly and the food is prepared under pressure. Pluses Multicookings – cooker obvious food prepared under pressure 2-3 times faster than in normal mode, but it also costs much more expensive .


The inner surface of the bowl is covered with Teflon coating or ceramic . Bowl with Teflon coating is cheaper but less durable. Teflon wears out quickly , and easily damaged when heated emits a small amount of harmful substances .

Ceramic coating famous greater reliability and durability when heated coating warms evenly, but not so on Teflon and scratches less noticeable on ceramics . Such cups can be prepared without the addition of oil or grease.

There is another option coating bowl covered with five layers of non-stick polymer coated with marble . It costs much more expensive than ceramic , but also will serve you longer than Teflon or ceramic.

Outer coating is usually plastic or metal . The metal is made of stainless steel and is considered more durable as compared with plastic. Although the outer coating – is minor selection criteria Multicookings .


Number of modes may vary from 3 to 12. Modes determine the heating temperature and the change in the cooking process , determine the cooking time of a dish . The more modes the more functionality at Multicookings that allows to choose the perfect mode for cooking soup , meat or rice. Different manufacturers have different modes are called , but the standard is likely to be as follows: frying, boiling , stewing, steaming , cereal, pastries, yogurt and a separate regime for rice.

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Porridges – suitable for the preparation of powdery and liquid cereals, as well as side dishes.

Rice – for dishes based on rice , rice porridge or rice with meat .

Baking – this mode allows you not only to cook pastries , but also fry, make cakes and casseroles, fried potatoes, and dishes with a golden crust .

Steaming – This mode is stored in the highest number of food nutrients and vitamins . Also the food is prepared without added fat that is good for weight loss or problems with the gastrointestinal tract .

Quenching – allows for a small temperature cooking food in its own juices , all the components of the dishes will be cooked at the same time , if they lay in a certain order , depending on the cooking time of a particular product , and in accordance with the instructions.


Billing temperature and time manually – allows you to prepare a dish for your personal prescription .

Delayed start (timer) – allows you to set the time the device is switched and time at which the dish should be prepared , for example, you have laid for dinner in a bowl put all the ingredients mode and time , and without the intervention of your machine is turned on, and be sure dinner will be prepared time.

Automatic display – allows at the end of cooking to preserve and maintain the dish warm.

Presoaking – allows pre-soaked peas, beans and hard grains.

Type of heating

There are three options for the location of the heating elements :

  • only at the bottom;
  • on the bottom and on the walls;
  • at the bottom, the walls and the lid, this option is often called 3D heating, allowing to warm up the dish and uniformly across the prepared surface.
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Care Multicookers

  • Before use, carefully read the instructions and the accompanying documentation .
  • Do not wash Multicookings under water or in the dishwasher . To clean the instrument , use a damp sponge.
  • In Multicookings have a condensate which accumulates moisture. His need to rinse and pour water from it as experience .
  • Stir the food in the bowl should be a silicone or wooden spatula so as not to damage the surface of the bowl. Not suitable for mixing metal appliances.


We all thoroughly reviewed the functions and modes Multicookings and found undoubted advantages : saving your time and effort. Now it’s up to you. We wish you a pleasant shopping and delicious food!

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