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How to Choose a Kitchen Mixer

Every housewife knows which calls for no kitchen mixer, each has his signature recipe, where, without a mixer just can not do, it will be a magnificent omelette or cake mix. By choosing a domestic helper must be taken responsibly, and if you want to serve you for years, and you need to know about the rules of operation. But the question immediately arises, “How and what to choose a blender?”, Because they are countless models with a variety of functions, nozzles and modes. In this hard choice to come to the aid of our article. We hope it will help to make the right choice!

Mixer or blender?

Let’s start with the fact that it is two different devices with different functions.

Mixer – a device whose primary function is the mechanical mixing, smooth result. Used for whipping cream, sour cream, eggs, cooking cream, dough, cocktails, mousses, drinks, sauces, etc.

Blender – is an electrical device that is designed for grinding food until smooth, whipping and an ice pick.

In all the blend is mixed by the impeller blade that chops food, and in the mixer – at the expense of beaters or hooks. There are some models of mixers with additional attachment “blender”.

Types of mixers

There are two types of mixers: hand-held and stationary (on the stand).

Hand mixer – a compact unit with a capacity of 180 – 220 watts, suitable for jobs that do not require high power. He has no special support that is inconvenient to use at work to keep it in their own hands.

Stationary mixers – this device more powerful than the manual (270 – 350 W) equipped with a special stand on which is mounted mixer and bowl. Designed for the more difficult tasks and greater loads. Bowls for stationary mixers are made from metal, glass and plastic. Such a mixer as well as a toaster or microwave oven requires a permanent place in the kitchen. Can weigh up to 10 kg, which gives stability when dealing with dense masses. Some models of stationary mixers are detachable from the base and used as a hand-held.

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  • price (hand-held mixers are much cheaper stationary)
  • dimensions (hand rather compact and have a low weight, but not so on stationary)
  • power (the speed at which the rotating nozzle mixer determines the ability to use a mixer for mixing heavy dough, as well as the time that the mixer can operate without a break)
  • beaters (with powerful mixer with wider and stronger blades)

Mixer equipment:

In a set with mixer usually go heads: beaters and dough hooks. There are additional tips: a knife for chopping, head “blender”. Form and function of nozzles in different models of mixers have little or no difference, although the quality of what is important and what material is made nozzle.

Additionally, the kit may include:

  • beaker
  • spatula for mixing
  • liquid or brush to clean the mixer
  • rack-mount (optional on hand mixer)
  • means for storing accessories

The more expensive models, mixer, or is more accurate to say the food processor on the basis of the mixer may include:

  • knife for chopping
  • cauterodyne (for cutting cheese, sausages, bread, pastries)
  • nozzle electric openers
  • citrus
  • slicer with several knives
  • nozzle for sausages (filling the shell meat)
  • chopper
  • mill
  • knife for forming a paste (pasta)

However, the more the features, the price of the device is substantially increased.


Slow start – a feature that lets you start spraying the contents of the bowl through a low speed while gradually increasing the speed to be necessary.

Impulsive mode – in this mode the speed of rotation of nozzles is adjusted by pressing the power button, the stronger the depression, there faster speed.

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System FlexiMix – in contact with the nozzle cup begin to move up and down, allowing the entire mass uniformly whipping suitable for any shape of the bowl.

Sleep function for the motor in case of overheating or clogged – protects the mixer from failure. It’s better if this feature is present in the mixer, as the load can not be calculated, and the blockage on the right note.

Eject button attachments – have virtually any mixer.

Turbo mode – allows for a short time to increase the speed of attachments to the maximum, but the regime is no more than a few seconds, as there is the risk of overheating the motor. Allows you to quickly eliminate lumps in the batter.

Rubberized grip – prevents slips his hand, which makes the mixer is especially convenient to use.

Speed – in conventional mixers usually 3-5 speed, more advanced, the amount can be up to 12. This allows you to choose the optimal speed for cooking whisking mass. Switching will be smooth and will not be mixed directly spray mass.

Cord storage – usually this function is that of stationary mixers, to save space and have a neat appearance.

Bowl – productivity depends on the tonnage cup capacity standard mixers from 2-2.5 liters, large mixers is around 5 – 5.5 liters.

What to look for!

First and foremost is the quality.

Hand mixer purchase note weight and shape as you may have to hold it in their hands during use. He should have a comfortable grip, preferably with a grooved rubberized pads that prevent slip in hand.

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When you purchase a static mixer without significance of his appearance, as it will be in full view at all times. Choose a mixer, so it fits well in the kitchen interior and feast for the eyes.

And of course, before turning the unit, please read the instruction. It identifies which products are suitable for the treatment, how to care for the combine and what rules should comply with safety at work.

Pay attention to the manufacturer, it is desirable that it was a well-known brand proven over the years, these firms value their reputation. Just have to go to the mixer manual and warranty card showing service centers.

Care mixer

To mixer served you for years, you need a special care for him.

Read the instructions, read the elements of the mixer can be a wash in the dishwasher or to wash by hand.

If the items are not mixer of stainless steel is better after washing them immediately wiped dry because they may rust.

When clogged, use a special cleaning brush.

The results:

If you often have to prepare and mix a lot of ingredients, it is best to choose a stationary model. If you rarely use a mixer and do not want it to take up space in the kitchen, your choice – hand mixer. A lot of features, we recommend you choose 2 – 3 critical functions and look for a suitable model.

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