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How to Choose a Coffee Machine

It has long been aware of the tonic properties of coffee, it contributes to a better performance with a unique flavor pleases. Nothing will replace the morning cup of hot flavored drink and drunk a cup of good coffee in the afternoon – will keep you in good shape until the end of the day. Such a device like a coffee machine will give you pleasure every day.

To date, the market offers quite a few models of coffee equipment from different manufacturers with different characteristics from which to choose a coffee machine for both home use and for professional office or production. Coffee machine simplifies the brewing process and saves time. In modern machines, enough to pour coffee and a program of your favorite beverage in one click. Yet the question remains: “How to choose a coffee machine?”. We will try to answer your questions and give helpful advice.

The first is to determine the characteristics of the machine, easy to use and cost! It is also important to take into account its performance if you plan to make a purchase for an office with a large number of employees, your choice – professional coffee machine, but if just for home use – home. Also well-chosen technique can not only pleasing to the eye with its design, but also to remain silent when in use.

Types of coffee machines

All coffee machines can be roughly divided into two groups: domestic (home use) and professional. Different functionality, characteristics, dimensions, and most importantly performance. I suggest that you first decide to buy it, “for whom” and “where” you get it.

Domestic coffee machines (for home use) are very practical in the kitchen of course take up more space than a coffee maker, but also a lot more functional and easier to handle than the last. They often have a plastic body and are easy care. These machines are almost never connected to the water supply, the water should be poured on their own.

Professional coffee machines are designed for use in areas with high productivity (office, cafe, bar, bistro). These machines have a connection to the water supply, which simplifies and makes them indispensable helpers. Are often inspiring weight, large size and the metal shell.

Both household and professional coffee machines are divided into: machines and carob (manual).

Coffee machines – in such devices the brewing process is completely automated and they are ready to make a cup – a second coffee, just one touch of the sensor on the control panel. It also automatically include the capsule and chaldovyekofemashiny.
Capsule coffee machines are different from the rest of the maximum ease of use, instead of ground coffee into the machine to load the capsule pressed coffee. This technology allows you to pick up a coffee on the basis of taste preferences with unified pods of different brands, producing several varieties and blends of coffee capsules. Capsule coffee machines are often fitted with a tube of hot water and steam, which can be heated and whipped to a froth the milk for the preparation of beverages such as cappuccino and latte macchiato, and make tea.

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Chaldovye coffee machines are very similar to the capsule, but instead of capsules use pods (packaged coffee). Chalda – is already packing spresovanogo roast and milled coffee for one-time use, is filled with an inert gas to preserve the flavor and aroma of coffee, pods weight is 7-10 grams – one shot of espresso. Chaldovaya technology has come to us from Italy, where it originally was used to simplify the process. This machine is easy to operate, noiseless (coffee has been used as a hammer, and the main noise is known to create a coffee grinder), does not require special cleaning (chalda easily removed from the machine) and there is a great opportunity to change the type of coffee after each cooked portions. Packaged coffee is much more expensive than usual, but the practicality of such a machine is undeniable.

Coffee carob (manual). Food lovers and creative nature will likely supporters of carob coffee machines, where it is possible to directly take part in the preparation of the beverage. In such machines, the process is not automatic: it is necessary to grind their own coffee, pour into the horn portion and cook. There are machines with built-in grinder, but the process of preparing the drink takes a lot of time. It is undesirable that in the preparation of boiled water, it will not be a true espresso. If you decide to opt for a coffee machine, you should not skimp on quality will depend on it, what kind of drink you get a result. With this coffee maker you will not only learn how to cook good coffee, but also to better understand the coffee culture, gain skills and experience, discover the taste of your perfect cup of espresso and friends hit their talent.

More information about the features and functionality

Display – it shows the full information about the status of the machine and notices (the addition of coffee or water, the need to clean the machine, replace filters, etc.)

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The program function – allows you to set the temperature of the drink, the amount of saturation, automatically do washing, set the number of servings of coffee, making coffee is programmed according to the individual recipe.

Cappuccino – this device is intended for whipping cream or milk froth for preparing espresso-based drinks (latte, cappuccino, macchiato). The preparation of such drinks can be performed automatically or mechanically. Coffee machines with automatic cappuccino (avtokapuchinator) yourself warmed milk and whisk in a separate container and then add it to drink. Cappuccino machine (panarello) whisk the milk through a tube with steam in a pitcher (a special container for whipping milk), milk should be added to a cup of their own.

Cup warmer – by the rules of espresso, the cup should be pre-warmed, but if the function is not available, you can always pour a cup of hot water, which is always in the brewer.

The second function of boiler and steam fast – the boiler in the coffee machine needs for heating and water supply for the beverage. Also used for heating boiler water to vapor state and feeding under pressure which is necessary for whipping cream or milk. The function of the second boiler simplifies the process of cooking and saves time because one boiler is used to make coffee, and the second is ready for the steam. With this feature, you can simultaneously make espresso and whipped milk for cappuccino.

Dosage adjustments of coffee – allows you to change the coffee, depending on preference. The higher the dosage, the slower the water passes through the coffee under pressure, making the drink more intense and strong.

The regulator of grind grain – can accommodate any taste preference. The finer the grind coffee, the more saturated will taste bouquet, but the drink will taste bitter. If you set too coarsely – drink can be watery and will have a slight aftertaste. Typically, the regulator is set in the center, it is the most optimal position control for grinding.

System E-plus (SBS) – allows during cooking coffee cups to adjust the pressure with which the water passes through the coffee grounds. This allows you to take into account the subtle taste preferences.

The ability to use pre-ground coffee – not the desired function. Only if there is already milled coffee is used, although it is not recommended to grind coffee in the proc, as it loses flavor and taste.

Coffee grinder – equipped with a ceramic or steel millstones. Ceramic less noisy during operation and are more suitable for home use, where coffee consumption is small. Steel make noise at work, but to withstand heavy loads, more durable and more forgiving.

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Horn – an element of the machine where the coffee and poured through which pressurized water passes through, creating a serving of coffee. The horns are plastic and metal. In good coffee machines use only metal, because they are more durable, have a coffee in the cooking process rather warm and gives the drink a bright flavor.

Additional functions:

  • filter holder
  • light indication
  • automatic shutdown in case of overheating
  • automatic descaling
  • auto-off timer
  • water dispensing system
  • counter cooked servings
  • dispensing water into the coffee
  • automatic dumping of used pods
  • auto washing and cleaning
  • drip
  • prepare two coffees simultaneously
  • the presence of filters water softener


Power – the power depends on the speed of cooking and the coffee. The faster the water flows through the ground coffee, the less rich flavor is obtained. In this situation, only you can choose to give preference to taste and speed of preparation. The power in domestic coffee machines ranging from 800 to 2500 watts. For home use should be fine 1000 – 1500 watts.

Pressure – 15 to 19 bar, depending on the model and usage.

Water tank capacity – depending on the machine type.

Bean container capacity – for home use is quite small container, and to the production machine is best to choose a container of at least 300 grams.

And a little bit of coffee machines

There are built-in espresso machine, it is vital to use different from the usual price, and such models available on the market quite a bit.

In order to serve you coffee for a long time, regularly and please you wonderfully prepared coffee – do not forget to read the user manual.

Here’s an example of some of the rules:

  • periodically clean the machine from scale
  • time to change the water filter
  • rinse the basic elements of the machine after use
  • remove water from the drip tray
  • clean the container which collects the used grounds or pods

When choosing a coffee machine should pay attention to the manufacturers of quality and reliable techniques that have proven themselves in the market of goods and have a good reputation.

The company should ensure that the manufacturer warranty and service that is much important.

The results

We have shared with you my knowledge and recommendations are now the choice is yours. We wish you to find a coffee machine that will suit your needs and will please you wonderfully brewed coffee beverage.

And do not forget to pamper yourself a good coffee!


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