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How to Choose a Breadmaker

Bread – one of the important parts of the diet of any person. Of course we want to, so the bread was always not only fresh, but also to satisfy our taste preferences. White bread, black, with spices and raisins, burgers and rolls – enough diversity. But if I want to get up early and go for fresh bread in the bakery, if possible, without the hassle of making it at home ? We come to the aid of the bread maker. How to select it and what to emphasize – the theme of this article.

To date, all breadmakers have similar construction : body, cover with one or two heating elements, the inner bucket, blade for the dough, cover, panel or regular touch.

By what criteria to choose the bread maker

Dimensions. Suitable for a small kitchen small and compact model, if you have a kitchen space, the dimensions of the bread maker will be for you the first selection criterion. Compact model with a large volume of the bowl will cost much more expensive than standard.

Weight. May be from 4 to 8 kg. If you have a place in the kitchen where the device may be permanently then fit any model, but if the bread maker will have to hide in the closet – choose the one that suit you by weight.

Power. From 450 to 950 watts. The more powerful the unit, the more it is functional. For example, the cooking time may vary depending on the capacity, as well kneading of different consistencies is a powerful tool for the simple task.

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Weight of finished products. Depending on the number of family members should be selected volume and weight of the finished product, which can make the bread maker. Weight of cooked bread can vary from 450 g to 1500 for a large family is to choose a large amount of Baker, and for a family of two people is quite suitable for 500-700 g, depending on the volume can be changed : the size, the cooking time, temperature and price. In many models of large bread oven can bake bread less than the maximum amount, but not vice versa – in the breadmaker with a small amount you are limited in size.

Inspection window. If the bread maker has a viewing window – it allows you to monitor the cooking process and if necessary, make their own adjustments.

Case material. The housing can be a plastic or stainless steel.

Material bucket. Often used in the production of shaped stainless steel or aluminum with non-stick coating. Do not unplug the bread metal appliances, as well as the wash bucket rigid jaws, it can damage the Teflon coating. Better to remove the bread special silicone or wooden spatula.

Kneading blade. Low cost models may be equipped with plastic blades, but still reliable model taking into which blades are made of the same material as the housing, ideally aluminum or stainless steel with a non-stick coating.

Form bucket.

Vertical shape – at the base have a square shape elongated up.

Horizontal shape – rectangular base resembles shopping loaf of bread. Inexpensive models Bread horizontal kit form one blade for kneading dough and kneaded worse ledges could be residual ingredients. More expensive models are equipped with two blades to the mix, what allows to knead the dough.

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Small shapes – at the same time allow the selected program to bake several kinds of bread.

Round shape – some manufacturers interchangeable buckets round, which will be convenient to bake cupcakes and cakes.


Delayed start – allows you to set a timer with a delay of 3-15 hours. Set the timer before going to bed, in the morning you will enjoy a fragrant and hot bread.

Manual tuning – will allow you to choose time, temperature and cook your own bread recipe.

Reheating mode – for the preparation of bread the ingredients should be at room temperature. If you do not have time to remove them from the refrigerator in advance, this function you help you.

Crispy crust – the crust can be : dark, medium and light. This function allows you to bake bread on your own taste, depending on preference.

Baking bread with a crispy crust and soft middle – there is almost any bread maker.

Express baking – feature allows less time to make bread.

Protection of children.

Protection against overheating.

Surge protection – memory stores program and mode of preparation. In memory budget models designed for 15-20 minutes, 40-60 minutes expensive.

Automatic dispenser – allows you to bake bread with the addition of : sunflower seeds, raisins, dried fruits and nuts. In a separate compartment backfilled additives selected program with the addition of bread and dough in the process are automatically added ingredients. If this feature is not available when you select the same program bread maker signal to inform you of the need to manually add the ingredients.

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  • white bread;
  • sweet pastries;
  • cupcakes;
  • jams and preserves – long used moderate heating with stirring;
  • brown tommy;
  • bread with additives;
  • kneading yeast and yeast-free – a useful program if you need to knead the dough for pizza or any homemade cakes;
  • rye bread – the program complies with special temperature conditions for this type of bread;
  • yogurt.

In standard breadmaker can be from 5 to 20 programs that allow you to experiment and prepare various delicacies.

Maintenance and Warranty

Before use read the instructions. Load the ingredients in a strict sequence and order volume that is specified in the enclosed recipe book, otherwise change the technology of cooking and baking results you can not cheer.

If the kit is not a special silicone spatula for taking bread, we advise you to purchase it, because than gentle care – the longer you serve technique. Do not rub the surface of the bucket abrasives and powders, use only a soft sponge.

Note guarantee, it should not be less than 1 year. It is a guarantee that the manufacturer is responsible for the quality of its product.


We hope we have given you complete information, is now a choice of functions and programs depends on your needs, but the more questions – the more expensive equipment.

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