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Highest Mountains in The World

top-10-most-highest-mountains-in-the-worldNASA uses a series if Earth Observing Systems determine exactly the height of the tallest mountains on the earth.

The scientists measure individual mountain tallest point or summit using their actual heights above sea level.

Here are the most recent data of top 10 most highest mountains in the world

1. Everest, Nepal/China, 8,850 meters/ 29,035 feet

The tallest mountain in the world above sea level is situated at Tibet and Nepal border in the Himalayan mountain area. Everest was named in 1865 by Andrew Waugh, British Royal Geographical Society Surveyor General. The first humans to reach the peak of the mountains were Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary in 1953.

The mountain is a great tourist attraction spot. Mountain climbers throng this place each year and are required to obtain permit from the Nepalese Government.

2. K2 Chogori, Pakistan/China, 8,611 meters/28,251 feet

K2 Mountain is the second tallest mountain in the world. It is famously known as “Savage Mountain”. The mountain has some of the most dangerous climbing slopes and it is estimated that out of five climbers, one die trying.

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It is located in the Chin/ Pakistan borders. Characterized by high risks avalanches and extreme weather conditions. It is a perilous weather and no one has ever tried the mountains during winter. Thomas George Montgomery named the Mountain in 1852 while acting as the British surveyor.

3. Kanchenjunga, Nepal/ India, 8,586 meters/ 28,169 feet

Kanchenjunga has five mountain peaks covered under snow. The mountains are located in between Nepal and India borders. The mountain environment is known to be on varied ecological zones ranging from glacial wilderness to sub-tropical deep forests.

The traditional name for the Kanchenjunga mountain is Swalungma meaning “the only mountain we send our greeting” in Limbu language. The five mountain peaks according to Kirant religion represents holy places where God keeps his precious items for instance gems, gold, holy books, silver and gold.

4. Lhote, Nepal/ China, 8,516 meters, 27,940 feet

Lhote mountain peaks are rarely climbed especially in solo. It has been established that the one climber can only reach the mountain ridges. Going beyond requires a partner or group to be successful. In 1990, Tomo Cesan claimed to be the first to reach the Lhote peak solo, a Russian expedition rebuked the claim after declaring the impossibility reaching the top by own.

5. Makalu, Nepal/ China, 8,485 meters/ 27,838 feet

Makalu is the fifth tallest mountain in the world. Makalu has a pyramid like four sided shaped peak. It I located about 22 kilometers from Mount Everest, but to the east. The mountain does not make it easier for climbers, only a few expeditions have been successful.

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Makalu name was coined from Maha-Kala, a Sanskrit word meaning Big Black. The name also refers to a Hindu god, Shiva.

6. Cho Oyu, Nepal/ China, 8,188 meters/ 26,864 feet

It takes about three weeks to climb to the top of the Cho Oyu Mountain. The mountain terrain is not difficult, visitors are happy venturing to the top heights of the world at this place. It is synonymous with snowboarders, and ski mountaineers due to its friendly snow conditions.

7. Dhaulagiri, Nepal, 8,167 meters/ 26,795 feet

Max Eiselin named the mountain in 1960 on leading a Swiss expedition to the mountain peak. The word Dhaulagiri in Sanskrit means “the white mountain”. This particular expedition was Himalayan and was supported by an aircraft which crashed on the way, the team had to continue climbing until they reached the peak.

Dhaulagiri topography is characterized by ice falls, glaciers and ridges. Only seasoned mountaineers frequent the place since it has massive drops and technical routes.

8. Manaslu, Nepal, 8,163 meters/ 26,781 feet

Manaslu is in Nepalese Himalayas Mansiri Himal. The name means “the mountain of the spirit”. The mountains are famous for snowy mountain peaks and astonishing valley glaciers. The Manaslu Mountain is prone to landslides, glacier falls, avalanches, and treacherous trekking routes.

9. Nanga Parbat, 8,15 meters/ 26,657

The name means “Naked Mountain”. It also nicknamed “deadly mountain” because of the slippery and dangerous ice covered routes.

10. Annapurna, Nepal, 8,091 meters/ 26,545 feet

Annapurna is the number ten tallest mountains in the world. In Sanskrit, Annapurna means goddess of harvests. In Hinduism, it means agriculture and fertility goddess. The journey to the top of Annapurna is perilous.

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These are the top 10 most highest mountains in the world.


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