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Disney Movie CollectionSince its inception Disney has had a hold on the collective imagination. Who doesn’t know Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck? Who hasn’t watched the Disney Channel or the Mickey Mouse Club? Who hasn’t visited Disneyland and Disney World or wished they could. But perhaps more than anything else, Disney is known and remembered for movies.

Nothing showcases this magic as well as the movies in the Disney Platinum Collection. Sadly, this series of releases is coming to an end. The good news is that select titles from the Disney movie collection are still available and make a perfect gift for any Disney enthusiast that needs to complete their collection.

Who can forget the “heigh ho, heigh ho” of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? (Can you name all seven dwarfs?) Or Cinderella finding her prince? Or crying when Bambi’s mother dies? These are the classic Disney movies we all remember and the timeless moments we share with our children.

When it comes to the classic Disney movies, we’re all a little like Peter Pan. The classic Disney movies remind us that there is still a child in all of us that hasn’t grown up.Every movie in the Disney Platinum Collection has been restored for optimum picture and sound.

The videos are digitally restored from each movie’s original negatives. This loving attention to detail extends to the removal of any impurities in the print. Platinum Edition movies have also had their audio tracks updated and remixed in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound for a richer experience.

Every Disney Platinum Edition movie also comes with a second DVD that contains never before seen material pertaining to that movie. This includes a documentary about how the original movie was made, the theatrical trailers for the movie and an additional documentary about how the movie was restored. For people who love classic Disney movies, this additional material is fascinating.

Disney recently announced it will make the foray into Blu-ray discs with its Diamond Collection. In October of 2009, the first movie was released: Snow White and the Seven dwarfs. This is high-definition Blu-ray, letting Disney come to life as never before. And then there are the extras! Behind the scenes featurettes, a history of the story, a karaoke sing-along, games, and more.

As with the Platinum releases, movies in the Disney Diamond Collection will be on sale for a limited time. Whether you are able to track down a special movie from the Platinum Collection, or want to experience the ultimate in Disney entertainment with a Diamond title, get it now before the chance is gone.

This holiday season pick up one or all of the Disney Platinum Editions. Relive all your favorite Disney memories and share them with those you love. Remember when you wish upon a star, dreams do come true!

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