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Best Diaper Bag

Best Diaper Bags   If you are new at this and you are looking for the best diaper bags you will quickly learn there is a movement by designers to create bags that have form and function, and at the same time don’t sacrifice your style, which is great because now there are more colors and styles to choose from. At first you maybe overwhelmed with the range of style and options but hang in there as there is a perfect diaper bag made just for you, you only need to find it.

We wanted to take a second to kind of give you a crash course about diaper bags and everything you may want to carry in it. First lets cover the different style of diaper bags.

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Designer Diaper Bags

There is no need to have your style suffer for the function you need when adding a little one to your life. Thankfully designers are starting to agree and filling the fashion forward moms out there. Fashion houses like Kate Spade and Dooney and Bourke have stepped up to the parenting challenge and are creating beautiful works of art that are also perfect for running errands. There are even diaper bags out there designed with the same fabrics and structural elements as the purse model, but are expanded for the growing needs your your family into a multifunctional diaper bag at Approximately the same cost. Although you may be apprehensive to invest in a diaper bag at a designer label price, there are some advantages that come along with that investment. Aside from having a beautiful bag on the outside, you know the quality will be top notch and therefore will last a long time. Designer diaper bags are great as they come in all different styles. Designer Diaper baby Bags are great as it give you the ability to still keep up with current trends and fashion while caring all of your diaper bag needs.

Messenger Diaper Bag

Messenger diaper bags are best know for your ability to have two hands free while still carrying your diaper bag. Messenger bags are designed to be worn on your back, while the strap goes over any shoulder and across your chest. This is different than a backpack diaper bag as there is only one strap as you can have your messenger diaper bag hang of any direction of you which is great if you are tying to get something out of your diaper bag. Messenger kids bags actually started as a bike courier bag, but has taken over the fashion seen over the last few years. You will find that a lot of daddy diaper bags are constructed as a messenger bag. To view more messenger diaper bags please view our messenger diaper bag selection.

Tote Diaper Bags

Tote diaper bags are designed for those moms out there that refuse to be that lady who carries a diaper bag and a purse, a tote diaper bag it’s a great compromise between diaper bags and purses. Tote style bags have a similar feel to the carryall day bag that most women use on a daily basis. Most tote diaper baby bags are built a little larger then messenger diaper bags as well as daddy bags. Tote diaper bags have a large empty section which is great for carrying larger items. Tote diaper bags also have additional pockets lining the inside of the diaper bag as well on the outside for your phone and keys. Most tote diaper bags have smaller straps which makes your personal items easy to carry and easier to access. Tote Diaper Bags are also great for trips to the beach with or without all the diapers. To view more tote diaper bags please view our tote diaper bag selection.

Hobo Diaper Bags

Hobo diaper bags are based on the styling of a hobo handbags. Hobo diaper bags are usually large and in a crescent shape, with a slouchy or lose posture. Hobo diaper bags traditionally have a long strap which is designed to be worn over your shoulder. Hobo diaper bags are considered more of a designer diaper bag because of its shape and popularity among celebrities. Just like all other diaper bag styles a hobo diaper bag is loaded with inside pockets to help organize all of your traveling baby gear. To view more hobo diaper bags please view our hobo diaper bag selection.

Daddy Diaper Bags

Most diaper bags today are designed with mom in mind, but what do you buys if dad is looking for a diaper bag? Daddy Bags are starting to become popular as there are more and more dads taking care of the little ones. Most daddy diaper bags are designed in the same family as messenger diaper bags and backpack diaper bags. The main difference between diaper bags and daddy diaper bags is the styling on the outside, as you will often find sports logos or more urban patterns. To view more daddy diaper bags please view our daddy diaper bag selection.

Backpack Diaper Bags

Backpack diaper bags are great for the family that is always on the go. Backpack diaper bags are just like your backpack your wore when you were in school, or just like the bag you wear to go hiking. A backpack diaper bag as you can image is designed to be worn on your back. Backpack diaper bags are built with two different straps one for each shoulder, to give you the ability to have two free hands. Backpack diaper bags are a great idea if you carry a lot of baby gear with you as the diaper bag will help even out the weight of everything. Backback diaper bags all have external as well as internal pockets and pouches to help organize and store your diaper bag accessories. If you are also trying to find a way to carry all of your diaper bag stuff while not looking like you are carrying a diaper bag, the backpack diaper bag is for you. To view more backpack diaper bags please view our backpack diaper bag selection.

Diaper bag accessories

Trying to remember everything that you may need while you are out with your little one is hard to do, especially when that little one is requiring so much of your attention. I don’t want you to be out and wish that you had something in your diaper bag but you forgot it because you were too busy. That is why I am going to compose a list of items you may want to have in your diaper bag. Please feel free to comment with your own experiences.

  • Wipes
  • Diapers
  • Hand sanitizer and lotion
  • Extra breast pads
  • At least 1 maxi pad
  • Infant tylenol
  • Dr Boudreux’s butt paste(like desitin, but works better IMHO)
  • Ibuprofen for mommy in case of headache
  • Spare pacifier if using one
  • Spare set of clothes for baby
  • 2 receiving blankets
  • Baby bottle (when they start solids they need water at that point)
  • Small toy or rattle
  • Bottled water
  • Extra set of clothes including bra and panties if you have a reflux baby
  • Spare set of house keys and $20 in case of emergencies
  • As they get older and mobile you’ll want to add a travel sized first aid kit for boo boos
  • The Camera with a fully charged battery is nice to have
  • Bib

Some people may think this list is extreme and you don’t need all this stuff. I have seen some lists with just: diapers, wipers, sanitizer, bottle, blanket and nail clippers. I don’t see why you would need to clip your babies nails all the time but who knows maybe this person did. Once you have selected your diaper bag now its time to stock it up with everything and anything you may need when you are away from home. It goes with out saying you will need diapers in your diaper bag but what else will you need to carry with you?


Timi & Leslie Diaper Bags


Which would you choose? – A brand that is endorsed by a celebrity or a brand that a celebrity actually uses? If you choose the later over the former, then timi & leslie diaper bags should be your ultimate choice. The celebrity fans for the brand include Angelina Jolie, Cindy Crawford, Nicole Kidman, Jessica Alba and Jack Black, to name a few. This brand takes parenting to a new level of luxury. To honor their commitment, they were awarded second place in the list of most influential brands in the past 20 years that has catered in the space of children’s product businesses. (Source: released by Women’s Wear daily in 2005.)

Their product line has got not only convertible bags which are chic and stylish but also canvas bags which mean style and comfort for the mom divas/fashionistas today. From Cobalt blue to dark teal to the lightest shades of grey, their collections have variety of colors to choose from. Their canvas bags (both Tote & Messenger styles) come in varied tiles, patterns and prints. The style with which you can carry these canvas bags will never make you feel like carrying a changing bag. They can be paired with any outfit, be it going for a party or a vacation.

With Hollywood stars as customers, timi & leslie is not just a brand, but a style statement for a style conscious diva moms!

Timi & Leslie Annette Convertible Diaper Bag

Timi & Leslie Annette Convertible Diaper BagThe timi & leslie Annette Convertible diaper bag can easily pass through the ranks of being one of the best diaper bags. Every woman likes a good find especially when it comes to bags and this is one example of one great find. The trendy design successfully disguises what it hauls inside. Outside, it is a stylish purse while inside it is one mean diaper bag with features that hits it out of the park. You’ll find it hard to resist its charming polished styling.

Check out what makes them one of the best diaper bags. It has its own separate mommy pouchette that can easily hold mom’s essentials. The material is made from (PVC free) faux leather material with gold finish accents and zipper pulls to enhance its beauty. When you get this nappy bag, you do not just get one but a set of amazing functional holders. And they are all dressed in the same classy fashion that a lot of moms will surely adore one of the best diaper bags.

  • Made from PVC free material with gold finish hardware and water-resist lining
  • Changing mat with mesh pocket plus detachable and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Mommy pouch, insulated bottle tote and dirty clothes sack are part of bag
  • Clip-on strap & matching stroller straps for added convenience
  • Equipped with interior key fob, 6 organizational pockets

Only the best diaper bags can make a lot of mothers proud, and this is one of those times. Women will never have to hide their baby bags again. Because these diaper bags are so stylish you need to show it off and nobody will be the wiser. Moms, you may never even have to switch bags again! Changing bags do take time and busy mothers would rather have one single bag that will do the magic for her and the baby. You can get these beautiful diaper bags in black, pewter, and brown.

User Thoughts

A woman who just got this off the shelf said that this is one diaper bag that she never has to be embarrassed about. She likes that it is very lightweight and sturdy. And she can even use it without the baby. A mom likes the sophisticated looks on this bag. But she said that she wishes it had a smart organizer inside the bag. She mentions that she hardly even used the insulated bottle tote because the bag is roomy enough to carry the bottles inside. Another woman had this back for several months and when one of the zipper handles came off but she was able to put it back. This just happened on one of the zipper handles. She also reports that the other zipper handles are working just fine.

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Timi & Leslie Tag a Long Diaper Bag

Timi & Leslie Tag a Long Diaper BagOnce you see these pretty prints from the Timi & Leslie collection you’ll have no doubt in your mind that they have the best diaper bags. Their designs are very upbeat that you can’t imagine it’s a camouflage for being a diaper bag. This is the bag for the very busy mommies who need everything for her baby at a moment’s notice. They’re not just a diaper bags, they’re the best diaper bags. And mommies have nothing but the “thumbs up” approval for these bags.

The best diaper bags understand what mommies need. They are tough, practical, dependable and of course stylish. Believe it or not but babies are a handful. And the only way to make them happy is if mommy gives them everything they need to make them feel comfortable. And these best diaper bags are just what mommies need to meet the baby’s demands every time they go out of the house. Mommy will have more to smile about when she knows she’s well-packed for the little peanut.

  • Fashioned from poly-canvas with silver accents
  • Multi-organizational pockets with double insulated bottle holders
  • Matching comfortable changing pad with mesh pockets
  • Equipped with stroller straps
  • Water resistant

These are absolutely very cute and stylish. The smart colors and designs come in felicity, sahara brown, farah, and Mackenzie black. The pockets are strategically positioned inside and outside so you can get the baby’s stuff at a moment’s notice. It’s actually bigger than it looks. It’s not only nappies that will fit in there. You could also squeeze in some pieces of clothing, toys, bottles, and even baby food and still have some storage left for mommy. If there’s one thing though that I find a bit of annoying is that the snap on magnets on the outer pockets of the bag often attracts the metal handle but it’s not really a big issue and others may not be bothered by it. But this bag is still highly recommendable to friends and family.

User Thoughts

A mom received this bag for her second baby and she was really happy with this bag. And just after a few months, just when the baby already starts to crawl, she finds her baby fascinated and playing with the bag. The pretty colorful design attracts mommies and babies! When she had to clean it and used another bag her baby didn’t even pay attention to the one she’s carrying. So now every time she goes out she makes sure she only uses this bag because she knows that her baby likes it too.

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Timi & Leslie Dawn Convertible Diaper Bag

Timi & Leslie Dawn Convertible Diaper BagThe Timi & Leslie Dawn convertible diaper bag promises convenience for its customers. The diaper bag is equipped with a fancy key fob to allow for storage of keys and other small items that needs to be securely kept. With its Pouchette strategically attached with credit card slots and zipper pocket, the users are given the touch of convenience and style of a Timi & Leslie Dawn diaper bag.

Timi & Leslie Dawn Convertible Diaper Bag Features

  • Material type : Nylon
  • Product Dimensions : 13 x 6.5 x 16 inches
  • Product Weight : 2.9 pounds
  • Shipping Weight : 3 pounds
  • Detachable/Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Insulated bottle holder with clip-on handle

The Reviews

I have always been looking for a bag that suits what I need, as a woman and as a mother. Having to carry around my baby requires me to bring an extra large bag just to be able to bring with me the things I need to take care of my baby and the things I need for myself. Oftentimes, this leads to me being out of style from the current bag trends. Fortunately, Timi & Leslie Dawn convertible diaper bag came into existence.

This diaper bag has heeded my needs of being able to cope up with the needs of my baby while on the go. The added pockets inside and outside the bag has proven to be very useful. However, I need to stress out that the pockets on the outside are just too small – too small that I can only insert two to three fingers to get something. Nonetheless, the problem is relatively small compared to the benefits it provides me. The excellent amount of pockets and compartments has truly proved to be convenient as I can carry my things easily and neatly.

Moreover, the fashion that has imbued in the bag never failed to keep catching my eyes and the eyes of my friends and some strangers as I go strolling around the city – something that really boosts up my confidence while walking. Hence, this diaper bag is truly something I can recommend others to buy. Fashion and practicality merged into one diaper bag, though it does come with a price. The price may be high, but considering the good things it gave me, I can say that I had a good buy with this bag.

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Storksak Diaper Bags

“A place for everything; everything in its place”. This is the tagline for the diaper bags from Storksak. That says it all. Storksak is a changing bags brand that has operations across the world. More than just being a brand, they are in a mission to make parenting easier and enjoyable to thousands of families around the globe.

Their changing bags are designed to provide complete support to a new mother. The collections are named as Sofia, Ashley, Bobby, Caroline, Gigi, Jamie, Olivia and not to miss the Elizabeth collection inspired by the birth of the heir for the Royal British throne. They are not only stylish but also durable. Some customers just feel that these bags are magical to hold lot of things and still are sleek and easy to handle. They come with different types of straps to give you a variety of choice on how to carry comfort with you.

Also, they have partnered with “Operation Showers of Appreciation” – a mission which honors military families with gifts for their new born babies. Another facet of corporate social responsibility is their association with “Women and Children first” which supports women communities in Africa and Asia with education about pregnancy and child birth.

With more than a decade of experience under their belt, Storksak has given us the most elegant diaper bag one would wish for.

Storksak Kate Patent Diaper Bag

Storksak Kate Patent Diaper BagFrom fashionable Europe comes to you one of the most elegant baby-care bags ever. Aptly named Storksak, the UK-based brand’s signature bag ‘Elizabeth’ is a classic design that easily doubles up as your baby’s diaper bag as well as your own everyday bag. No wonder then, in the 11 years since Storksak was started, it has gained a truly enviable celebrity clientele. Made of exquisite lake-washed and softened leather which ages beautifully, this spacious diaper bag has several conveniently located compartments on the inside and outside, that can accommodate all your baby’s items as well as mobile phones, valuables, and even a laptop. The bag also comes with a vanity case and an insulated bottle holder, both easily detachable. It integrates tote handles as well as a removable shoulder strap, so that you can carry it around conveniently.


Stylish design in comfortable and soft leather, with antique-finish brass detailing. Long-lasting and multi-purpose. Spacious – holds large number of baby items and can even fit a laptop. 2 exterior magnetic pockets for easy access and 10 interior compartments, including a zippered one for valuables and a thermo-insulated bottle holder. Easy to clean interior linings


Expensive for its size. It is of excellent quality but on the heavy side. Medium-size can make it inadequate for longer trips and larger laptops. The wrinkled appearance of washed leather may not appeal to those who prefer its natural grain texture. Over years, the tan colour could age differently, resulting in patchy exteriors.


It is a beautiful combination of form and function. The luxurious feel and aroma of leather has been crafted into an elegant shape, without any compromise on utility. It accommodates all the basic baby essentials in different compartments which make the items easily locatable, and still leaves space for our items too. The large shoulder strap which gives it a rather ‘luggage’-like appearance is really an ergonomic design to balance the bag in better manner when it is not carried around by its tote handles. Inclusion of a comfortable changing mat and easy-to-clean interiors are also a welcoming feature. The brushed brass detailing gives a truly classic finish to this Elizabeth bag. Many users have praised the design, and reportedly even used it long after they no longer needed to carry around items for their growing children. In fact, the feedback is that the design and quality alone is well worth the premium pricing.


The appearance is top of the line, but don’t let that mislead you into thinking Elizabeth is only about looks. The bag comes packed with baby-and-mom friendly features. Sleek and handy looks of this bag are mainly due to the compact arrangements of compartments inside and outside. While the 2 outer pockets are meant for on-the-go items like wipes or cell phones, the multiple interior pockets are designed to accommodate all baby essentials with ‘a place for everything’ which is also their tagline. The largest pocket contains a neatly folded, washable and yet padded changing mat. It has a detachable vanity case as well as an insulated bottle holder. While most of the interior pockets are elasticated, it also contains a zippered pouch to keep smaller items or valuables safe. And all the materials are wipe-clean if not washable. The bag comes with a sturdy strap that can be clipped on to convert it from a tote to a sling. This way, it becomes hand-free and even more convenient. Storksak also sells Stroller clips for yet another way of carrying it.


This designer bag has received rave reviews from everywhere – a UK magazine even going so far as to suggest it for the use of fashionable Kate Middleton and little Prince George. The exterior appearance of the washed leather combined with elegant brass details has a timeless classic finish, with the bright brass contrasting well against the darker tan. Only a very small minority who favor natural grain texture of leather did not like the washed leather used here. Its size belies its capacity, with most users agreeing it accommodates all the items they deem essential and then some. The entire bag quality is undoubtedly superior. All the users said they constantly received compliments on their bag, and astonished others when it was revealed to be a diaper bag. Encouraging reviews have even come from men who were very willing to own and use the bag. Elizabeth therefore has top scores with respect to both style and quality.

Ease of Use

The easy accessibility of all the items stored in various pockets along the bag has been culled out as the best utilityfeature. The items are not strapped in; however, with convenient pockets for each item, they all remain in place even during travel. Easy maintenance is a big advantage, since it does not stain easily and all marks can be quickly and easily wiped away. It has a sleek appearance which could sometimes get in the way of those who wear it cross-body. This however, is a personal aspect and differs between body-structures, resulting in overall high scores in this field too.

Our Overall Rating

Storksak has continuously received favourable reviews from different groups, be it celebrities or fashion magazines. This luxury range of bags, designed by 2 discerning mothers, form elegant accessories with several very practical and utilitarian aspects, making them perfect for use by active parents with very young children. Their capacity and easy maintenance especially are big advantages over other similar products. Special features such a padded and washable changing mat and an insulated bottle holder also contribute to the superior brand image. The distinctive looks apart, the excellent design which accommodates valuables, cell phone, and other items of the parent truly put it in a different league altogether. And the entire package is of unsurpassed quality. Truly it is no wonder that the Elizabeth range of bags is one of the most preferred and awarded baby bags ever. The scores for Elizabeth are correspondingly high from an overall perspective, a 4.5 on 5.

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Storksak Sofia Diaper Bag

Storksak Sofia Diaper BagSofia is the vintage collection brought to you by Storksak – the premium brand for diaper changing bags. Sofia regally presents itself in its exclusive style made of soft twisted leather that gives a matt look. Tired of finding great looking bags that are also multi-functional? Sofia is the bag for you. With ten compartments, an insulated bottle holder that keeps the temperature of the fluids constant for up to four hours and vanity cases that are easily detachable, Sofia is sure to win your heart by all means!


10 spacious compartments make it very functional and useful. External thermally insulated bottle holder for holding fluids warm or cold means no more fluids leaking into the bag. Detachable vanity cases that make cleaning convenient.


High price range. The thermo-insulating pocket is not zip locked. A bit on the heavier side.Check


This product has an excellent design and visual appeal to it. The smoky colors with the rustic gold and silver buckles and hinges give it a classy look. The magnetic strap on the front panel pockets makes it neat and easy to grab or stuff things into them. From the inside, the compartment spacing is appreciable and the detachable vanity box is a very thoughtful feature from the cleaning perspective.

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All features are in line with the requirements of the target audience. Storksak has excelled in bringing style and functionality together with the new face of diaper bags and Sofia is its high range product line. These bags are intelligently engineered to provide more storage space in way that allows the user to categorize the fluids, linen, vanity items and organize better. Designers of this bag have given a greater though towards the convenience factor in cleaning the bag inside out in case of spilling by provided detachable sections. Overall, it has got all the necessary features when compared to its peers in the market.


Storksak products are made of high quality leathers that are built to last. Sofia lines of bags are all made of lightweight super soft leather that gives a silky feel. This product is known for its versatile nature, could be used as diaper bag, a carry bag for travel, a bag for school/work owing to its classic design. When it comes to quality, Storksak has again stamped their high standards in Sofia lines of bags.

Ease of Use

The zipper closure for the main compartment of the bag is very strong and secure and allows the bag to open wide making it easier to look for things in the bag. There are five compartments with a magnetic quick fasten strap on the front panel of the bag that gives a good amount of space for cell phones and handy usable items. Luxury padded changing mat, detachable vanity case, adjustable shoulder strap are some of the key features that add to its ease of use to a great extent.

Our Overall Rating

Overall, this bag lives up to its expectations. Although a little pricy, the style and the usability of this product makes it worthy enough to buy as a diaper bag. Functional use of the space and rationally spaced compartments in the insides of the bag gives it an edge over others. My favorite feature is its detachable cases since it makes cleaning so much easier and I could remove it if I did not want it. Also, the exterior are very sassy and makes me feel confident and stylish. So while giving a thought to every aspect of this bag, I can easily give it a rating of 4 on 5.

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Skip Hop Studio Diaper Tote Bag

Skip Hop Studio Diaper Tote BagMoms simply love, love, love these diaper bags from Skip Hop especially the Studio Diaper Tote Bag because it offers great versatility to their very busy lives. It looks great as a purse and works even better as baby’s nappy bag. At last, an intelligent diaper bag that’s ready to match a woman’s busy schedule. This bag is roomy and ready to pack a big load, it’ll keep baby happy and smiling the whole day. This diaper bag has two exciting colors and designs that moms can choose from; pewter dot and plum burst. Both designs are just so adorable and will go well with any of mom’s favorite jeans or skirt.

These brand-spanking hot best diaper bags come with a lot of space and pockets to make sure that you’ll get the organization you need. And the spacious main compartment with the wide opening is wide enough for some electronic gadgets. There’s even an anti-microbial pocket for dirty diapers. And the exterior and interior material is water resistant so no need to worry about spillages spoiling this awesome bag. Now, that’s a smart bag don’t you think so? Moms, be ready to stuff everything in because there are 14 pockets just waiting to be used. This diaper bag will look and work great whether it’s hanging over your shoulder or on the back of your stroller.

  • Awesomely stylish and practical diaper bag with zip-top closure
  • Nicely fitted, comfortable, double-duty handles
  • Soft matching changing pad
  • 14 conveniently sized pockets
  • Anti-microbial zip pocket
  • Interior and exterior material both water-resistant
  • Nickel feet bottom

If you hook up with these great diaper bags you get rewarded with a very graceful looking, fully-loaded, easy to haul accessory bag for baby and you. Come on, it’s not every day that you’ll come across a bag that’ll work with your fine dress. The dressy handles works double-duty as a shoulder strap or a hand-carry so you can always go either way. This is just one of those special creations designed to make a woman smile. If you’re shooting for a look that will make you look sharp and classy even with a baby in tow then this baby bag will do it for you.

A woman who’s been using one of these best baby bags adores her pewter colored bag. She says that the metallic color makes it easier for her to pair it with her black outfit and makes it standout. She also mentions that she has no complaint over how much the bag can pack. She carries a lot for her and the baby and there’s always plenty of room. The only flaw, she thinks, this bag has is the weak magnet on the front.

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Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag

Skip Hop Versa Diaper BagMoms are always on the lookout for the bags that’s within their budget to help them carry everything for their babies. But once they discover the Skip Hop Versa diaper bag, they know that their prayers have been answered. When you see this diaper bag you won’t even have an inkling that it is in fact a diaper bag – that’s one of the things that make them the best diaper bags.

The best bags don’t necessarily mean that they’re the priciest ones out there. Sometimes they’re just the smartest when it comes to function and fashion. They look so pretty that any mom who wears them on their shoulders just glows with pride because they know a secret – they have the bags swinging on their shoulders. And the rest of the world is not even aware of it. This is an exciting twist on diaper bags. Moms can now wear their best suits and carry this very smart looking baby bag ready to face the office and motherhood at the same time.

  • Fashionable & lightweight diaper bag
  • Matching soft, water-resistant changing pad
  • Insulated bottle pockets on both sides
  • Front phone pocket
  • Made from sturdy non-toxic materials
  • Extendable middle-part making it 20% bigger
  • Gripped straps that attach to any stroller

Times have changed for the women in our world. Their needs have changed too. Staying home and raising the kids is not the only option of the women in the 21 stcentury. It’s just right that bags of today should cope with the demands of motherhood. And this is the diaper bag that is just right for the job. It’s styled for the women of today, highly-functional, and beautiful. Moms will appreciate the roominess and lightness of this bag. And the most amazing factor is the prize! It’s the best bargain when you go shopping for diaper sacs that have it all but with half the price. Get in amazing colors of black, bronze, graphite, and cream with black links.

The Reviews

Moms love that it looks so stylish with its great material, great choice of color, and shiny gold accents. The non-slip stroller straps are also a crowd drawer for this bag. Some moms even got more than one diaper bag. If there’s something that would make these bags even better is that if they’re water proof and made from coated material. That way dust and dirt will bounce of it. Nevertheless this is one functional and stylish diaper bag.

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Skip Hop Dash Diaper Bag

Skip Hop Dash Diaper BagWhen it comes to utility and style, the Skip Hop Dash diaper bag was exactly what I was looking for. I am not one to carry tons of gear with me everywhere I go. Yes, you do need to be prepared with a baby around but that doesn’t mean you have to look like a pack mule. The Skip Hop Dash provides for all my needs. I can take care of my baby’s needs without carrying a bulky, unattractive bag. Plus, the smaller size lets me manage my on-the-go lifestyle with simplicity.

I am a confident, capable woman but I admit having a baby made me stop in my tracks and wonder how I would manage the complexities of life. I didn’t want to give up my freedom and ability to go at the drop of a hat. This diaper bag lets me do that. It gives me ample pockets with plenty of space. I can store all the baby’s essentials and a few of my own in convenient, roomy pockets. There is no wondering where something is or digging through cavernous interiors looking for something. The Dash diaper bag lets me organized and peppy at the same time.

Fun Features

  • All the flaps close with magnets. No noisy Velcro to wake a sleeping baby or get stuck on other materials.
  • Eleven well-sized pockets help keep items organized.
  • A parent pouch protects special items with a zipper enclosure.
  • A padded, removable changing pad lets you change the baby quickly and easily anywhere. No more searching for a clean surface to lay the baby on.
  • A key fob and pen holders help keep parental essentials within easy grasp.
  • The shoulder strap comes with a thick, removable pad. This makes toting the bag for long periods a breeze.
  • Exclusive Skip Hop Shuttle Clips let me attach the diaper bag easily to my stroller for added convenience and accessibility. This is my favorite feature of all.

Price Comparison

The price of the Skip Hop Dash diaper bag is on par with many diaper bags available in retail outlets. The average price of $65 is more than justified for a bag that can last years. Having used it for 18 months now, I can honestly say I would gladly pay more for this level of quality and convenience. In my humble opinion, the bag is under-priced.

Impressive Opinions

With my busy life, I don’t have time to waste running from store to store to pick out a diaper bag or anything else. I also don’t have time to waste buying the wrong product and having to deal with the hassle of returning it or buying another one because the one I got didn’t last. When I make a purchase, I take the time to investigate the item thoroughly. When I run across something that impresses lots of people, I pay attention. I was intrigued by the impressed opinions of others using the Skip Hop Dash diaper bag.

The Reviews

Most of the comments raved about how you could fit all the baby’s essential items into the bag and still fit your wallet, keys and cell phone in there too. People complimented the neutral colors, the compact size and the durability of the fabrics. The only real complaints came from people who like to carry more than the bare essentials and wish they had chosen one of the large Skip Hop models. All this praise rang true and was exactly what I needed to convince me I was right about choosing this diaper bag over the others on the market. For the busy, on-the-go parent, the Skip Hop Dash diaper bag is the way to go.

If you need the comfort of a large tote that lets you carry everything but the kitchen sink, the Dash is not for you. It’s for sleeker, simpler styles.

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Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bags

Petunia Pickle Bottom is a brand known around the globe by all modern moms of this technology age. Their collection of bags took inspiration from an experimental creation of a changing bag, which later became very successful in the United States. The brand is known for their nice graphic prints which have become their trademark now. Their attention to detail and their craftsmanship has made them one among the sought after brands for women who want to enjoy the adventure called motherhood!

Buying a changing bag might sound a simple task, but with Petunia Pickle Bottom, you will be spoilt for choices. There are many varieties like trademark boxy backpacks, carryalls, weekends, satchels, totes, clutches, holdalls and their evergreen classic cake collections. Each variety exhibits a different style altogether and you will surely yearn to buy multiple bags to create your style statement wherever you go. You can also buy a matching purse and jacketed photo holders when you choose to buy your changing back at Petunia.

They also have other baby accessories in their product line like the nursing covers, baby record holders, etc. Simply put, Petunia collection is a boon to a modern woman like you, who celebrates every single day being a mom.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack Convertible

Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack ConvertibleOnce you get hypnotized by the best baby diaper bags from Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack Convertible diaper bag, you will really have a hard time taking your eyes off these beauties. These bags really know how to dress up the humble diaper bag and turn it into a hip and classy daily bag for women. This is not just your regular diaper bag that you buy off the shelf, it is an investment and a wise one too. This diaper bag will serve you and your baby well and it will even serve your next baby as well the first one. Now that is true value for you my friend.

One intelligent feature introduced and utilized by these best bags is the quiet magnetic closure. No more loud clicking and sudden snapping of metals every time you need to get something from your bag. Your baby will have more chances for uninterrupted sleep if you have this diaper bag as your travelling companion. It is made from very sleek fabric with glazed accent to give it that eye popping design. Another smart feature of this bag is the convertible strap which can easily transform your easy shoulder bag into a comfortable backpack. Now those two features alone can seal the deal, but wait there’s more.

  • Equipped built-in matching and detachable changing station & Spot cleaning only
  • Secure whisper-quiet magnetic closure
  • Holds 4 bottle, a pacifier holder and a key fob
  • Monogram plastic wipes case, coordinating straps with snap hooks & organizational pockets

The best diaper bags should be able to make life easier for you with the baby. A simple task as reaching for a pacifier should not be a problem. This diaper bag has even solved that simple problem for you. It has designed an easy reach pocket for baby’s pacifier and even added an accessible key clip to hold your keys. Pockets are strategically placed in inside and outside of these best baby bags to make reaching and grabbing easy to manage even when you have your little angel in your arms.

A mother bought this item because she really likes the convertible feature of this bag. And it is one of the prettiest diaper bags she has seen on shelves. She only wishes that she didn’t have to pay extra for the stroller clips. Another mom has this bag and she is very pleased with how conveniently this bag carries all her baby’s belongings. One thing she noticed on this diaper bag is that the shoulder strap does not have a shoulder pad. She thought that bags of this size will normally have a shoulder pad but this one doesn’t. Nevertheless it still beautiful and very easy to carry.

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Petunia Pickle Bottom Abundance Boxy

Petunia Pickle Bottom Abundance BoxyImagine one kid diaper bag clinging beautifully on your shoulders, like this one, the Petunia Pickle Bottom Abundance Boxy Backpack diaper bag. It is difficult to imagine a mom’s life without her trusted diaper bags during a hectic day out with the baby. But with these carefully crafted nappy bags you get the solution for your baby’s needs, and even including yours. And the best quality about these diaper bags is that they look like what you’ll bring to a party. Yes, they are that cool! So mommies what are you waiting for?

Getting picked as one of the diaper bags does not only mean that it’s highly functional, but it also states that it’s a fun diaper bag to bring during your travel. The adorable designs matched with bold colors and classy shape makes these diaper bags really stand out from a crowd. Travelling with the baby is made easier by these very classy looking diaper bags. This is really one great companion to bring along with you almost anywhere.

  • Equipped with built-in changing station, pacifier pockets & 4 bottle holders
  • Straps doubles for shoulder bag & backpack
  • Fitted with magnetic closure, chrome snap hooks and key clips
  • Made from PVC free, easy to clean glazed fabric with water-resistant lining
  • Detachable changing mat and monogrammed wipes case

The bags should be equipped for everything while looking graceful hanging over your shoulder or your stroller. And this bag always looks beautiful even with an abundant load. Beauty, practicality, and durability make this one really hot diaper bag. It’s your on-bag-solution for your entire baby or even babies’ needs. Moms get to choose from a row of very delightful designs such as Bavarian bliss, classically crete, heavenly Holland, passport to Prague, peaceful Portofino, and my personal favorite frolicking in Fez. Get a load of that!

A woman bought it for her baby and was really pleased with its spacious capacity. She says that as her baby grows older her bag is still able to adjust to his needs and can even pack a lot of toys during long trips. The only down-side for her on this bag is that she had to purchase the stroller clips separately.

Other user purchased this diaper bag for his wife after their second child was born. He said that it was very easy to pack for the two kids with this bag and that he likes the very durable material. One mom, however thought that the bag looked funny when she used it as a backpack and that’s her only issue about the product.

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Petunia Pickle Bottom Sash Diaper Bag

Petunia Pickle Bottom Sash Diaper BagDon’t miss these bags from Petunia Pickle Bottom. They’re delightfully covered with flowers and prints that will surely brighten any day. There’s not a lot of the diaper bags that can shift from a shoulder bag and turn into a backpack. But these ones do. They simply glide off your shoulders and onto your back with easy. They are neatly shaped sashay satchels that give it that unique vintage look in their line of diaper bags.

Elegance and style are what makes them one of top diaper bags. And they are very affordable too. Once you see how sophisticated these bags are, you won’t be able to leave the shop without one. Moms will enjoy the flexibility and ease with these baby bags. They come complete with matching accessories to make it more enjoyable and convenient to use for mommy. Organizing baby’s stuff to enjoy a day-out has never been this exciting.

  • Converts easily from shoulder bag to backpack
  • Matching comfortable changing mat and wipe case
  • Multiple compartments and magazine pocket
  • 4 internal bottle holders
  • Fully padded shoulder straps
  • Discreetly hidden backpack straps
  • Fabricated from organic cotton canvas material
  • Easy spot clean surface and PVC free

The colors and prints of these best bags are simply adorable, why even the names are lovely; blissful buttercup, rambling rose, adoring autumn, classic cornflower, indelible iris, and a personal choice is the positively plaid. And those are not the only combinations they have, so get ready for more exciting choices. One very noticeable feature that other diaper bags can’t offer is to conveniently switch from a shoulder bag into a backpack. This means that mommy can have all her hands free for the baby. And that’s what mommies need anyway, more hands for the baby. So if you’re a mom and you’re looking for the best solution on packing baby’s needs in a stylish, functional, and convenient manner then grab one of these really great looking diaper bags.

A user who commutes daily appreciates the handiness of this diaper bag. She said that she can easily slide it on her shoulder and swing it to her back so she can carry her bundle of joy more securely. She adds that it’s just the perfect size for her. If there’s one thing she’d like to improve with this bag it’s the opening.

Since it’s styled like a satchel she finds the tapered top a tad constricting when she’s putting in baby’s things. But she said it’s not really an issue, she still finds this an amazing diaper bag and would gladly recommend it to her family and friends.

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Petunia Pickle Bottom Touring Tote

Petunia Pickle Bottom Touring TotePetunia Pickle bottom touring tote bags are the bold new range of candid looking bags that are spacious and well organized from inside and have a peppy glazed exterior. These bags have been designed keeping in mind all that a woman would want to carry when out with the infant and how she would like to use each of its pockets. You can easily forget about carrying a separate purse when you own a Petunia pickle bottom touring tote exclusive collection bag!


Spacious four compartments, 2 bottle pockets and 1 pacifier pocket in the well-organized interiors and a magnetic closure pocket, two small zipper pockets and one big zippered pockets with a detachable changing pad on the exterior. Multiple carrying options- Shoulder, cross body and on the stroller (comes with Stroller clips).


The external pockets are relatively smaller. The shoulder straps are too small and lacks padding.


This product has been very thoughtfully designed. From every little accessory like the valet stroller clips to the carefully color contrasted light interiors that illuminate naturally to make it easier to look for small items in the bag and glazed PVC-free exterior that makes it easy to clean. The overall portability, shape& size and convenience factor makes it a win-win for the users.


The most important and prime features of this product include the compartmentalization of the interiors with two cup pockets and a pacifier pocket other than four pockets for holding diapers and tissues. Most diaper bags have bottle holders in the exteriors which are not zip locked which makes it a tad bit inconvenient, but in Petunia Pickle Bottom Touring Tote, external pockets are sized just enough to hold the essentials like car keys, phone and small accessories.


Exteriors are made of matt canvas fabric which is water resistant and the interiors are lined by slate water-resistant material which makes cleaning easier. The color contrast is picked to give lighter shades in the interiors for natural illumination and the onyx patterns on the hand embroided exteriors are designed to give a bold, sprightly visual appeal. These patterns are a refreshing change from the regular monochrome bags and I could use them as regular handbags too. However, for those that have a sober taste, these designs can be too bold to carry.

Ease of Use

Storage space is ample and can fit three or four diapers and a box of tissues, two bottles and a snack box along with extra space for a pair of clothes. The compartments make it easier to arrange the contents and it doesn’t get messy from the inside. The external pockets serve the purpose to hold the keys and parking slips which usually gets difficult to find most of the time for me! Three types of straps gives me a lot of options, though the stroller clips are my personal favorite. This bag made me feel like it was custom made for me!

Our Overall Rating

Perfect spacing, organized interiors, and versatile carry options, reasonable pricing and perky designs make this bag an outstanding choice at this price range. Overall, it is a good deal and worth a try for those bored with the regular bags available in the market.

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Okkatots Diaper Bags

Okkatots is a brand developed by Jeanette. There is an interesting story behind Okkatots. Being a mother and grandmother, Jeanette designed unique and cute bags for her own use while she had children and helped her friends too in the process. Soon she became a hit among the parents in the neighborhood and thus Okkatots was born. An unending passion that she had developed for her lovable kids had influenced her to create such a strong brand in Okkatots. This made Okkatots win the best product award given by PTPA media in 2010.

Backpack bags, shoulder bags, travel depot bags are some of the products that Okkatots produce. They have attractive bags in solid colors that come with all kinds of sophistication that you will ever need in a diaper bag. Separators provided for each and every essential thing that you will need for your baby, will absolutely make you feel that you can never ask for better. Many of their bags come with provision for extra change mats, insulated bottle pouches, wet wipes dispensers and even your personal items like a cellphone and purse. They are washable and light in weight, which adds to the number of reasons that will compel you to buy an Okkatots bag. So the next time when you travel, ensure you buy an Okkatots changing bag and give yourself a chance to enjoy the best travel experience with your loved littles!

Okkatots Baby Depot Diaper Bag

Okkatots Baby Depot Diaper BagOkkatots Baby Depot diaper bag is a wonderful and beautiful looking unisex bag in the market. Okkatots as a brand has always proved its ability in combining functionality with style and has proved it again with Baby depot diaper bags.


Very spacious, durable and stylish bag. It comes with insulated pockets on the sides to hold liquids at desired temperatures.


Zipper design could have been improved as two way zippers are rare in this bag.

Okkatots Baby Depot Bag

My personal point of view is that best diaper bags should be exciting, such as the Okkatots baby depot diaper bag backpack. Exciting because of the unique way it will hold your baby’s gear. It is designed to make travels easier for you and the baby. It has a two-way opening for easy access to baby’s needs. It also zips all around so you can open this diaper bag like a book. Packing and unpacking is no problem for this very functional diaper backpack. It even has a holder for your DVD player to keep baby entertained throughout the trip.

Within the circle of best bags, they boast the feature of being able to stand in an upright position all the time. The durable base partnered with hooks and clips to reinforce its upward manner is really one of the highlights of this bag. It’s the new generation diaper bag. The features are all made to be parent-friendly so moms and dads will have less stress every time they need to go out with the baby in tow. It knows and understands what every parent’s need that is why it is one of the top bags.

  • Durable material made from 300D polyester and 100% nylon with PU coating
  • Structure holds upright position with all-the-way zipper function
  • Holds up to 16 nappies and insulated pocket for 6 bottles or sippy cups
  • Comes with change mat, water-resistant laundry bag, and removable pacifier pouch
  • Organized pockets, wet wipes dispenser, key hook, cellphone holder and fully opening side pockets
  • Zippered DVD pocket to store and hold player while viewing
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These best diaper bags can take being hanged in your closet, hauled on your shoulders, and hand-carried anywhere. It is there to make things easier, for you and the baby, and it will. There are three classic colors for the happy couples to choose from; red, gray, and black. For some, this bag may not be within their budget but if you are looking for value for your money then this is a good pick. It is a wise investment, especially if you are planning to have one more little angel or already have a couple of little ones to bring with you. This bag will help you get everything together in a cinch.

A mother of three kids agrees that this bag has great organization. She can easily use this bag with her three kids but only for short journeys. She says that it will conveniently accommodate only 2 of her kids’ stuff. Another mommy would like to have more colors and prints to choose from. But overall they all find this bag highly functional and practical.

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Okkatots Baby Travel Backpack

Okkatots Baby Travel BackpackThere is a pocket for everything you need in these spacious backpack diaper bags by Okkatots, with room left over for a few of baby’s toys and even some for yours! Disorganized parents who have too much to do will be gently nudged into line with any of the baby diaper bags in this range – because there is a pocket for everything! Some baby bags do make searching for things more difficult than it need be – but not these.

They open right out wide so everything is at your fingertips without having to blindly grope around at the bottom. Pockets are zippered with mesh over them so items are clearly visible too. Any journey can be stressful at any time – even more so with an infant in your arms and cutting down on the anxiety is essential for you and baby if you want to enjoy each other. Making sure you both have everything you need will go a long way to helping you crush your travel worries.

This backpack diaper bag is probably not what you are looking for to go shopping with baby, it really is impressively big. But for away days and overnights, or if you have more than one baby with you, the Okkatots is an investment in any parents sanity! Stylish in looks, this bag stands as tall as a two year old and can be carried by anyone without being recognized as a diaper bag. If you are away on vacation it can double up as a family bag too.

  • Backpack Diaper Bag
  • Multiple pockets and pouches keep small or important items from getting lost
  • Insulated pocket

Reviews are all positive and some parents love it – the only complaint is about how big this is when you use it. Which is as good as saying there is ample room for everything. So if you need a bag for baby to travel with, one from the Okkatots range of backpack diaper bags is great value for money and provides a fantastic organized space which won’t let you down.

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Okkatots Shoulder Diaper Bag

Okkatots Shoulder Diaper BagThey do have smaller bags in their range, like this shoulder bag, which looks , well, like any other shoulder bag. Inside it opens out into the trademark organized pocket space I’d expect from Okkatots. Obviously not a backpack, this will go on a day out or on a quick trip into town. While these bags are the best bet for traveling away, for me they are restricted by their practical ‘office smart’ looks and a certain lack of something – maybe elegance?

  • A diaper bag that can conveniently double as a hand bag
  • Has pockets for toys, keys and cell phone
  • Includes large changing mat, so you don’t have to lay your baby on a cold hard surface
  • Made with easy to clean fabric

Taller than most backpack diaper bags, the Okkatots range are very lightweight and also very strong. The shoulder straps are really well padded, so it’s comfortable to wear and doesn’t dig in or leave marks behind. Don’t ever underestimate how important comfort is. What feels quite light when you set out, can feel like a soldiers backpack two hours later, just when your toddler needs to be carried.

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OiOi Diaper Bags

When Lisa Bennetts gave birth to a baby girl thirteen years ago, she was inspired to put her fashion background to good use by creating a stylish and sophisticated diaper bag. Lisa had extensive experience in fashion and accessories product development and creating the OiOi Messenger bag was a natural transition. OiOi has evolved from an Australian owned and designed brand to an internationally recognized label. OiOi launched in the UK in 2002 and the U.S. in 2003. OiOi diaper bags have grown from a single design in 1997 to a collection of over 40 different styles.OiOi diaper bags are made from exclusive material customized to their specifications. Fabric bags may be spot cleaned with mild soap and water and leather trim should be cleaned with a soft damp cloth. These bags should not be immersed in water. Leather OiOi bags have a care card included. No two bags look exactly alike due to vintage style washing and distressing. It is designed to fade and wear over time. Be careful when wearing denim garments because the color can transfer to the bags.

The safety of your baby is extremely important to the company and OiOi bags are made from baby-safe materials. They contain no Azo dyes, no blue colorants, no phthalates or other toxins. The newer collections will contain no lead, no BPA and will conform to the international standards for safe levels of formaldehyde. Customer satisfaction is important to OiOi and they offer a 12 months from date of purchase warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.OiOi diaper bags include long wearing, easily cleaned, water resistant outer fabrics and easy to clean linings. There are protective metal feet on the base and plenty of elasticized dividers inside to organize your things. Also included is a matching changing pad, insulated bottle holder, a zip top wet bag, a hard plastic case for wipes and clips for keys and pacifiers.

Styles include bags of many shapes and colors. There are three made especially for fathers. Two are canvas khaki and one is leather. The hobo slouch, backpack, and messenger bag styles come in quilted fabric as well as leather in lots of colors and patterns. The latest choices are modern military, stripes, tribal prints, and butterfly prints. Despite being extremely functional, OiOi diaper bags look just like high end handbags and I can see them being used for that purpose.

OiOi Baby Dot Messenger Diaper Bag

OiOi Baby Dot Messenger Diaper BagA lot of diaper bags can claim that their one of the trendier diaper bags but the OiOi Baby Dot messenger diaper bag already is. It beautifully meshes functionality with sophisticated style so it’s hard to say “no” to this bag. Women who would be moms or already moms will appreciate the practicality of this bag. It’s spacious enough to conveniently hold baby’s things like bottles, toys, clothes, and even baby’s favorite snacks.

It’s not every day that you get something this good looking and practical at the same time. And you don’t even have to dig deep in your pocket to pay for its price. These Australian designed, one of the smartest diaper bags is customized to meet every mother’s needs. These attention grabbing diaper bags will surely make a lot of heads turn. It’s fashioned from an easy to clean micro fiber material so cleaning it is a snap!

  • Spacious bag comes with matching changing mat & magnetic snap closure
  • Constructed from micro fiber material for strength
  • Comes with insulated bottle holder, exterior phone pouch and wipes case
  • Strong metal feet at the bottom

Travelling with the baby doesn’t have to be such a task. With these best diaper bags, you’ll surely enjoy your time outside. These nappy bags come in pretty playful combinations like turquoise, char, and lime. It’s good to invest your cash on one of these best diaper bags because you and your baby deserves the best time together while they still fit in your arms. Having a functional diaper bag during baby’s diaper days will help parents get things organized and simplified. No chaotic rummaging inside a regular bag which is not equipped to handle baby’s demanding needs.

A new mom commended this because it’s spacious but not all bulky to carry. She wanted something that’s big enough to hold both hers and the baby’s things without seeming like a big travel bag.

A couple was already getting frustrated when they were looking for a very practical diaper bag. But when they saw the fine and structure and support of this diaper bag they finally found what they were looking for. They liked it that the baby’s things didn’t just flopped all over the bag. And it’s even easier for the dad to carry the bag because of its neutral color. A parent who bought this bag was a bit let down when she found out that the bag didn’t go with an adjustable strap, but other than that she is still satisfied with its functionality.

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OiOi Hobo Diaper Bag

OiOi Hobo Diaper BagIf you’re looking for the top diaper bags then you’re not just searching for a bag, you’re also looking for an investment. And if you’ve already seen the OiOi Hobo diaper bag then you may already have an idea about the features that qualifies the great diaper bags. Mommies, it’s not just you’re ordinary, ho-hum baby bag, it’s a solution for keeping and brining everything for the busy and active days ahead. So let’s take a tour inside this very smart baby bag.

If you’re serious about getting one of the OiOi Hobo diaper bags, then you’re in for a real treat. This one will give you one of great experience for sure. It’s chic, useful, accessorized, and really adorable. It’s everything you’d want in a baby bag and more, more, more! With its smooth leather trims, antique nickel accents, and soft weave shoulder strap – this one’s a knockout! You will surely be praised for your great fashion sense once you and baby stroll about with one of the coolest diaper bags.

  • Crafted from 100% cotton drill with faux leather trimming and antique nickel accent
  • Water resistant internal lining
  • Soft and comfortable adjustable strap
  • 1 main spacious compartment and 3 additional sub-pockets
  • Comes with a pacifier holder, changing mat (matching), non-slip stroller straps
  • Also includes insulated bottle holder & hard wipes case

Moms, somebody listened when they thought of making a baby bag that’s ideal for you and your baby. It’s lightweight, very convenient, it’s got plenty of room for the baby’s needs and also for some of moms basic essentials. The Hobo shape is very trendy on this bag and maximizes every inch for practicality. The designs are very current and hip that mommies will surely love it. Mommies have become very picky and mindful of what they buy for baby but this will take some of those stresses away.

It’s very hip. Picky moms are already complimenting this product left and right. It’s all about fashion and functionality for this baby bag. The metal foot base is a smart details as it keeps it clean, and protected when you set it down on the floor. A busy mom tried washing her bag in the laundry and set it for “gentle,” she said that it made it look good as new. Although some moms have issues of it being manufactured in China, most of the moms don’t and still considers it as one stylish diaper bag that could pass for a great purse.

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OiOi Giraffe Tote Diaper Bag

OiOi Giraffe Tote Diaper BagOiOi Giraffe Tote takes the diaper bag experience to a whole new level. Finished in a safari look, the bag will surely get you the attention you want from the crowd. Moreover, the added protective metal feet on the base make it a heavy duty bag fit for a mom with the need of carrying many things for her baby. Its zip top closure is designed in order to make the inside of the bag more accessible with less hassle on the owner’s part.

OiOi Giraffe Tote Features

  • Product Dimensions: 11? H x 17? W x 5 1/2? D
  • Product Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 3.8 pounds
  • Antique nickel hardware with faux leather trim and stroller straps
  • Double handle and detachable adjustable web shoulder strap
  • Large padded microfiber change mat
  • Insulated bottle holder
  • Long adjustable nylon web shoulder strap with dog clip ends

The Reviews

One prominent thing about the OiOi Giraffe Tote is that it has and does the things the manufactures say it has and does. I have been searching for a bag that I can use to carry my baby’s stuff while I’m strolling around the park with my baby. Of course, a diaper bag crossed my mind but it would be better to have one that does not really look like a diaper bag and more like a trendy lady’s bag. Fortunately, OiOi Giraffe Tote did fit my criteria.

Browsing through the reviews of other moms who have used the Giraffe tote, I can say that the bag did manage to gain a good reputation, thus, earning my trust. Its practicality is simply worthwhile. With its spacious internal fitted with comfortable pockets, my stuff inside my bag really does look organized. Moreover, the safari look of the bag adds up to its appeal for me. It simply looks cute and elegant which I can carry around with confidence. Most of the time, I get to have some compliments from my friends regarding my bag while I’m on the road.

It’s orange insulated bottle holder matches the safari look of the diaper bag which I think is perfect. The only negative thing I can say about this bag is that it is heavy. The heavy weight of the bag can be attributed to its metal feet on the base on the bag to make it even sturdier and thus, becomes a heavy duty bag. Nonetheless, the bag deserves my recommendation.

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Kalencom Diaper Bags

The Kalencom Diaper Bag brand is a cut above the rest, and even classified as a designer bag. When it comes to diaper bags in general, it is best not to mess around, go for the one that is going to make your job easier, its best to just go for the best. Don’t leave yourself wanting more just because you made the wrong choice.

The Kalencom Diaper Bag will have at least 2 separate insulated pockets that are designed to store baby bottles, and keep them warm for quite some time. I have yet to come acorss just any old bag that is going to go that for you. And warm formula is what you should be giving your baby, so why waste time having to heat them up, when you it’s already done for you. It’s pretty straight forward that this is a much needed feature on any diaper bag.

1 Year Warranty on Kalencom Diaper Bags, makes it very attractive indeed. Its not every day that a company will stand by its workmanship, and craftsmanship at all, let alone 1 year. These bags are meant to last, and are meant to last a long time. Just like any other bag, it’s going to see its share of abuse, by being tossed in the back seat, on the floor, maybe even fall down a flight of stairs.Who knows, but it will see abuse through out its years.

Sure, you won’t be able to find one for less that $60, but they are well worth the price. They go higher in price with more features, and more elaborate designs than just any plain blue, or pink bag. Sure, you get those colors if its a boy or girl, but still. Don’t you want to be able to pick your bag out, out of a crowed room full of them? You will be kicking yourself when you go to get yours, and find out that everyone else as a blue or pink bag, just like you.

So, don’t cheap out, go ahead of find your own Kalencom diaper bag, you will be so thankful you did. It has more options; it keeps warm bottles warm. It’s more sturdy; don’t expect it to tear at the first sign of over stuffing. And with the style the come in, you’ll be known as the original one with that bag on your shoulder. And we all know, there is nothing better than a styling mom.

Kalencom Ozz Iridescent New Flap Bag

Kalencom Ozz Iridescent New Flap BagYou will fall in love with these great diaper bags from Kalencom. They are cute, colorful and easy on the budget too. These diaper bags has a magnetic flap closure for quick and easy access to your baby’s needs. They come as a set complete with bottle keepers, a matching changing mat, zippered pouch and matching adjustable shoulder strap. It is everything a mom needs when going out with the baby. The changing mat is padded so the baby will be comfortable during nappy changes.

One of the things that you will surely notice about the top diaper bags from this collection is the playful choice of colors and bold designs. It is hard to look at them at the same time because you may want to take them all home. The ones with solid colors peppered with hints of sparkle can even pass for a really dazzling purse. Moms will definitely put this in the list of the coolest diaper bags.

  • Fashioned from baby safe, wipe clean material; phthalates free and AZO free
  • New flap style with magnetic snap closure
  • Equipped with double elastic bottle holders, multiple pockets, and adjustable strap
  • Comes with coordinating Thinsulate insulated bottle keeper, padded changing mat, and stroller straps
  • Fitted with metal feet

When you go out shopping for the best diaper bags, keep in mind that you do not have to buy the most expensive on the rack. Consider the size and its function. Is it enough to carry your baby’s stuff? How many kids will you need to pack for most of the time? And what is the most important thing for you in a diaper bag aside from loading up nappies? Those questions could easily be your guide to decide on which diaper bag is best for you. But personally speaking, this one from the Kalencom Ozz collection meets my needs just fine. And I like the red and black because they are so elegant, they could easily pass for pretty purse. There are several prints and colors that mothers would really like from this collection. They have cream, pink, black, red, and printed designs such as clover, star, flower, stripes and more.

This bag caught the attention of one woman who thought that it was really an amazing purse. So she went ahead and bought it even if she didn’t have any kids. A new mom really likes how this diaper bag looks. She says that after using it for a few months she has only one issue with it. She wishes that the changing mat is Velcroed instead of tied closed to make it more convenient to use. But aside from that she is very happy with this bag.

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Kalencom Urban Sling Diaper Bag

Kalencom Urban Sling Diaper BagI couldn’t be more excited about my Kalencom Urban Sling. Let me tell you why. When my husband and I talked about having a baby he was excited about every part of the process except the diaper changing. It wasn’t because he didn’t want “doody duty”. He didn’t want to have to carry around one of those “girly, frilly bags” with all the paraphernalia because he didn’t want to appear too feminine. The Urban Sling by Kalencom was the answer.

The Urban Sling is from their “Dad’s Bags” group. These bags all come in masculine neutral or camouflage colors. They look more like a satchel or valise than a diaper bag, yet still provide all the function of a high end, designer diaper bag. Even my husband couldn’t disagree when he saw the smooth chocolate color and the wide adjustable shoulder strap.

What We Like Most

In spite of it being a “men’s” bag, I like it too. Either of us can use it anytime. The roomy interior lets us carry all sorts of things including a change of clothes, a jacket or sweater and toys. We can even fit a few mom or dad items in there. He likes the separate cell phone compartment. I like the insulated bottle compartment.

The removable diaper-changing pad makes those inevitable pit stops less worrisome. All we have to do it is roll it out, change the baby and with a quick wipe, its clean and ready to be stored for its next use. No more hunting for a sanitary place to change the baby because we’ve always got one with us.

Another feature we like about our Kalencom diaper bag is that its eco –friendly. All of their fabrics and materials are AZ-free which means they are safe for us and our baby to be around. That brings peace of mind to new parents like us.

Price Shopping

Kalencom diaper bags are, thankfully, middle of the road when it comes to price. Some other designer diaper bags can sell for close to $200. After countless hours shopping in stores and comparing designer bags online, I couldn’t find any features we would be lacking by buying a Kalencom diaper bag. The average price of most Kalencom models was about $80, a few higher, a few lower. I couldn’t justify the higher price of the other bags when this one had everything we needed.

Convincing Testimonials

Always a careful shopper, I check out what others have to say about a product before I spend my hard-earned money. Besides, my husband would give me all kinds of grief if the bag I bought was not up to his demanding standards. I was happy to read the mostly glowing reviews about the bags. Here’s some of what people had to say:

  • “…still clean after 14 months of use.”
  • “…roomy without being bulky.”
  • “The adjustable strap is comfortable and doesn’t dig into my shoulder…”
  • “…easy to clean. All you do is wipe it with a damp cloth…”

How could I not be impressed by such positive comments?


It is true that nothing is perfect and this is true of my Urban Sling diaper bag too. If there were anything I could change about the bag, it would be the number of bottle holders and the lack of outside pockets or compartments. A second bottle holder would be handy when we’re out longer with the baby than just a couple of hours. Compartments on the outside would make it easier than having to open the main compartment and fish through the interior for things like a hat or a pacifier.

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Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bags

Ju-Ju-Be is not just another corporation in diaper bag business. They function like a fun club where anyone can become a part of it. Since its launch in 2005, they have been engaging their customers with lot of events which gives them a space to connect better. The events are not only opted by fun loving crowd but also by people who wish to exhibit their creativity. Be it designing bags, making fancy cupcakes, cooking good food, organizing other fun events, everybody can take part and contribute. Thus customer engagement has become their forte of success.

Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags are known for their colorful patterns and attract every mom with its style. You will want to exhibit your own style by choosing the best Ju-Ju-Be bag for you. Their bright colors match perfect with your style of dressing for each season. Their exclusive summer collections are a big hit among moms who travel a lot. Striped, patterns, dotted, solid colors, random prints, you name it; they have it. They change the way people admire you as a mom. They are perfect support for you when you have to handle stuff with a single hand. So, get ready for some admiration and stay in peace with easy handling.

Ju Ju Be Be Prepared Diaper Bag

Ju Ju Be Be Prepared Diaper BagThe Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared diaper bag definitely qualifies as one of the trendier diaper bags currently in the market today. They’re just the thing for long trips, over-packing, or if you have more than one child on your plate. It even has the perfect name for it, Be Prepared, and that’s exactly what it does. It prepares you for almost everything that you and your baby might need. It even has these interesting picture pockets to show-off your baby’s best smile and dimples. Now, that’s smart personalization for you.

You and baby can go to lots of places if you have one of this Ju Ju Be diaper bags strapped, packed, and ready to go. Overnights have never been easier and smarter with the bags. One mom even thought of getting a sticker that read “My bag can beat up your diaper bag.” That’s absolutely funny but in her perspective is absolutely true.

  • Imaginative travel diaper bag with crumb drain
  • Teflon coated earth leather exterior fabric and treated with anti-microbial AgION
  • Comes with matching memory foam changing pad
  • Soft and easy tote handle and memory padded, ergonomically correct shoulder strap
  • Roomy compartment with interior, exterior pockets and a magazine pocket
  • Exterior side bottle holders and interior mesh pockets that can double bottle pocket
  • Key & stroller clips, sunglass and cell phone holder
  • Metal hardware added bling on zippers and metal base feet
  • Machine washable

Only the best bags will have thought of all these special features and functions to help you prepare for different situations. You’ll never have a need for a second bag because this baby is big enough to be your main bag. It will be enough to get you through the night and even a whole day at the beach. And it even looks classy. The black silver exudes a very elegant personality that a lot of mommies long for in a diaper bag.

A mother of 3 has tried on different kinds of diaper bags. Since she’s discovered this ultimate diaper bag she only has to pack this one and they’re ready to bolt. She loves everything about this bag. However since it’s packed with features it doesn’t come light on its own. She says it’s great for an overnight trip but may not be the ideal pick if you’re only going out for a short shopping trip or a quick visit to the doctor. And another thing that she thought important to mention is that it may take 24-48 hours of air drying after you wash it. So schedule washing your bag 2 days in advance before you use it again.

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Ju Ju Be BFF Diaper Bag

Ju Ju Be BFF Diaper BagAs the name says, it’s your BFF and makes you BFF’s wherever you go! With detachable shoulder and messenger straps, BFF complements your style with elegance.Pros: Three types of straps- Back pack, shoulder, tote handle give more choice and adds versatility to your style.Cons: Storage space is not enough for overnight trips as it will just over than enough for a day out.

The bags should be your best friend on the road at all times, like this Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F. diaper bag. Once you get to know them, it’s hard to deny that these bags are truly a mom’s best friend. They pack a lot of stuff for the baby and make it easier for mommy. Mums can choose how they want to carry these diaper bags. They can grab it by the handle for a quick-carry, or swing them over her back as a terrific backpack, or simply slide it over her shoulder as a jazzy looking shoulder bag. However you want to carry them, they will look good and work extremely well in bringing the goods for mommy and the baby.

Moms will surely have a lot to smile about. These bags have covered almost every inch of concern that mums usually deal with when they need to go out with their precious little angel in tow. They made them from Teflon treated material to make sure that it’s easy to clean and yet still be machine washable. Let’s face it, not all baby bags selling themselves as the bags are as functional and electrifying as these ones.

  • Machine washable Teflon fabrication
  • AgION treated interior with light colored lining
  • Smart side pockets with 3M thinsulate
  • Protective metal base hardware and self-healing coil zippers
  • Mommy pocket with camera pocket
  • Ergonomic straps for a three-way handle
  • Comes with a matching memory foam changing pad

You won’t believe the yummy colors that moms can enjoy; they have cherry twirl, blush frosting, brown robin, coral kiss, dreamy diamonds, drip drops, jujuberry squares, licorice twirl, onyx blossom, and lots more. That’s how exciting these diapers are. That’s why they’re perfect for busy, busy moms. No need to worry about which diaper bag will be more convenient to carry when this one carries three ways. You can grab it, haul it, or just swing it over your shoulders.

A mom of a new born and a toddler loves that she can carry her kids’ stuff with just one bag. She says that with her old diaper bag she can only conveniently fit in one of her kid’s stuff in it. But with this awesome diaper bag, she happily reports that it is so easy for her to bring both of her kids’ stuff with just one haul. She did have one issue with it though; she says that the backpack straps were too low for her. But she also reported that the models that came out last 2011 have corrected that minor issue.

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Ju Ju-Be Mighty Be Diaper Bag

Ju Ju-Be Mighty Be Diaper BagThe Ju-Ju-Be Mighty Be diaper bag is not just one of cool bag it’s also a superhero of diaper bags. They’re not just diaper bags they’re you’re versatile for everyday use, this is pack-in-everything daily bag. This is a great bag that you can bring along even without baby in tow. Its style is so functional. It’s got a one main compartment with 2 neat zipper pockets inside to keep you organized. It also has one small compartment at the back and 3 pockets on front. Now that is a lot of extra storage for you and the baby.

Why this one is a favorite pick for being one of the best diaper bags? Well, the style is so easy matched with warm and radiant colors and prints. It’s a great find and such a great deal for its price. You’ll be very happy to find that these bags can easily go to the mall, picnic at the park, the grocery, the pool or even the beach. A lot of mom’s are very happy with this bag and so will you.

  • Versatile, stylish & sturdy
  • Light color lining for easy visibility
  • Inner lining treated with antimicrobial AgION
  • Exterior comes with Teflon treatment for strain frees usage
  • 2 zippered internal pockets and 4 compartments outside
  • Machine washable and air dry material

It’s so light and easy that it will not just be for bringing stuff for the baby. The wide interior compartment is big enough to accommodate even mom’s stuff for the beach. And it will still be very useful for the mommies even after the baby has finished using diapers. So from diaper bag, it can be a daily carry-all bag. That’s getting the most out of your hard earned money. And there’s even a rainbow of colors to choose from with matching smart colorful prints.

This is an uncomplicated bag that is very useful for a mom. It’s got the signature features of Ju-Ju-Be such as the antimicrobial lining, Teflon treatment fabrication and the works. This mom has bought this bag as a carry-all bag to make things easy when she needs to bring her little kid along. But she says that this only works for her because her daughter doesn’t use nappies anymore. She mentioned that if this were to work for her as a diaper bag then she would love that it comes with the matching pad and everything. But still she says that she really finds this bag very useful, light, sturdy and very easy on her shoulders even when she’s stashed in a lot of her kid’s stuff in it.

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Ju-Ju-Be Be All Diaper Bag

Ju-Ju-Be Be All Diaper BagThere are a lot of diaper bags announcing themselves to be the greatest diaper bags but before you decide which one wins, get a chance to look at this Ju-Ju-Be Be All diaper bag. This smart, colorful bag is designed to give mommies a lot to smile about their diaper bag. This bag is simply shouting “cuteness” even from a distance. Its smart lively colors and artsy designs are very attractive and very irresistible. And its glossy material adds a touch of elegance to these really beautiful bags.

The moms and also the dads will find a lot of things to be thankful for because these are simply the coolest diaper bags for baby. There’s a lot for room for baby’s stuff and also a personal pocket for the moms or the dads. You can pack this baby bag full and it will still look nice. You don’t ever have to worry about the shoulder pads biting your shoulders because they’re ergonomically correct. And with the AgION antimicrobial inner lining on these bags, you can be sure that the ickies don’t stand a chance.

  • Teflon treated shell
  • AgION antimicrobial protective inner lining
  • 3M thinsulate side pockets and an organizational mommy pocket
  • Memory foam changing pad
  • Ergonomic strap with stroller clip attachment point
  • Reinforced triple stitching and crumb drains
  • Machine washable and PVC free

There’s really a lot of stuff going on with this baby bag that makes it the top bag. Even the self-healing coil zippers have an added bling to it. You really get more than what you ask for in a diaper bag. It’s your intelligent go-to-diaper bag, it keeps the dirt off and keeps the germs away so it looks spiffy every time. The cool side pockets with 3M thinsulate helps keep your baby’s formula hot or his juice cold for hours. This bag gives you everything you need to make parenting a bit more easy and even fun while you’re on the go.

Parents who have experienced the functionality of this bag all have but praises for it. It makes travelling easy and keeps everything the baby needs within arm’s length. It’s large enough to be the main bag for the daily commute and for going to the park. But it space may not be enough for an overnight or a long journey. This is great for holding the essentials and extras on short trips without having to bring in a full size blankie.

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Ju-Ju-Be Be Hip Bag

Ju-Ju-Be Be Hip BagWhat do mommies look for in the best bags? First, it’s absolutely imperative that they look good like the Ju-Ju-Be Be Hip Bag. Secondly, they should be functional. It should be able to hold everything that baby needs including mom’s basic essentials. And last but not the least, is durability. These diaper bags should be able to withstand the rough lugging and packing for almost everywhere and everything. This Hip Bag is all of these things I’ve mentioned and even more.

This is a very flexible bag, just one of the features of being a cool bag; you may carry it on your shoulder or across the chest. The adjustable strap gives you that flexibility to haul it however you want. It’s easy, lightweight, colorful, and very useful. Moms appreciate the slimness of this bag. Because sometimes you don’t always need to be big to be the best, sometimes you just have to be smart. And smartness is one of the great things about these bags.

  • Multi exterior compartments with special pockets for gadgets
  • Made from Teflon treated fabric also with AgION microbial treatment
  • Light-colored interior lining with crumb drain
  • Comfortable and adjustable strap with memory foam
  • Hot or cold side bottle holder with 3M thinsulate
  • Convenient bag with matching comfortable changing pad

It’s true that some great things come in small packages. This diaper bag holds the same concept. It may be smaller than the rest, but it has features that not all big diaper bags have. Just take a sneak peek at the exciting designs that they have in store for you; marvelous mums, brown, bubblegum, fuchsia, eclipse, and tons more!

Now, not all moms would like to pack it full and sometimes you don’t need to bring a lot if it’s just a quick dash to the store. This bag is for those times when you just need the basics for the baby. You can still pack for the park with this fancy looking diaper bag. And you will have room for a lot of stuff but not enough for a sleep over though, I’m afraid.

It’s not only the moms who have their eyes on these delightful diaper bags but also some of the dads too. One dad chose the brown robin for his baby and he’s so glad that this is the one he picked out. He says that it’s easy to carry across his chest, its got enough room for the baby’s stuff and it can even fit in his mini-laptop.

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JJ Cole Diaper Bags

If you like a fashionable as well as functional diaper bag; a JJ Cole diaper bag could be just what you are looking for. They are made of baby-safe materials in a lot of stylish options. The materials are free from PVC and phthalate and are subjected to rigorous third party testing to ensure that they are safe and eco-friendly.

JJ Cole is one of the leading brands in the diaper bag industry that work with a mission to provide the new age parents with products that will help them enjoy parenting. With strong innovation base, they use many patented technologies in their products to give maximum value to their customers. So whenever you buy a JJ Cole product, it just means that you are buying a product that comes with the latest technological advancement that will help you adapt to your changing lifestyles. Their products are not just designed for utility but also to enhance your style.

Apart from style, diaper bags introduced by JJ Cole are also known for their utility, light weight and comfort. For an example, with the help of additional straps and accessories, you can switch it from a shoulder bag to a stroller bag or even a sling bag in a jiffy. That’s how they have defined comfort in their bags! Grips and stroller locks that they use in their bags are patented technologies. Each and every collection in JJ Cole has many unique features which will make you spoilt for choices. For an example, Mode collection changing bags are made of laminated leather which helps you clean the bag without any hassle even if you had an accidental spill. They have bags that come with provisions to organize your wallet, music players and other must-haves inside the changing bag itself, so that you need not carry multiple bags. What else will a woman need more in a diaper bag?

The Mode Range line is made from durable laminated canvas and comes in the popular Cocoa Tree print. Other colors offered are lime green and dark brown and a pink daisy print. This diaper bag has twelve interior and exterior pockets, two front zipper pockets and a pouch on the back. You can also get a line of matching accessories to complement this cute tote.

The Theory collection comes in red, green, charcoal gray, and a red and blue flower print.It looks more like a fashionable purse than a diaper bag, but it has plenty of room for all your baby’s needs. It comes with a matching wallet, pacifier pod, and changing pad all easily stored in the bag. Stroller straps are included so you can give your back and shoulders a break.

The JJ Cole Diaper Bag System is a complete system to keep you organized. There is plenty of room for baby things and a separate compartment for your own needs. This bag comes in black damask, black stitch, graphite and green, green stitch, blue vine, silver and apple, and khaki and sky giving you plenty of options. It’s stylish enough for a woman, but not truly unisex so that men would not object to carrying it. You have to think about the dads too. They are much more involved in child rearing now than in years past.

JJ Cole Swag Diaper Bag

JJ Cole Swag Diaper BagYou won’t think of another diaper bag once you get a taste of the coolest diaper bags from JJ Cole. This awesome JJ Cole Swag diaper bag gives you the functionality of a great baby bag but with an added swing into it. They are very stylish that you would hardly even think of it as a bag for nappies. These diaper bags are really a mom’s best friend. It checks on practicality, styling, and inexpensiveness. It’s every mom’s dream all rolled into this very attractive baby bag. You won’t believe that something so beautiful can be so affordable.

J J Coles Swag diaper bags have spacious inner compartments to help mom organize baby stuff in-style. Inside you’ll have enough room for four nappies, a burp cloth, two to three outfits, a wipe holder, some snacks, and some other things like toys or mommy’s essentials. It’s just so fashionably elegant that mom’s use it even as their day bag. You could even adjust the straps to make it work as a hip messenger-style bag. How cool is that?

  • Fashioned from quality canvas material
  • Matching changing pad and wet bag
  • Light-colored interior to make easy to find things
  • 4 deep exterior pockets & multiple interior organizational compartments
  • Equipped with stroller clips, insulated side pockets, and adjustable straps

It’s hard to take your eyes off these diaper baby bags and even harder to resist once you’ve seen what they can do. Versatility is a hard thing to come by in these types of baby bags but these ones really nailed it. These functional diaper bags really know what a mom wants and dolled ‘em up pretty well. Dressed in silver or bronze drop, gives them the right to be referred to as the ultimate fashion and function; and they do rock in both departments. So mommies gear up with these stunning diaper bags and get ready to be showered with appraising looks and compliments.

A hardworking mom needs a lot of help especially in the baby department. When a mom needs to pack immediately, this bag is ready to take it all in. You can easily fill it up with the basic necessities of the baby. This mom loves that it’s equipped with stroller clips so she can easily hang it on her kid’s strollers. She only wishes that the bag is big enough to accommodate a sweater and a blankie after she has put in her baby’s basics. But still she gives this bag the double thumbs up when it comes to function and style.

You’ll be happy to carry the JJ Cole Swag Diaper bag. Made in a striking black and white geometric print on the bottom and a silver faux leather fabric on the top; it is an eye catching bag. The hardware is in a matching silver color and the fabric is water resistant so you can easily wipe it clean of spots and spills. It has insulated side pockets for bottles and the inside is divided with lots of pockets and compartments to hold everything you might need. The matching changing pad comes in its own storage wallet. It can be carried messenger style or purse style with a quick adjustment of the straps. Stroller straps are included.

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JJ Cole Technique Diaper Bag

JJ Cole Technique Diaper BagI’ll be very shocked if this beautiful bag from JJ Cole isn’t one of the top diaper bag in the shelves today. That would really be a shocker! These bags are super cool, very functional, and definitely worth every cent. It’s got everything that mommies look for in a diaper bag. First of all it doesn’t even look anything like a diaper bag. It’s very discreet. But what it does and what it can carry is where the magic lies. Mommies get ready to be mesmerized by this one.

The shape itself is very stylish. And the material is soft and gives that fancy polished appearance. The wide opening allows is a very smart move because you can easily put in things without needing to squish them or sit on them first, all you have to do is slide them inside nice and easy. It comes with a matching soft changing pad for the baby and a wallet for mommy. Now that’s a very convenient and very considerate too. The wallet for mommy is made from the same canvas material that makes it more adorable when you’re carrying these diaper bags.

  • Stylishly contoured easy magnetic snap opening
  • Comes with matching changing mat, wallet for moms & a pacifier carrier
  • Comfortable strap and convenient detachable stroller straps
  • 8 organizational smart pockets including an insulated bottle holder
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Water resistant and PVC free

I never thought some of the bags will look as rich and as great looking as this one. A lot of moms have already fallen head-over-heals with them. The colors are very lively, you can get them in green, red, black, or with the red flower design. Carrying stuff for your baby has never been this fun. It’s got great features that moms will surely love.

A mom has been using it for some months now and she has no complaints about it. She says that it really looks as great as it does in the picture and it carries enough of the essentials—for one baby. She only wishes it can carry more because she’s got twins on her hands. She says that perfect for a quick stop to the store but will not do more than that for her. She needs to bring a second bag if she’s travelling for a longer period of time with her twins. But other than that it’s really one of the best looking diaper bags she’s seen.

With utility and convenience as their motto, JJ Cole Collections have designed a perfect bag that blends the best of both worlds.

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Diaper Dude Diaper Bags

If you are an involved father, you will appreciate the Diaper Dude diaper bags. You can channel your inner Brad Pitt and look like a celebrity dad. These cool messenger style diaper bags have gotten the thumbs up from many celebrity dads. Diaper Dude was created by Chris Pegula after the birth of his first child. After noticing that most diaper bags were styled for women, he set out to up the cool factor and make some bags that fashion conscious men would actually want to carry.

You can find these stylish bags nationwide in upscale boutiques and department stores such as Neiman Marcus. Dads love them because they can access whatever they need without taking the bag off. Diaper Dude now has an on the go first aid kit and a line of Little D’s, a kid styled messenger bag. Every little boy wants to look like his daddy.

These bags are made of a durable nylon fabric and come in understated colors of grey, navy and black. The printed bags come in two colors of camouflage. It’s never too early to get your little guy ready for hunting season. There are denim bags with skull prints and others with Oriental motifs and peace signs. Other bags are made of faux leather or faux suede. They have lots of pockets to keep the dad on the go perfectly organized and there is also an eco-friendly version.

You might imagine that if celebrity fathers are embracing these Diaper Dude diaper bags; they must be very expensive. I was surprised to find that they are not any more than most quality diaper bags. They run from $50.00-$125.00 and the changing stations are about $30.00. There are some available accessories like insulated bottle holders and picnic blankets that coordinate and are also reasonable priced.

It just goes to show you that men are skilled at figuring out how to maximize the usefulness of a diaper bag without sacrificing good looks and durability. Diaper Dudes diaper bags have certainly done that and cool dads everywhere are thanking them.

Diaper Dude Messenger 2 Diaper Bag

Diaper Dude Messenger 2 Diaper BagIf daddies we’re to choose the best bags, then there’s no doubt, for the lot of them, they’ll choose the Diaper Dude Messenger 2 diaper bag. Because becoming a dad doesn’t mean giving up on style and fashion. You could still be hip and keep the baby happy while looking so cool with these diaper bags. Yep, gone are the days when dads could only carry mommy’s cutesy and vibrantly colored bag for baby. This time, it’s daddy’s turn to shine and be as cool as mom while carrying a bag full of nappies and other baby stuff.

Why a lot of dads hail these bags? Because these diaper bags are so discreet, functional, and stylish. These bags actually look like what dads would normally bring to the office or what they’ll use if they want to hang out on the beach but with an added twist, of course. If moms could clap their hands then dads would definitely slap their knees for this one. It has a roomy main compartment with smart mesh pockets inside, an inner zippered compartment, a bottle holder, several outer compartments, it’s the works! It also comes with its own changing pad. How cool can these diaper bags get?

  • Fashioned from durable polyester fabric with mesh padding
  • Equipped with matching changing pad
  • Spacious zippered main compartment with light colored inner lining
  • Several inner and outer pockets and an insulated bottle holder &
  • Stroller straps, key clip, and detachable phone holder
  • Adjustable padded shoulder strap
  • Printed dad checklist under flap closure
  • Easy spot clean maintenance

This bag is not only stylish but also very smart too. It’s got its very useful dad checklist so they won’t forget to grab everything when dad’s on the watch. They’re so cool that they won’t even look or feel like their diaper bags. It’s definitely a win-win for all the fathers out there. And they even come in their most favorite colors and designs too; the macho camo, the classy black or gray with pin stripes, the handsome solid colors of brown, gray and black. With all these choices, fathers will definitely have no reason to frown when carrying these cool diaper bags.

One dude thought that it was a stylish messenger bag which fits his laptop perfectly only to find out later that it was indeed a diaper bag but he didn’t mind at all. Nobody else knows what it really is except his receipt. A man looking for a diaper bag purchased it and was very pleased with how easy he can put in all the essentials he needs for the baby. He finds the outer pockets with Velcro closures to be very useful for both their needs. He only wishes that it comes with two insulated bottle holders.

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Diaper Dude Diaper Bag

Diaper Dude Diaper BagThe best bags should be able to sport interesting designs such as skulls, dragons, peace sign, camouflage, camo kai, and pin stripes on its face. The Diaper Dude diaper bag does a great job at featuring these daring designs while successfully lugging all the baby stuff in it. These bags were created with a cool daddy in mind. And it also wanted to makes sure that he keeps in sync with the trend even when he’s tugging a diaper bag across his shoulders. And that’s how a bag wins votes for the coolest diaper bags for dads.

There are diaper bags for mom and there are diaper bags for dads. Let’s face it style does matter in almost everything. There are just some thing’s out there that you would like to be discreet about. And it just so happens that the dads find these bags their best diaper bags when they’re heading out with the baby. It’s absolutely stylish, fun, very functional, and not very complicated at all. That’s how the dads like it anyway, simple, cool, and practical.

  • Messenger style ergonomically designed strap
  • 3 zippered outer pockets
  • Easy to reach elastic bottle pocket
  • Roomy main inner pocket with diaper pouch
  • Matching comfortable changing pad

So what else makes them the top diaper bags? Dads like to keep it easy when their going out with the baby and this is precisely what these bags give them. Simplicity and functionality stamped with style. Now that’s really one hard feature to beat. The dads can have a choice among great designs and colors that shows their coolness. And the price is very reasonable too.

It can hold the basic necessities for going to the park, the mall, or a quick drive to the grocery. But you may need to think of getting a second bag if you plan going on long trips or the beach. Towels and additional clothes will have to be brought with a second bag.

Cool dads are having a great time spending time with their kids especially if they have their basic necessities within easy reach. And another great feature about this bag is the ergonomic strap which is very easy and comfortable across the shoulders. Although one dad comments that the cellphone holder is a tad small and would fit to hold larger cellphones. So just get a cellphone holder that you can attach on the strap of this diaper bag.

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