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Best Dancing Mickey Mouse Toys

Dance Star MickeyI don’t think I have to tell you just how popular Mickey Mouse is, or for how long the Disney character has been a favorite for both children and adults. A popular toy this year, Dance Star Mickey, is putting the legendary mouse back on center stage once more. This wonderful dancing Mickey Mouse toy comes to life, walking, talking and dancing his way into your heart. You’ll see him move and groove in ways you’ve never seen before. He’s interactive, since and dances to multiple songs, and even tells silly jokes kids will love.

Have you ever seen Mickey do a moonwalk? Dance Star Mickey can. There are 6 songs included such as Mambo, Techno, Shake Your Groove Thing, Moondance and more. Just press on Mickey’s foot and he begins to dance to one of the songs. When he’s done, press on his foot again. He’ll begin dancing to the next song.

Top 5 Best Selling Dancing Mickey Mouse Toys


Fisher-Price Disney's Dance Star Mickey
180 Reviews
Fisher-Price Disney's Dance Star Mickey
  • Mickey comes to life right before your eyes
  • He walks, talks, and dances
  • Features new moves and grooves that are so much fun
  • Each different song features a different dance
  • To see more information click the "Watch it in Action" link below the main product images
Fisher-Price Mickey Mouse - Dance'n Shout Mickey
65 Reviews
Fisher-Price Mickey Mouse - Dance 'n Shout Mickey
  • Fun mechanized plush that dances, plays games and interacts with the child.
  • Push the button on Mickey's shoe to activate.
  • Mickey's torso rotates both clockwise & counterclockwise vertically while his arms move up and down to create fun dances in two different speeds.
  • Mickey has two feature songs and plays interactive games like Freeze Dance and Mickey Says.
  • Perfect beginning or addition to your Mickey Mouse collection!
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Fisher-Price Disney Mickey Mouse Sing & Giggle Mickey Clubhouse
574 Reviews
Fisher-Price Disney Mickey Mouse Sing & Giggle Mickey Clubhouse
  • Now kids can sing and laugh with their fun-loving pal Mickey
  • Hug Mickey and he'll sing the Hot Dog song
  • Squeeze again and he'll burst into giggles
  • Snuggle up with soft, cuddly Mickey
  • Your child will love brinning the word of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to life
Disney Hot Diggity Dog Mickey Plush
135 Reviews
Disney Hot Diggity Dog Mickey Plush
  • Says fun phrases from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show!
  • Sings the "Hot Diggity Dog" song!
  • Icon on Mickey's shirt lights up!
  • Soft and cuddly plush!
  • Toy
Fisher-Price Disney's Rock Star Mickey
126 Reviews
Fisher-Price Disney's Rock Star Mickey
  • Get ready to Rock and Roll with Mickey
  • This cool Mickey Mouse is ready to dance and play his guitar
  • He wears cool sunglasses like a real rock star
  • As he plays his guitar he will dance with head bops and leg kicks
  • Guitar pictured with child sold separately
But this Mickey is more than just a song and dance man. Press on his hand and he goes into game mode. Here you’ll get two interactive games including Mickey’s own version of Simon Says called “Mickey Says”. Mickey tells your child what to do and your child will love doing what Mickey tells him to. Naturally if he doesn’t say “Mickey Says” and your child does the action, he is out of the game. But only until the next game starts.

The second game that comes with is called Freeze Dance. The children dance as the song plays but when Mickey says “freeze” they must stop where they are. The laughs however won’t stop as they look around and see the funny positions everyone had to freeze in.

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Mickey is powered by 6 AA batteries, and as a parent you already know that batteries for numerous toys can get quite costly. But Mickey helps out here too. First you get the initial batteries you’ll need in the box. And second he comes with a power saver feature. If Dance Mickey is not played with for more than 20 seconds he automatically shuts off. This is a great way to cut down on the cost of repeatedly buying batteries.

As for how Mickey moves, it is truly lifelike. And your child can’t help but to want to get up and move with him. That’s saying something when too many kids spend their day idle by playing video games or watching television. Any toy that gets them moving around is good. And when that same toy is entertaining, fun to listen to, and able to spark the imagination, you have a real winner,

Disney’s Mickey is interactive and funny too. You’re sure to hear your child laughing along with Mickey if you are in the next room.

There is one drawback however. Mickey struggles to dance on carpet. It’s best to use him on a smooth surface like vinyl or hardwood. If you’ve got a place like this, you can be sure that this will be a great Christmas gift that your young child will love because of Mickey’s wonderful dance moves.

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