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Best Selling Calico Critters Townhomes

Calico Critters TownhomeGirls have been playing with dollhouses for years. They start seemingly as soon as they understand what “play” is and as they grow their dolls become a big part of their lives.

They provide a great way for a young child to use her imagination and enter into a wonderful world of make believe. Watch a little girl and her dolls for a short while and you will be amazed at the creativity she displays.

Sure to be high on any little girl’s wish list this year is the Calico Critters Townhome. Traditional toys like Barbie are still great, but this one takes it to a whole new level. Your child probably already loves those cute Calico Critters along with their Cloverleaf Corner friends.

Well this luxury townhome has room enough for them all. It’s a whopping four room two story townhouse with a balcony and outdoor patio too. Let’s face it, even Calico Critters need some outdoor space to entertain or just relax.

Top 5 Best Selling Calico Critters Townhomes


It’s labeled as the Calico Critters luxury townhome gift set for good reason. Luxury is what it’s all about. This townhome is 12 inches cubed, and ask any Calico Critter and they’ll tell you it’s the best house in the Cloverlear Corner Community. There’s plenty of space, lights that work with the flip of a switch, and if you need to expand, there’s a room divider. So if you want to create a 5th bedroom for a guest or new family member that’s not a problem.

Of course your child will surely want to decorate it to her taste and the townhome opens and closes leaving plenty of options for the little one’s imagination to flourish. Moving the staircase is easy, and with plenty of extra floor area she can create larger rooms with a simple repositioning. Any luxury townhouse will have plenty of amenities and this one is no exception. For instance it comes with things like chandelier pieces to help in decorating.

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The deluxe village house is not cheap, but it’s certainly not overly expensive for all that you get. It retails for under $90 and allows plenty of room to grown. Additional Calico Critters can be purchased as well as plenty of other accessories to add to the creative opportunities. Want more families? They are available too. You can even get rabbits and hedgehogs.

Calico Critters is much more than some toys and a townhome. If you want to start with something smaller there’s the Calico Critters Cozy Cottage Starter Set. Want to educate your critters? Don’t miss out on the Calico Critters Cloverlear Corners Mainstreet Preschool. And for the ultimate in dream living check out the Calico Critters Cloverleaf Manor which features a whopping 9 rooms on 3 stories and comes with a balcony and even a rooftop patio.

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