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Biggest Shopping Centers in the World

Mostly, A shopping center or mall is a famous landmark of a city or capitol city. A huge and popular shopping mall could be a magnet for thousands of local peoples or tourists. They visit the mall to shop, to sightseeing, to watch movie, to have a dinner and many more.

Mall is a pretty nice place to visit and this is the list of 10 biggest shopping centers or malls in the world that I really like to visit one of them one day

Zhengjia Plaza, China

This mall has 2.000.000 sq feed of space for office towers, retail stores, Cinema theater, Kid zone, and restaurants. In a holiday or a special occasion, the mall attracts 500,000 peoples with cash or credit cards in their pocket

SM City North Edsa, Philippines

This super mall is located in Quezon city, Philippine and the mall was built on top of 3.000.000 sq ft area. The mall was opened since November,29,1985 and since that year, the mall was constantly expanded.Today, the supermarket is filled with 5 shopping centers, 100 retail stores, restaurants, 12 cinemas, one IMAX theater, Kid zone, a bowling alley, and a skating zone.

Beijing Mall of China

The mall was opened in 2005 and since that time, it is known as one of the most famous modern landmark in Beijing city. The mall is 4 levels high, situated on 3.400.000 sq ft area, has a parking area with 8,000 capacities, one indoor beach, and a DVD center with thousand of American movie titles

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Berjaya Times Square, Malaysia

Located on 3.400.000 sq ft area, this is Berjaya Tim Square of Malaysia.. The mall was built in 2005 and is situated around hotels and convention center. The mall is facilitated with 1000 retail stores, 12 story high roller coaster area, a swimming pool, one ice skating area, and a Kid zone

SM Megamall, Philippines

The mall was opened for public in 1991. The mall was built on 3.600.00 sq ft area and the building is featured with a bowling alley, 12 cinemas, and a traditional-theme arcade zone.The mall is spacey and it offers anything that money can buy.

West Edmonton Mall, Canada

The mall is known as the largest supermarket in North America. The mall has more than 800 retail stores, one indoor water park, skating area, casino and many other attraction. The mall was opened since 1981 and it was built on top of 3.800.000 sq ft area

Cevahir Istanbul

The mall is renown as the biggest shopping center in Europe and Turkey since it was opened in 2005. The mall is facilitated with a roller coaster, one indoor wave pool and couple of IMAX theaters. The developer was built the mall on top of 3.800.000 sq ft area

SM Mall of Asia, Philippines

The mall was opened in 2006 and the building was located over 4.200.000 sq ft area. The mall is divided into four buildings and is renown as the biggest in Philippines and the mall it self is embellished with an Olympic Sized swimming area, one IMAX theater, hundreds of retails store, several themed parks, a huge space of parking lot and many more.

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Golden Resources Shopping Mall, China

The Mall has around 1000 retail stores from various brands, apartments, offices, cinemas, restaurants and Kid areas. The mall was built over 6.000.000 sq ft area and the opening ceremony was done in 2004

South China Mall, China

This is our biggest shopping mall in the world. The name is South China Mall. The Mall stands on top of 7.100.000 sq ft area and inside the building the developer filled it with thousand retails stores, restaurants, cinemas, amusement parks, parking areas, wind mills and many other attractions. The mall is marked with one replica of the Arc de Triomphe and the mall`s construction was completed in 2005


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