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Best Yogurt Makers Reviews

Best Yogurt MakersAlmost everyone likes to eat yogurt made with the best yogurt maker there is, especially those who loves to munch on desserts during leisure time. If being prepared properly, yogurt can be a really healthy and delicious snack which can be made in many flavors and varieties.

Since self-made yogurt tends to be much fresher and tangy in flavor than most of the store-bought ones, the yogurt can also be custom-tailor and blended according to your taste buds. Although yogurt making can be complicated at times especially for beginners, it is really not as hard as how it has been portrayed.

Follow these valuable yogurt making tips to make your batch more flavorful and successful:

  • Tip 1: Get high-quality bacteria for starter- Since the bacteria turns lactose in milk into lactic acid, you will need to pick a high-quality yogurt bacteria in order to make your first batch. Among the top choice of a high-quality, brand-name plain yogurt includes Danone.
  • Tip 2: Use a candy thermometer- You need to monitor the exact cooking temperatures at all times and the candy thermometer is the best option as it is designed to sit in liquids and provide very accurate temperature readings.
  • Tip 3: Sterilize all cooking equipments- Before you start the process of yogurt-making, be sure to sterilize all cooking equipments. Most cooking equipments such as spoons, pots, and measuring cups contain natural bacteria. By sterilizing your equipments, you’ll be able to avoid any unwanted bacteria from breeding in the yogurt.
  • Tip 4: Flavoring and the next batch- It is highly recommendable that you get creative with flavor combinations. Try experimenting during your yogurt-making process by adding walnuts, fruits, fruit preserves, or granola for some added flavors.
  • Tip 5: If your yogurt appears to be smelly or tastes and looks odd, don’t consume it. Discard it away immediately and create a new batch instead upon cleaning the utensils needed for the yogurt preparation.
  • Tip 6: If you have poured your yogurt mixture into your best yogurt maker, never touch it directly with bare fingers as a close contact with skin may turn your yogurt rotten.
  • Tip 7: To make a yogurt with thick texture, use an organic milk as it makes the thickest yogurt if compared to other milk types such as powdered milk.
  • Tip 8: To get the best and appropriate sweetness for your yogurt, try adding a few tablespoons of sugar to your milk mixture when boiling.
  • Tip 9: If you’d like an additional flavoring, add a sweeteners oat fruit after the yogurt is wholly processed and refrigerated.
  • Tip 10: Never heat the milk for too long as you’ll end up with a bad quality yogurt.
  • Tip 11: To get a firmer and tarter yogurt, extend the cooking time.
  • Tip 12: Yogurt which is made with skim milk powder will have a soft consistency.
  • Tip 13: Never leave the yogurt in the blender/ machine for too long as the curd and the liquid will separate, and you won’t be able to reverse it back.

Top 5 Rated Yogurt Makers Comparison

*Results Are Based On Amazon.com Yogurt Makers Consumer Reports & Reviews*

Best Yogurt Maker Under $30

Cuisipro Donvier Electronic Yogurt Maker Review

Cuisipro Donvier Electronic Yogurt Maker ReviewIt seems like owners of the Cuisipro Donvier Electronic Yogurt Maker were inspired by Mirielle Guiliano’s “French Women Don’t Get Fat” that they decided to start eating yogurt. One of those inspired souls was my aunt. So, when I visited her last winter, I got to test drive this yogurt maker myself.

Great Electronic Control

The best thing about this top yogurt maker is that the controls are instinctual and the digital LCD display is clear. The Cuisipro Donvier Electronic Yogurt Maker has an electric timer that will beep to indicate that the yogurt is nearly ready to be eaten. And as soon as it’s ready, it will auto shut off itself. However, do place the yogurt maker in such away that the controls would be hidden as it is very sensitive. A wrong touch of a button could just turn off the machine and spoil your milk.

Like my very own best yogurt maker, this one also have the advantage of creating individual packs or flavors in one go. The only difference is that mine come with 6 jars, while my aunts comes with 8… and at a cheaper price as well. I guess it runs in the family. This need to have variety in our daily life.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

According to my aunt, this fairly priced yogurt maker is a great investment. The Cuisipro Donvier Electronic Yogurt Maker has helped her save her money by allowing her to get yogurt that is more tastier and cheaper than the ones bought in store. Not only does it produce good tasting yogurt, it is also easy to maintain and clean; an important factor for busy people.

If you’re looking for an affordable electronic yogurt maker, look no further. The Cuisipro Donvier Electronic Yogurt Maker will ensure you get what you paid for… and more.


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Best Yogurt Maker Under $40

Miracle ME72 Yogurt Maker Review

Miracle ME72 Yogurt Maker ReviewBefore my current yogurt maker, I had the Miracle ME72 Yogurt Maker in my studio apartment kitchen. True to it’s claim, it’s hassle free as I didn’t have to heat the milk prior to the fermentation process; all I needed to do was mix in the yogurt starter pack and put the carton inside the yogurt machine.

Miracle ME72

Ridiculously Easy

As I mentioned earlier, other top yogurt makers will require you to heat the milk before actually putting it into the machine. But with this one, it enables you to skip the part where you boil the milk. The makers of the Miracle ME72 Yogurt Maker claim that because the yogurt is produce right in its original pack, the risk of any infection or bacterial growth is eliminated. All I had to do was add the starter pack inside the milk carton, shake it to mix it, put it inside the yogurt maker and at 12 hours tops, I would get a quart of homemade yogurt.

The only problem I had with using the Miracle ME7 Yogurt Maker was that sometimes it’s difficult to get the milk container out of the incubator. You see, sometimes I buy my milk from the small little store at the end of the market street. They have them in glass bottles. These glass bottles slides easily into the incubator but sometimes I just need to rattle the bottle out when the fermenting process is done.

Yummy Yogurt Every Time

The yogurt turns out creamy and yummy from every batch that I make. All I have to do was stir in some flavored jam our syrup when I want to. However, there are some people who complains that their yogurt turns out runny. Still, the success rate is higher and I can attest to that.

I agree that the Miracle ME7 Yogurt Maker is fuss free and very easy to use even with your eyes closed. The only thing that made me buy a new one was because this did not go with my new kitchen.


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Best Yogurt Maker Under $45

Easiyo Yogurt Maker Review

Easiyo Yogurt Maker ReviewMy sister has never bothered eating yogurt before but since my niece started to eat solid food, my sister insisted that her daughter grow up benefiting for yogurt’s many health benefits. The only problem was that making a habit of eating yogurt can be expensive and put a dent in a single mother’s pocket. That was when a friend of hers suggested that she get the Easiyo Best Yogurt Maker.

Easiyo Yogurt Maker with Lid Jar – As Simple As 123

This yogurt maker is perfect for busy mothers because of its simple 3 steps. First, fill the yogurt jar with cold drinking water up to its half point and mix the contents of an Easiyo starter pack. Fill in more water, put on the lid and shake. Second, fill in boiling water inside the yogurt maker up until the red baffle after pushing the baffle down inside the yogurt maker as far as you can. Third, put the yogurt jar inside; the water should rise up around its base. Put the lid on and leave it at least for 6 to 8 hours before refrigerating it.

A tip for you: the longer you let the mixture sit, the creamier, tangier and firmer your yogurt will be.

The physical appearance of the Easiyo Yogurt Maker itself is as simple as its operation. Its simple white or pink body has no other fancy features, which is great if you won’t use them.

Easy on the Pocket

The yogurt maker is affordable, selling at $24.95 on Amazon but if you never pay for retail like my sister, look around your neighborhood to see if there are any deals. She got hers at a promotion. Not only that, she had gotten five starter pack for free. The culture packs contains milk solids and live cultures that would make 1kg of yogurt. You won’t hike up the utilities bill with this one as it doesn’t use electricity at all.

Despite it’s simplicity, the end result was nothing short of a yummy yogurt. Even my brother-in-law, who was skeptical about the taste, loves it. So, what are you waiting for? For hassle free yogurt making, head to Amazon to purchase your very own best yogurt maker.


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Best Yogurt Maker Under $50

Yogourmet Yogurt Maker Review

Yogourmet Yogurt Maker ReviewI saw the Yogourmet Yogurt Maker while I was at my friend’s house. Since her family not only eat but also use yogurt as part of their beauty regime, this is the best yogurt maker for them. So if you consume or plan to use a lot of yogurt regularly, this is perfect for you.

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1 Quart or 2?

The best thing about this Yogourmet yogurt maker is that you have the option to make either 1 quart or 2 quarts of yogurt. After the incubation process is done, you can just remove the inner container and put it in the refrigerator. And according to my friend, you can keep it up to 3 weeks if it’s sealed properly. Because there is no need to transfer the yogurt into a separate container, cleaning up afterwards is easy.

The Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker uses water to transfer heat from the incubator’s heating element to the inner vessel just like the non-electrical models available in the market. However, because there is a heating element, I find it to be a hybrid since it uses electricity to heat the heating element. Because of the water, heat is distributed more uniformly, making it possible to get the perfect yogurt every time.

Positive Reviews

If word of mouth counts as a reliable source, the Yogourmet Best Yogurt Maker is reliable. It comes not only with my friend and her family’s recommendation but also from many other owners. It is reliable and durable. There are owners who owns the older version of the model for years and still it works fine. Personally, that is good to know.

So, if you’re looking to buy something that will allow you to make big batches of yogurt, the Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker is the one for you. At a very good price, the yogurt maker is one of the best that I’ve come across .


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Best Yogurt Maker Under $150

Salton YM9 Yogurt Maker Review

Salton YM9 Yogurt Maker ReviewOne of the best yogurt maker is the Salton YM9 1-Quart Yogurt Maker. Tracking back the customers’ reviews on Amazon, it dates back to the year 2000 and with 582 5-stars ratings, there’s no doubt about the credibility of this yogurt maker.

Excellent Value for Money

People love this yogurt making machine because unlike any other methods of making yogurt, it is predictable that one would get yummy yogurt every time. The price is reasonable for its make, usability and reliability. However, most owners reported that they paid less than the retail price because they’re able to get a deal on Amazon. Plus, the whole process of incubating the milk and started pack from scratch takes so little of the owner’s time.

The Salton YM9 Yogurt Maker 1-Quart as its name implies, makes up to 1-quart (which is equivalent to 1 liter) of yogurt per batch. Of course, if you want to make less than 1-quart of yogurt with this machine, it wouldn’t be a problem. Do take note that this is a single vat yogurt maker. So if you don’t mind having the frills (I like the frills) of having smaller, individual jars, this would be for you.

Cute Design

Salton designed this Salton ym9 best yogurt maker well. It’s lightweight and does not take much space in your kitchen’s counter top. Your kitchen would not look like a hazardous construction site with this machine. There was one reviewer who mentioned that the yogurt maker looks like a baby robot. In retrospect, I do think it looks like a smaller version of Star War’s R2D2.

All in all, the Salton YM9 1-Quart Yogurt Maker is worth every penny that you spend on it; it’s easy to use, works perfectly at all times and fits into your kitchen snugly. And it’s the best salton yogurt maker or salton electric yogurt maker you should probably consider first!

Customer Reviews

  • “The Salton YM9 is the best home yogurt maker on the market. It is easy to use and clean. If you use more than a quart of yogurt a week, the Salton is the most reliable and lowest cost maker on the market.”- Joe Score, Cincinnati


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Buyer’s Guide

Preparing homemade yogurt can be a challenge in the absence of a proper yogurt maker. Many people find that their yogurt is not set properly due to the problem in the fermentation process that does not take place properly due the unavailability of suitable temperature and setting adjustments. The yogurt-preparing machine is easily available in the market in affordable price ranges to suit the different budget patterns. The preparation can be easy even at home if you have the right yogurt-making machine, a thermometer, the yogurt machine and the yogurt starter (readymade yogurt from the market for the first time preparation). Here is a comprehensive synopsis of the essential features of the regular yogurt machines that can help you purchase the model best suited to fulfill your requirements.

Features and Specifications of the Best Yogurt Makers

Container Capacity

Before you purchase a standard yogurt maker for using at home, always consider the amount of yogurt you need to prepare at a time. The capacity of the container is therefore the prime decisive factor while choosing the brand and model. You can choose from different options like 60oz, 54oz and other container capacities depending upon the requirement. If you are choosing a large container size and do not need it often, then that can be expensive consuming more electricity in the process.

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Type of Milk for Yogurt Making

You can prepare your yogurt using different types of milk. You can use the raw milk of cow, goat, and buffalo, non-fat or skimmed milk, soymilk, milk of rice or almond, organic milk, pasteurized milk etc. Some simple yogurt machines do not work well while setting non-dairy milk products. Some top yogurt maker models have multiple adjustments to prepare thick and quality yogurt from different types of milk varieties. However, the thickness and texture of the yogurt depends on the fat content of the milk.

Automatic Cooling Systems

Some of the best yogurt machines have built-in cooling systems to allow freezing the yogurt after the fermentation process is over. This also functions as an ice-cream maker. If you are considering a yogurt maker that reduces the hassles of removing the contents from the yogurt maker and placing them in the refrigerator for freezing, then these models are worth consideration. On the other hand, an in-built cooling system consumes more electricity while your refrigerator is running the entire day, then a model without the feature can be an economical option.

Automatic Timer

The automatic timer is an important feature but not available in all models. An automatic timer is a very useful feature that sets an alert system after the completion of the fermentation process. Generally, an audible alarm alert is provided in the system that makes a sound to inform that the process is over and the yogurt is ready for freezing (in case your model does not have a built-in cooling system). Some models contain shut-off system that automatically turns off the electricity supply when the process is over. This ensures greater durability to the equipment and helps to save electricity without affecting the yogurt in any way. This type of feature keeps your yogurt-making machine in good condition especially during the process that takes over 12 hours of time to complete.

It is important to be present near the yogurt making machine when the process is about to complete. Even when the electricity is turned off, the contents inside are still hot and leads to the continuation of the fermentation process. If the process continues for prolonged time than that actually required, then your yogurt may have a tart taste.

Yogurt Strainer

Generally, a Greek strainer is provided with the yogurt machine. However, not all machines support the straining process. You may have to purchase a strainer to prepare Greek yogurt. The strainers are easily available in the market. If you are purchasing an all-in-one model, then it may take up to 2 hours to complete the straining process in the same machine.

Single Jar Yogurt Makers vs. Small Container Models

One of the major aspects that you may want to consider when purchasing the best yogurt maker is the model preference based on the number of yogurt containers. This again depends on your choice. While there is no difference in the functionality, yet there are reasons you have to consider before selecting them.

Small Container Models

You can flavor your yogurt depending upon the yogurt recipes and topping requirement. In case you are looking to prepare multiple flavors everyday at a single instance, then the small containers are definitely more reliable enabling you to prepare at least 5 to 7 different homemade yogurt flavors at an instance. You can use fruits, honey, jam and other flavoring agents to the yogurt to enrich the taste. Moreover, if you are looking to prepare yogurt for different batches- breakfast, lunch, carrying them outside, sending them in Tiffin, then small containers allow keeping your yogurt fresh and unstirred. Each of these containers is reliable for storing around 6 ounces of yogurt. Store these containers safely inside the refrigerator and take them out when you want to prepare your dish.

Single Jar Yogurt Makers

The single jar yogurt machines are large in capacity and suitable for making about 50 ounces of yogurt at a time. This is a suitable option if you are preparing breakfast for the entire family or using the yogurt in multiple dishes. The single jars are easy to clean and consumes less time during the cleaning process. In addition, it reduces the hassles when pouring the contents and setting the machine ready for the fermentation.


The homemade yogurt is safe for health containing no artificial agents including coloring chemicals, sweeteners, flavors and the preservatives that can be harmful if consumed regularly. Yogurt prepared at home is completely healthy and low calorie diet that can be an essential part of your regular snacking and dessert preparations. Almost all standard yogurt machines are easy to clean and completely safe for washing inside a dishwasher. The warranty period may vary depending upon the machine parts, model, brand etc. Some of the best yogurt makers are available with warranty period of up to 3 years.

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