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Best Wood Burning Fireplaces Reviews

Top 10 Wood Burning FireplacesYou can now make your house a warmer place to live with the portable fireplace units, they are simple to install and powered by an electric cable meaning that you don’t have to waste your time with messy matchsticks.

Just a simple tap on the cable would get your firewood burning in no time, within minutes one can easily adjust heat levels to as much as 120 degrees when needs be.

A wood burning fireplace is just what you need to prevent frostbite.


B36L-M Comfort Flame 36-Inch Wood Burning Fireplace

Comfort Flame is a high quality burner that’s designed to give you maximum performance at far less cost, it’s fitted with various features to aid its function such as a wiremesh screen, stamped louvers and solid full brick liners for enhanced support. B36L-M Comfort also has an advanced ventilation system that greatly boosts the combustion process, so that the fire can last for longer.

Drolet Model DB03120 Fireplace Wood Burner

Drolet can transform your dim rustic livingroom to a vibrant space that everyone wants to spend time in, this is a highly efficient light/heat source that will never let you down. The insert blower system helps to dissipate air evenly throughout the device, while a thermostat regulator console ensures that your burner does not overheat.

Timberwolf Economizer 21 Inch Epi22 Wood Burning Fireplace

Timberwolf is a bright and powerful burner that’s designed to provide heat to large living spaces, once turned on it boasts of a comprehensive 8hr burntime and 65,000 BTUs of calm radiant heat that will leave you in a relaxed mood. With the Economizer you can warm up a room that’s as large as 2,000sq meters, all topped up with an 86% EPA Efficiency ratio.

Vogelzang Colonial EPA TR004 Wood Stove

Vogelzang is an airtight wood burning fireplace insert system that will greatly enhance the ambiance of your home, it features a heavy cast-iron door to control airflow and a wood handle to ensure that you don’t get burnt while opening/closing the entrance to add firewood. Studies show that this burner can provide heat for rooms that are as large as 1,800sq feet, with more than 75% efficiency.

Pleasant Hearth 2,200 Sq. Ft Wood Burning Furnace

As already mentioned, this burner can serve a room that’s more than 2,200sq.ft in dimension running for a total of 8-10hrs in a single fueling. It features a sliding draft console just above the entrance and an adjustable speed blower with 77,000 btu heat capacity, the product has been EPA certified and omni-tested as a noncatalytic wood burning kiln.

US- Stove 2000 EPA Certified Medium Wood Stove

US Stove is a midsize steelplate furnace with an elegant, slightly arched glass door for adding firewood, also available is an air wash’ console which helps in keeping the place clean even after repetitive use. The spacious 2-cubic ft. firebox can accept logs as heavy as 21 inches in length, improving burn time and minimizing the average duration spent refilling the stove so as to jumpstart the fire.

Century Heating DB05152 Whistler Wood-Burning Stove

This high-performance wood burning fireplace comes fitted with a speed blower that helps dissipate warmth evenly throughout the expanse, on top of that there’s a cast iron door fitted with air wash ceramic glass that provides homeowners a lucid view of the fire burning inside. It gets no better than this.

Timberwolf Economizer EPA Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

It works by dissipating heat evenly throughout the living space via intermediary distribution systems that greatly enhance efficiency, this is an internationally recognized brand not just in America but many contemporary homes across Europe as well. Nonetheless, the system has to be cleaned and regularly maintained so as to maintain its overall performance.

Kozy World Dual Fuel GFD2340 Carlton Gas Fireplace

Kozy is an attractive bay design no-vent firebox that will keep your family safe and cozy during the coldest winter seasons, it has an impressive 23K BTU gauge output capacity and dual fuel thermostat heat control attributes that can’t be found anywhere else. Adding on to that is the handcrafted 6 piece log unit that promises limitless supply of fuel to your furnace.

ProCom Vent-Free Model PCSD25RT Dual Fuel Stove

ProCom offers homeowners a combination of antique beauty and modern functionality, it is 99.9 % energy efficient and would save you from unnecessary fuel expenses that can otherwise damage your pocket. It’s one of the few ovens with a 3-sided view range and promises great warmth at your own leisure, also available is an oxygen-depletion sensor system for combustion regulation and safety. ProCom wood burning fireplace further boasts of a remote control for adjusting the heat automatically.

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