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Best Wireless Digital Photo Frame Reviews

best-wireless-digital-photo-frameOne of the lovely things to buy and hand somewhere on the wall at home is the wireless digital photo frame. It can also be bought as a gift, indeed.

Actually, there are a few brands which have been recognized for having provided the satisfactory and best digital photo frames on the market.

Some of them include the Philippe digital photo frame, Viewsonic digital photo frame, Nixplay, Pix-Star, and the Aluratek digital photo frame.

Through those brands and with their popularity, our team has selected the best products of them for the suggestions here, and these are those best wireless digital photo frame reviews you can read through for your information.



Top 10 Best Rated Digital Photo Frame Comparison

*Results Are Based On Amazon.com WiFi Digital Photo Frame Consumer Reports & Reviews*



Pix-Star 10.4 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

One of the very nicely design digital photo frames to see is the Pix-Star wifi one. It comes in 10 inch design for the display but consume very little energy through its LED technology.

Even better, you can conveniently manage the pictures from the web. Additionally, the frame has come with the 4G storage capacity, and it could allow itself to store up to 20 000 pictures. The Pix-Star is as well made highly compatible to work well with smartphones.

Nixplay 12 inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

In case you instead are looking for the best digital photo frame with 12 inch for the display size, then this Nixplay is highly recommended.

From the customer reviews, this Nixplay 12 inch is indeed one of the best digital photo frames you can rely on. At the same time, its design is very nice and attractive, and it makes a good decoration to your home wall. And from the cloud account, you can manage so many pictures remotely.

NIX 18.5 inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame with Motion Sensor & 16GB USB Memory

Even a larger one, it is the NIX 18.5 inch. This is a very nice and high quality digital photo frame that comes with the 16GB storage capacity. Interestingly about this digital photo frame, it has been equipped with the motion sensor which makes it superior than the rest.

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As well, the frame has been placed for sale at such an affordable price everyone could order. For the display, this best digital photo frame has been produced in 1366 x 768 pixels, which could produce brilliant photo view for you.

Nixplay 8 inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

For the next one to recommend, this is also from the Nixplay brand, but its screen is only 8 inch. However, for the quality, this is among the best. The majority of the buyers have also rated the product quite great as highly recommended to others.

One interesting feature about this digital photo frame is the fact that it can be managed and controlled either from the smartphone or the email conveniently. Also, for the screen, it is made nicely anti-glare with the Backlit LED display.

PanDigital PAN7000DW 7-Inch Digital Picture Frame

For the number 9 best digital picture frame, it is the 7 inch one from PanDigital. This is also a very popular digital picture frame on the market. For one good reason, the PanDigital has been designed elegantly flat and attractive, and it can hold up to 6400 images with its 1G internal memory.

As well, the frame is built with many other functions and features such as alarm clock, calendar as well as the 5 in 1 card reader.

Sony DPF-V900 9-Inch Digital Photo Frame

Sony is also another interesting brand which also provides the digital photo frames on the market. And, this one of them which is picked up to suggest is the 9 inch digital photo frame.

It has a good design, high resolution, best durability, and affordable price. It is these features that have brought it to be one of the best. For its internal storage, it is 512MB for this digital frame. Additionally, nine slide styles are available to illustrate the picture.

NIX Advance – 10 inch Digital Photo & HD Video Frame with Motion Sensor & 8GB USB Memory

This one is the NIX Advance, and it is 10 inch in display size. For the internal storage, it is 8GB, and it interestingly been incorporated with the motion sensor which is really a nice feature to turn the slide on only when you enter the room.

That helps to save some energy through that. For the resolution, this one is 1024 x 768. Moreover, calendar and stereo speaker are also built in. Lastly, one full year warranty is attached.

Panimage PI1002DW 10.4-Inch Digital Picture Frame

Ranked as number 6 in the list, here is the Panimage Digital Picture Frame. Similarly, this Panimage frame has the 10 inch screen, and regarding the quality, you should be able to highly rely on this item.

For the card reader of this digital photo frame, it is 6 in 1, and for the internal storage, it is 1GB. Other functions such as the alarm and calendar are also available.

Kodak Pulse 7-Inch Wi-Fi Digital Frame with Custom e-Mail Address for Immediate Sharing

Surely one of the best is the Kodak Pulse wireless digital frame. This digital photo frame has 7 inch for the screen, and it could very well receive pictures from facebook, email, and other platforms easily.

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At such an affordable price it sells, the frame has had many other amazing features such as the motion sensor which turns its screen on only when you are close to the frame. 512MB is its internal memory.

Sony DPF-V1000 10-Inch Digital Photo Frame

This number is also the product from Sony brand, and needless to say, it has a high quality and durability. For the features, a few outstanding functions have been attached and built into this electronic gadget.

For the screen size, 10 inch is what this digital photo frame is produced in. Importantly, the product has had a high resolution to display great photo of yours at home.

Nixplay 15 inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

Differently from the rest, this is the 15 inch Nixplay which works great with the connection from cloud account, and you can also conveniently create your playlists to show on this digital photo frame.

As both the design and the quality of this photo frame are great, it has also become a very nice gift for your loved ones. In addition, HD video playback feature is also there.

CEIVA 8-inch Digital Photo Frame with Card Reader

Second to last is the CEIVA. This photo frame is 8 inch, and it has all the qualities to be recommended. For the design of this photo frame, it is a bit special than the rest since it was made with the stance which you can hang it on the wall or just stand it on the table.

If you are looking for the best digital photo frame to place on the table, this might be the perfect option for you while its price is as well great and reasonable.

8-Inch Digital Wireless Picture Frame

Finally, it comes to the last, and it is the 8 inch screen. This digital wireless picture frame is simply just one of the amazing products you can find on the market.

Both the exterior design and internal functionality of the photo frame are great that you can trust. Moreover, specially for this photo frame, the JEPG rendering function is also built in.


Buyer’s Guide


A digital photo frame is a logical gift or accessory for anyone with a digital camera. Most people in the digital photography markets have made the conversion to a digital cameras and pictures. Digital cameras like many consumer electronics have come down in cost, increased in things like megapixels, optical zoom, and internal memory, and in essence eliminated the need to get pictures developed. Since anyone with a digital camera is accumulating a large amount of digital images, the best digital photo frame that allows them to immediately display them is a great gift.

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Digital cameras created a freedom in photography that didn’t exist with traditional film. With the ever increasing storage capacity of memory cards, most of us with a digital camera can eagerly take an endless number of digital pictures and not worry about running out of film or how costly it will be to get them all developed. Digital cameras make all of us snapshot crazy.

The to this of course is that most of us gather a tremendous amount of digital images. Go on a long weekend vacation and you could come home with a couple hundred digital pictures. These usually get transferred onto a computer or laptop, where they stay forever and rarely get viewed. Sure we may print a few (photo printers are also now much cheaper) and put them in some picture frames around the house, but the hundreds or thousands of others are stored away into oblivion.

That’s why the best digital photo frame categories are predicted to be on such a steep growth trajectory. A digital photo frame allows you to load you digital pictures and display them in what looks like a traditional picture frame, but with an LCD display device in place of the glass. You can either easily transfer the memory card from your digital camera to the frame, or transfer photos from the camera to a memory device in the digital frame, and start displaying photos. Some digital photo frames have internal memory as well (no memory card needs to be added) and you can download straight from your computer – very flexible.

The main difference between a digital photo frame and a regular photo frame is their dynamic nature. A digital frame can display many photos in a slide show type format. They also come with plenty of display mode features to define how many photos to display, transitions, multiple pictures on the screen, and can display videos and play music as well. Digital frames are consumer electronics that take picture frames to another level.

Digital picture frames are great for around the home or in an office, and also make wonderful gifts, especially if you preload with pictures from your photo collection. Your gift recipient will open the frame and immediately start displaying pictures they recognize. Plus, as your digital image collection grows, you can keep new pictures on your screen, or a friend or family member’s screen, so that you always display new pictures on the frame. Many digital photo frames now have a wireless feature that makes sending new pictures from your PC to digital frame even simpler.

So if you have a digital camera (and who doesn’t these day), pay attention because a digital picture frame will likely be an accessory that makes sense for you. Its time to start showing off all those digital photos you’ve snapped, and a digital photo frame is a great way to do it.