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Best Winter Boots for Men Reviews

best-three-winter-boots-for-menThere is nothing that can end your day faster than aching feet. Because your feet are the part of your body furthest away from your heart, keeping them warm is crucial to both comfort and overall protection.

As the weather gets colder, having the wrong kind of foot covering can lead to painful joint aches as well as the dangerous risk of exposure.

Shopping for footwear can be a nightmare, as there are many different types of winter boots for men to choose from, but, fortunately, there are a few key products and features that stand out as essential.

Don’t be caught off guard when the warmth of summer fades. Plan ahead to purchase a sturdy and comfortable pair of winter boots and ensure that your holidays will indeed be happy, at least as far as your feet are concerned!

Reviews of the 3 Best Winter Boots for Men

Timberland White Ledge Waterproof Boot

The Timberland White Ledge waterproof boot is one of the most versatile winter boots for men. Not only is the White Ledge sufficient for everyday activities, but it is durable and fully-featured enough to support an avid hiking enthusiast on long treks through nature. A sturdy waterproof leather upper extends up the ankle and effectively keeps all moisture and chill from entering the boot from above.

A gusseted tongue similarly keeps wind from blasting through the top of the boot and can also act as extra protection against irritating trail debris. The sturdy bottoms of these winter boots for men are perforated so that air flow can eliminate any clammy sweat or excess moisture that builds up during an especially strenuous hike.

The White Ledge boots are also maximized for comfort. The leather upper and padded soles do more than just keep moisture out and heat in; they insulate and pad the ankles and heels so that a twenty mile hike feels like walking on air. Probably the biggest rave quality of the Timberland White Ledge boots is that they last a long time, even under the most inclement conditions.

After years of trudging through dirt, mud, sleet, and snow, the Timberlands still hold up as sturdily as ever, ready to face the next challenge.

Timberland Men’s Chocorua Gore-Tex Hiker

Timberland also offers a lighter and more fashion friendly hiking boot, the Chocorua Gore-Tex Hiker. These winter boots for men are constructed of the same durable Timberland, but are not clunky and ugly as many hiking boots tend to be. Once you strap on a pair of the Chocoruas, you will feel like you can run a marathon.

The lightweight leather and contoured footbed is built almost like a running shoe. That is not to say that the Chocoruas are not made for protection. The waterproof leather upper keeps sleet and snow out of the top of the boot and features adjustable straps to fit any foot shape. Similar to the White Ledge model, the Chocoruas also features a perforated footbed that allows for proper circulation and elimination of extra moisture.

Because of their sleek black exterior, the Chocoruas won’t stand out like a sore thumb in everyday activities. You can walk down the street on a cold day without worrying that you will look like you belong on a mountain face. Of course, as with most Timberland models, the Chocorua boots are designed to last for some time, even after many miles hiked.

For both outdoor enthusiasts and those of us who just happen to live in a colder climate, the Timberland Chocoruas are another excellent pair of winter boots for men.

Keen Men’s Anchorage Waterproof Winter Boot

Designed specifically for hiking, the Keen Anchorage is a sturdy and efficient winter boot for that performs highly in all terrains and weather conditions. The sleek exterior of the boot is fashionable and hides the bevy of useful features packed into the Anchorage’s tough insides. A completely enveloping waterproof outside wicks away all forms of snow, sleet, and rain.

Inside, the Keen Anchorage is insulated with bamboo charcoal, which helps to retain the foot’s natural heat. The Anchorage can survive puddles and snow banks without losing a degree of core temperature and the comfortable inner lining prevents some of the uncomfortable sweating and stickiness associated with nasty rubber galoshes.

One of the best features of the Anchorages that make them ideal for hiking is the multi-directional lugs on the bottom of the boots. Among the winter boots for men reviewed here, the Keen Anchorages have the best traction. Whether trudging down a slick rainy street or scaling a modest-sized ridge of snow, these winter boots provide maximum security and support.

The footbed is extra-protected by a hard extra layer that wraps over the toe and shields against stray rocks and tree branches. For the avid hiker, the Keen Anchorage is one of the more fully-featured winter boots – built for comfort, warmth, and stability.

Benefits of Wearing Winter Boots

  • First and most importantly, the right winter boots provide absolute comfort for the foot. People who are planning to be on their feet for extended period of times – such as hikers or outdoor workers – will know that even the slightest instance of foot pain can ruin an entire day. Winter boots provide the right amount of padding and support to keep one’s feet fresh all day long.
  • Winter boots are typically waterproof and cold resistant, which means they also protect feet from dangerous elements of exposure and frostbite. By improving the blood flow and heat circulation of one’s feet, winter boots for men not only add to overall comfort, but prevent serious injury.
  • Winter boots also typically provide support and traction, which can be useful to users planning to hike in slippery and unstable conditions. Boots that contain uppers that extend past the ankles provide additional protection against ankle injuries. Traction on the bottom of most winter boots also grips the loose ground to prevent bad falls on icy surfaces.
  • Finally, though it may be a minor consideration to some, winter boots are typically more fashionable than their distant cousins, snow boots. While snow boots are clunky and unsightly, many winter boots are actually sleek and attractive enough to wear on a daily basis. Winter boots more closely contour to the feet, giving a more streamlined look to any cold weather outfit.

Men’s Winter Boots Buying Guide

There are many varieties of winter boots for men on the market and many of the features offered are up to personal preference. Since fashion is often an afterthought for many purchasers of winter boots, color and shape is often a matter of choice. In general, if you are able to buy a winter boot that most closely resembles a normal shoe, you will be able to comfortably don that boot out in public without feeling as if you look like you just stepped out of a campsite.

There are, however, some crucial features of winter boots to consider before buying your first pair. First and foremost, consider the nature of the outside parts of the boot. The upper (the part that extends upwards away from the bridge of the shoe) should be past the ankle. The higher the upper, the more protection you will have against splashing snow, ice, and debris and the more overall ankle support you will also have. The minimum length for any upper should be past the hem of your pants (so that, at the very least, no water will get in), but, in general, the higher, the better. The sole of the winter boot is equally as important. A more perforated sole can offer better circulation and avoid your feet getting too sweaty or musty. Of course, you will want to ensure that the sole of the winter boot is completely waterproof (most are) and that the footbed is fully covered by a thick layer of protection.

The second consideration before buying your winter boots is the insulation provided. Insulation is measured by grams. In general, anything less than 400 grams is not worth your time, as it will barely protect against normally cool temperatures. 400 – 800 grams is ideal for most weather conditions. Finally, anything that is rated above 1,000 grams is best for extended periods of sitting in the most freezing of temperatures. For most hikers and outdoor workers who intend to be fairly mobile, an insulation that rates at 400 – 800 grams will be sufficient protection against all weather conditions.

Finally, consider the lacing system of the winter boots. Full lace systems are the most secure and provide the most athletic support, though they can be time-consuming to put on. Velcro straps may be more comfortable and provide less pressure on the bridge of the shoe, but they sometimes are not as durable for hiking or long periods of walking.


It is never too early to plan ahead for the coming winter and purchasing a fresh pair of winter boots for men is the best place to start. Remember to consider some of the vital features of any winter boot before purchasing. The above reviewed boots are not inclusive of every possible option on the market, but they are the ones we recommend as the most comfortable, warm, and protective winter boots for men for all types of weather and occasion.


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