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Best Weight Lifting Gloves Reviews

best-weight-lifting-glovesWeight lifting is great to help you burn fat and build lean muscle, but if you strive to keep lifting weights, you need to think about taking care of your hands as well.

Regular weight lifting can take a toll on our hands and cause blisters and calluses to form.

You’ll be glad to know, however, that using weight lifting gloves with wrist support for women or men can protect your hands from the unyielding pressure which causes this problem.

They can also protect your hands from scratches or other injuries. A list of the top 10 best weight lifting gloves reviews in 2017 are below so you can find the right ones for you.

Men’s Pro FlexClosure Gloves By Harbinger

These mens workout gloves feature an adjustable wrist closure for a comfortable and snug fit and the stretch “ventilator mesh lets your hand and fingers naturally bend while they stay cool.

The leather on the palm of the Harbinger pro gloves which is abrasion resistant maximizes glove wear and the short finger length lessens unwanted bulk. There is also wrap-around protection for your thumbs which covers and cushions the inside of your thumb with an additional layer of leather to avoid abrasions.

Wrap Weight Lifting Gloves by Meister MMA

The primary long wrist strap lets you adjust and apply support for your wrist, and the secondary strap lets you stabilize even further, plus makes sure the glove contours to your hand.

The gel padding is ideally positioned on the palms, as well as the foam padding giving you a cushion while you are using kettlebells, lifting, cross-training or doing machine workouts. They are made of Amara leather and mesh backing that is permeable, so these gloves are breathable but tough.

Gym Weight Lifting Gloves for Weightlifting and Exercise by SHARK

This is a good glove for supporting your daily activities. When used on a regular basis, you’ll be able to prevent calluses and blisters on your skin.

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They come with an adjustable wrist straps so you’ll get a comfortable fit and these hand gloves for gym are very easy to clean often, especially if you intend to use these gloves for a long period of time.

Leather Pro Lift Gel Weight Lighting Gloves by RDX

These cow hide breathable leather lifting gloves have great insulation properties to them. When you need the best, these workout gloves are it with their reinforced double leather construction, and gel padding in the palm and finger for a professional grip and great durability.

The long wraparound wrist support strap gives you heavier lifts plus keeps your writs in the right position while lifting. You get total protection with the ergonomic palm pad without any unneeded bulk.

Pro Lift Gel Weight Lifting Gloves by RDX

These gloves are made with very pliable cow hide leather and impact resistant gel integrated padding to give you the most stylish, comfortable and protective gloves which serious lifters need.

The extra-long three inch wide wrist wrap gloves stabilize your wrists with gentle but adjustable pressure, which keep your wrists in the right position when you are training. The full wrap around leather wrist strap and hook and lop closure makes sure you have a firm, tight, snug fit.

Men’s Weightlifting Gloves by JFIT

You’ll get a comfortable fit and a grip that is secure during your next workout when you used these specially designed weightlifting gloves for men. The genuine leather padded palm will hold up to intense use and pressure, and the breathable ribbed spandex back gives you a fit that is more comfortable.

The gloves have an easy-close system with a wristband that is elasticated and has double, heavy-duty stitching throughout for a performance that is durable.

Power StretchBack Glove by Harbinger

These are a very good and economical performance gloves. They feature StretchBack Lyra which goes along the back of the hand and inside the fingers, which increases comfort, flexibility and fit, while also allowing your hands to breathe. A double-leather palm, reinforced thumb and fingers backed with foam will protect your hands from any abrasion during training.

The gloves have an adjustable wrist closure for a fit that is snug, and the short finger length will give you a feel that is natural.

Women’s Weighted Power Gloves by Valeo

Especially designed to meet women’s needs, these gym gloves have a lot of great features.

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The weight dispersion system will make you feel comfortable during your workout or training session and the full glove design will give you the maximum function and comfort level that you need.

Heavy Duty Weight Lifting Gloves by ARD-Champs

These heavy duty gloves are quite comfortable and made from top quality leather that lasts for a long time.

They are supported by the double adjustable Velcro fastening system as well, which is great for adjusting the size of the loves to your wrist size.

Weightlifting Gym Gloves for Men

A high quality weight lifting glove, this product has an elegant black color that is very attractive.

The smooth and soft materials keep your hands comfortable all throughout your workout and they also have a wrist protection system which can lower your risk of sustaining any injuries to your wrists.


Weight lifting is a hobby for many, and weight training gloves are important for keeping your hands and wrists protected. Choose from the list of weight lifting gloves if you need a pair of these so that you can get more out of your workouts.


Buyer’s Guide

Weightlifting Gym Gloves for MenThe number of people that are using dumbells in the gym or at home are increasing more and more. This is because we want to look good and have a nice body, not only on our shape but also in our health. The little problem with exercise with dumbells and bars, is that our hand became calloused hands and to avoid that we use gloves, but we should choose the right one to the right work.

These gloves not only protect your hand, also make better your grip, and they look cool in you, but with so many gloves in the market, we decided to make a guide to help you to choose, compare and see what are your choices.

We all have our personal preferences on what makes a good to go the gym or at home, but in an ideal situation you want the absolute best weightlifting possible, and so we’re here to help

The Gloves included on this chart are in my opinion the best, for other choices you can check my personal store with about 5 gloves that i use and are more expensive but also better.

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What is a Weight lifting Glove?

A lifting glove is a essential accessory that should be used by bodybuilders and people who exercise with dumbells, the cold metal can damage your hand, that is why is important to use gloves at the gym, besides  it improves your grip because the sweat of your hand can be uncomfortable when you exercise.

Do you really think that Phil Heath (2012 mr. Olympia) will make his harder rutine without gloves?, if you see one of his videos you can notice that he has at least 3 types of gloves, i mean there are different gloves for different exercices, you can check our blog for more information.

However, a good glove means a better grip, no problems with sweat hands, i mean that the sweat hold in your fingers can result in a loss of grip, so the ideal glove will improve your performance at the gym.

How To Find a Weight-lifting Gloves

  • Choose a pair of gloves that will wick away sweat of your hands, i mean here you need to know the material of the glove, the design, some good examples we have the harbinger 1250 these cover a litle more your fingers, that helps to wick yuor sweat.
  • Choose the right material, the  leather may look good but you also need cotton in your gloves, i mean a wrong glove will be the Everlast 100% made of leather, because there you will find some sweat problems.
  • The movility and flexibility: here you should look this examples like the Harbinger FlexFit that is the more flexible, so your grip will be much better, but the durability of glove is also short, because the more flexible the more fragile that is.
  • The size: here you has to choose the right size, the glove should fits perfectly in your hand, otherway you will not has a better grip, here you can see the avaible sizes in chart, so if the glove that you want there isn´t in your size, you should go for a other.
  • A good WristWrap: here i mean with a adjustable but gentle pressure, keeping the wrist in proper position while training, i am talking about if you don´t want to have wrist problems in your old age.








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